The power of content


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The power of content

  1. 1. The Power of Content MarketingWhat is content? And how can you use it to attract customers? @smc_sarahmarie
  2. 2. Content is at the heart of how we attract and retain our customers“Your customers don’t care about you, your products, yourservices…they care about themselves, their wants and theirneeds. Content marketing is about creating interestinginformation your customers are passionate about so theyactually pay attention to you.” Joe Pulizzi, CMISo what is content?• Social media• Blogs and articles• Newsletters• Videos• Podcasts• Events• Websites• Ebooks• White papers• Images• Presentations• Webinars
  3. 3. • 96% of Australian marketers use content marketing*.• Google now ranks websites based on the quality andrelevance of their content.• Social media requires a constant need for contentcreation and curation.• It is a two-way conversation that buildstrust, credibility and a strong brand voice.• It costs less, is easier to measure and can be often beadjusted quickly and cost-effectively to increase ROI.Why is it more important than traditional marketing?*Source: Content Marketing Institute
  4. 4. TIP• What are your business goals?• What is your USP?• What gaps are there in your industry?• Who will produce the content?• What is your budget for this activity?“Your content marketing plan can be as simple as amission statement or as complex as an editorialcalendar.”Planning:Source:
  5. 5. TIP “Use your website analytics to find out who yourvisitors are and where they come from.”• Is your content targeted and useful?• What are your audience’s biggest fears andconcerns?• What are their needs and interests?• Use surveys, social and events to dig deeper.• Study your competitors, their research and casestudies.Audience:
  6. 6. TIP• What is your one brand promise?• Is it based on your values? Personality? Heritage?• Brand stories must be authentic and human.• Use images, video, words, design and sound to bringyour stories to life.• Let your audience help tell your story.“Remember, sharing your story isn’t about selling. It’sabout building a loyal and engaged audience.”Stories:
  7. 7. TIP• What channels are your ideal customers using?• Share content across all channels, but tailor your message.• The big four: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.• What’s the call to action?• Timing is everything.Channels:“Act as though you own a magazine and every pieceof content you produce is a story.”
  8. 8. TIP• Content marketing is not a push, it’s a conversation.• Any brand can build an engaged audience.• Are you asking the right questions?• Make sure your conversations are authentic and staytrue to the brand.• Ideas start conversations.“Help your audience engage with one another, sothey become one of your channels.”Engagement:
  9. 9. @smc_sarahmarie