March 3 2004 for the ai cie


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  • Web services are really a further evolution of the internet. Initially the Web was about getting pure connectivity between remote computers and with that came development standards like TCP/IP and FTP. Basic applications like email and file transfer were also supported. The next wave focused on using the Web as a presentation medium. With that we get the development of Web pages and browsers which can render images and text in a more rich format With XML we move this even further and now we can have a programming environment where not only can I have 2 applications working across the Web but I can present the converged experience onto any device. We are very close to thinking of the Web as a programming platform….something Microsoft understands all too well and will not miss the opportunity to lead here. Looking at the paradigm shifts in computing, we started with main frames in the 70’s. Disruptive technologies enabled radical leaps forward in capability. 70’s – move to distributed computing using client/server technology to achieve broader reach 80’s –internet gave still broader reach and the Web browser provided a common user experience 90’s – beginnings of a common infrastructure as the internet matured and major software companies emerged. But application integration was far too costly & brittle to scale. 2000 – Web services deliver a promise of a common data format (XML), a means to move the data over intranet & internet (SOAP), and a way applications can discover (UDDI) and describe (WSDL) the service. Web services can leverage existing investments and make implementation economically practical.
  • The IP protocol provided by the AI will remove the barriers between equipment, but barriers will still remain between applications. This is because each manufacturer is coming up with proprietary data formats. By agreeing on common XML descriptions of the information--and using a common way to move XML "knowledge packets" around regardless of type, the CIE will remove the barriers between applications while lowering costs.
  • March 3 2004 for the ai cie

    1. 1. Airborne Internet /Airborne Internet / Collaborative InformationCollaborative Information EnvironmentEnvironment A presentation to AIG/WGA presentation to AIG/WG By the Airborne Internet Collaboration/Working GroupBy the Airborne Internet Collaboration/Working Group presentingpresenting March 3, 2004March 3, 2004
    2. 2. Three Main PointsThree Main Points • If the right aviation information at theIf the right aviation information at the right time is the goal…right time is the goal… • …“…“Discovery on Demand” usingDiscovery on Demand” using XML Web Services is the solution…XML Web Services is the solution… • ……Allowing the transformation to aAllowing the transformation to a Collaborative Information EnvironmentCollaborative Information Environment (CIE)(CIE)
    3. 3. The right aviation informationThe right aviation information at the right timeat the right time • Led to the concept of an AirborneLed to the concept of an Airborne Internet (AI):Internet (AI): – A private, secure, and reliable peer-to-peerA private, secure, and reliable peer-to-peer aircraft communications network that usesaircraft communications network that uses the same technologies as the commercialthe same technologies as the commercial InternetInternet • However, the AI does not currentlyHowever, the AI does not currently provide a universal way to find:provide a universal way to find: – ““Decision qualityDecision quality”” informationinformation
    4. 4. ““Decisionquality”Decisionquality” informationinformation Knowledge Management and theKnowledge Management and the Art of DecisionArt of Decision DataData InformationInformation KnowledgeKnowledge WisdomWisdom Information WorkerInformation Worker Knowledge ExecutiveKnowledge Executive Decision MakerDecision Maker Data Entry WorkerData Entry Worker
    5. 5. DiscoveryDiscovery onon DemandDemand Traditional methods:Traditional methods: Publish and SubscribePublish and Subscribe Push versus PullPush versus Pull Client / ServerClient / Server Getting decision quality informationGetting decision quality information to the Decision Makerto the Decision Maker
    6. 6. Discovery on DemandDiscovery on Demand • Accomplished throughAccomplished through XML Web ServicesXML Web Services:: – Software components that can be published,Software components that can be published, located, and run over the Internet usinglocated, and run over the Internet using Extensible Markup Language (XML)Extensible Markup Language (XML) • XML definition:XML definition: – A markup language that describes data in aA markup language that describes data in a structured and human-readable text formatstructured and human-readable text format – Example: <aircraft>Example: <aircraft> <n-number>N500EA</n-number><n-number>N500EA</n-number> <make>Eclipse</make><make>Eclipse</make> <model>500</model><model>500</model> </aircraft></aircraft>
    7. 7. XML Web ServicesXML Web Services • Are used to:Are used to: – Allow other applications to call modules ofAllow other applications to call modules of code remotely with XMLcode remotely with XML – Expose data in a database as XMLExpose data in a database as XML – Send XML messages:Send XML messages: • E.g. alerts and notificationsE.g. alerts and notifications – Build Service Oriented Architectures (SOA):Build Service Oriented Architectures (SOA): • Flexible, reusable, and lower costFlexible, reusable, and lower cost
    8. 8. FAANational Wx Service ““Embrace and Extend”Embrace and Extend” X M L Data Mover UDDI, SOAP, WSDL Transform, transmit Discovery, OLAP, WebParts, XML Web Services™ “portals” Heads Up Display Secure wireless ‘reach’ client ‘rich’ client familiar tools Secure Flight DataFAA Flight Service FBO Hotels Rental Car Trusted-Table Security DAC “Views” Pilot/Info ConsumerPilot/Info Consumer Existing Legacy - databases and applications Oracle Sybase
    9. 9. XML Web ServicesXML Web Services • Enable disparate systems to workEnable disparate systems to work together:together: – Across languages, platforms, applicationsAcross languages, platforms, applications – Computer to computerComputer to computer – Inside/outside the firewallInside/outside the firewall • Based on open Internet standards:Based on open Internet standards: – XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDIXML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI • Broad industry supportBroad industry support – Key area of vendor alignmentKey area of vendor alignment Industry standards for interoperabilityIndustry standards for interoperability
    10. 10. Browse the Web Program the Internet Technology XML WebServices XML Database connectivity HTML Web pages Presentation “Legacy scrape”Email, FTP, etc. TCP/IP Innovation CIECIEConnectivity XML Web ServicesXML Web Services Next wave of Internet evolutionNext wave of Internet evolution
    11. 11. Collaborative Information EnvironmentCollaborative Information Environment (CIE)(CIE) • The transformation of the Internet byThe transformation of the Internet by XML Web ServicesXML Web Services • 22ndnd generation Web (Web 1generation Web (Web 1  Web 2)Web 2) • Military example: SharePoint PortalMilitary example: SharePoint Portal Heads Up Display (HUD) experimentHeads Up Display (HUD) experiment – Uses XML Web Services to create a CIEUses XML Web Services to create a CIE that combines information from:that combines information from: • NASANASA • Synchronized Air Power Management (SAPM)Synchronized Air Power Management (SAPM) • Defense Collaboration Tool Suite (DCTS)Defense Collaboration Tool Suite (DCTS) • JEMPRS-NTJEMPRS-NT
    12. 12. JOA JTF Rear (In Transit) 8 Port 100M SWITCH8 Port 100M SWITCH Laptop computer Laptop computer Laptop computerLaptop computer Laptop computerLaptop computer Laptop computerLaptop computerLaptop computerLaptop computer ODU/Antenna Router Accelerator 4000 serial/530 KIV-7 serial/530 Terminal Adapter ST Euro ISDN serial/530 M4 IDU ST Euro ISDN Server Server Power/ UPS UNIT Leave extra space and power for: 1-server (same as other 2) 1-omni or omega unit ( infosec/omni.html) ( ISSPD/Secure_Telecom/omega.html) 1-Inmarsat IDU Dell 1U Flat Pannel Display/ 8 Port console switch Operational Needs During Deployment: • Situational Awareness • Collaborative Operating Environment • Enroute SITREP/Crisis Action Planning Support of Rapid Decisive Operations JEMPRS-NT Functions - Voice, Video, and Data - Application Sharing - Whiteboard and Text Chat - Digital Dashboard - E-mail and FTP - XML Web Services - Network Access to Other Systems JEMPRS-NT KIT Joint Enroute Mission Planning andJoint Enroute Mission Planning and Rehearsal System-Near Term (JEMPRS-NT)Rehearsal System-Near Term (JEMPRS-NT)
    13. 13. XML Web Services DISCOVERY ON DEMANDDISCOVERY ON DEMAND XML Web Services CIECIE CloudCloud XML Web Services Satcom ATC Controller GPS Navigation Airport Services • TIS • FIS • Hospitality • Maint. Internet • Weather Products • NOTAMs • Flight Service Stations • Other Gateway Original graphic courtesy of Computer Networks & Software, Inc. VHF Radio VHF Radio VHF Radio Line of sight NAS Services • ATM System • HUB Airports • TIS-B Non-CIE Aircraft D A TA BA SE C O N N EC TIV ITY • XM • RFID • AM/FM • 802.xx Airborne InternetAirborne Internet VPN Collaborative Information EnvironmentCollaborative Information Environment ““Meet us in the cloud”Meet us in the cloud”
    14. 14. AI / CIE removes existingAI / CIE removes existing aviation information barriersaviation information barriers Graphic courtesy of C3D Aero, Inc.
    15. 15. AI / CIE provides decision qualityAI / CIE provides decision quality information for cockpit displaysinformation for cockpit displays Discovery on Demand MFDDiscovery on Demand MFD Original graphic courtesy of C3D Aero, Inc. Icing Alert Traffic Alert Airspace notification
    16. 16. Functional picture of the AI / CIEFunctional picture of the AI / CIE EngineEngine CockpitCockpit CabinCabin Mechanic,Mechanic, ManufacturerManufacturer PilotPilot PassengerPassenger MaintenanceMaintenance informationinformation Flight informationFlight information EntertainmentEntertainment ServicesUsers Digital connectivity across all types of communications: VHF radio, Satellite, Infrared, etc.
    17. 17. AI / CIE ≠ Internet and Web 1AI / CIE ≠ Internet and Web 1 • The AI / CIE is about:The AI / CIE is about: – End users, not webmastersEnd users, not webmasters – Edge devices, not clients and serversEdge devices, not clients and servers – XML Web Services, not web pagesXML Web Services, not web pages – XML “knowledge packets”, not just TCP/IPXML “knowledge packets”, not just TCP/IP connectionsconnections • Types: Maintenance, Flight, Entertainment, etc.Types: Maintenance, Flight, Entertainment, etc. – Built-in security, not security as anBuilt-in security, not security as an afterthoughtafterthought
    18. 18. AI / CIE interfaces securely withAI / CIE interfaces securely with the following networksthe following networks • The commercial InternetThe commercial Internet • Assured “extranet” connections:Assured “extranet” connections: – OnSATSOnSATS – (formerly SATS-Net) (formerly SATS-Net) • Carries “Assured Aviation XML Web Services”Carries “Assured Aviation XML Web Services” • Client-side end user “intranets”Client-side end user “intranets”
    19. 19. AI / CIE End StateAI / CIE End State Every aircraft is a network node:Every aircraft is a network node: Network In the SkyNetwork In the Sky A distributed, peer-to-peer aircraft communications gridA distributed, peer-to-peer aircraft communications grid that sharesthat shares decision qualitydecision quality informationinformation
    20. 20. ConclusionConclusion • If the right aviation information at theIf the right aviation information at the right time is the goal…right time is the goal… • …“…“Discovery on Demand” usingDiscovery on Demand” using XML Web Services is the solution…XML Web Services is the solution… • ……Allowing the transformation to aAllowing the transformation to a Collaborative Information EnvironmentCollaborative Information Environment (CIE)(CIE)
    21. 21. For more information:For more information: • http://www.airborneinternet.com • •