Columbine managing reputation and crisis in the age of digital and social media 2012_v1


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This presentation provides an overview on of how digital and social media plays a key role in communication during risk brand reputation management

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  • Welcome and introductions Me New people
  • top ics/ newsmedia / In 2012, social media became one of top 3 most powerful sources news updates via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Future of Mobile News In Changing News Landscape, Even Television Is Vulnerable How people get local news and information in different communities like the print news sources before it --
  • Columbine managing reputation and crisis in the age of digital and social media 2012_v1

    1. 1. >>>>>> REPUTATION AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA>>>>>> WORKSHOP 30 November 2012 All copyrights reserved
    2. 2. Outline of workshop PART 1 The fundamentals of Online Reputation Management (ORM) Online activity comparison between business as usual and crisis WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT Online communication strategy to respond to crisis Monitoring online activity Measuring reputation riskSO CRITICAL FOR using ORM Exercise – group discussion ORGANISATIONS TODAY? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Short break >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PART 2 } Exercise continued Brand presence and reputation Responding to negative news and social media comment during crisis Communication tools and techniques to respond to a crisis Managing stakeholder audience response Equipping leaders and spokespersons WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    3. 3. What the EXPERTS have to say…• Our online footprint builds our profile, presence and reputation. Not establishing your footprint is quickly becoming unacceptable. WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT• We do things every day that can have a positive or negative impact SO CRITICAL FOR on our brand… managing this is critical to your success ORGANISATIONS TODAY?• You are expected to engage online at some level• What google says about you is what people know you are not active on the Internet you may as well not exist! WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    5. 5. What is ORM (Online Reputation Management)?• Reviews sites, social media and monitors top search results on brands - individuals and business.• Originally coinedIS a public relations term …… WHY as CHANGE MANAGEMENT SO CRITICAL FOR• Identifies negative and damaging content online through public ORGANISATIONS TODAY? comment. Influences an individual’s or business reputation.• Monitors the Internet reputation of a person, brand or business.• Enables proactive response to reputation risk warning signals.• Manages the gap between perception and reality. WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    6. 6. Key trends in ORM…• Content will drive online presence.• Social medias piece of the ORM pie will grow larger. WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT• Stakeholder communication and engagement will be vital. SO CRITICAL FOR Employees will have a bigger influence on brand reputation risk. ORGANISATIONS TODAY?• Important to build and maintain trust for corporate credibility.• Accountability will be the driver for companies to mange their reputation. Increased usage of ORM monitoring tools.• Companies to dedicate more resources and budget to ORM.• Agencies SEO offering extending to include ORM. WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    7. 7. Why ORM is so important…• Monitors damaging content and comment.• Protects against unchecked defamation. WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT• Increases positive profiling and positioning.• Manages brand credibilityCRITICAL SO online. FOR• ORGANISATIONS TODAY? Influences public perception.• Increases SEO ratings.• Allows a company to “put its best face forward” in the online world.• Generates publicity.• Supports marketing and sales. WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    8. 8. The basics of online strategy Business WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT SO CRITICAL FOR ORGANISATIONS TODAY? Successful brand value Technolog Communit y y WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    9. 9. The essentials of online strategy• Create own website or multiple sites, blog/s, online press releases, social media network profiles: facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, google, myspace, zoominfo, flickr…... WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT• Populate front page search results with fresh content SO CRITICAL FOR• Create interactive content videos on You Tube, a squidoo lens ORGANISATIONS TODAY?• Update content daily, weekly – as often as possible.• Use key words and metatags in content• Use google adwords• Engage in a link building strategy to increase SEO rankings for your sites WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    10. 10. Managing your brand online1. Social media can help to bridge the gap inside the consumers mind2. Answering fears, questions....3. Take them from their reality to achieving their vision. WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT4. Advocate spread the word - nothing better than social media for SO CRITICAL FOR recommendations, share-ability…5. Communicate ORGANISATIONS TODAY? at all levels and to all emotions.6. Listen, not for the sake of it...but too evolve.7. Consistent and constant in their consumers’ lives.8. Opt in approach from the consumer to stop forcing the brand into the consumers life. WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    11. 11. Monitoring online comment• Understand your goals• Know which keywords to monitor• (have your key IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT WHY words in your content first!)• SO CRITICAL Start with free monitoring tools FOR• ORGANISATIONS TODAY? Roll-up your sleeves and monitor this yourself• Don’t silo the information collected• Commit to act on the information collectedAre you ready to make social media monitoring part of your company’s DNA? WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    12. 12. Online media news trends• Online and digital news consumption continues to increase.• Driven by expanding use of social media and networking and• mobile devices.• Consumption of news via traditional channels decreasing.• Social comment/IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT news WHY conversation increasingly driving tabloid agendas. SO CRITICAL FOR26 Sep 12 Urban residents are more likely to use mobile and online ORGANISATIONS TODAY? sources, suburbanites are most heavily into social media, and rural residents are more inclined to word of mouth sources.27 Sep 12 signs that television news may be losing its hold on the next generation of news consumers.1 Oct 2012 - Americans rapidly embracing mobile technologies smartphones and tablets, shift major implications for news consumption and purchase. WORKSHOP 29 November 2012
    13. 13. Responding to negative news & social comment1. Monitor your online presence - constantly2. Claim your business – state your company positioning upfront3. Don’t ignore the issue– it won’t go away WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT4. Delete or not to delete? Never, keep a record. SO CRITICAL FOR5. Thank your commentators ORGANISATIONS TODAY?6. Be personable and polite… always but ….7. Be wise with the apologies. Don’t compromise yourself/brand.8. Take it easy on the truce/peace offerings i.e. free goods.9. Friends, family and fiction – don’t have double standards.10.Most importantly >>>> FIX THE ISSUE/S!Communicate >>> communicate >>> communicate WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    14. 14. Online strategy in crisis management• Know what constitutes an online crisis and what does not• 3 characteristics of a social media crisis: WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT o Decisive change from the norm SO CRITICAL o Information asymmetry FOR o Material ORGANISATIONS TODAY? business impact• Pre-crisis planning is critical• Convince and convert• Have online and social media monitoring software installed• Establish an internal alert/response protocol• Set a listening protocol WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    15. 15. 9 steps to manage a crisis1. Acknowledge2. Fight social media fire with social media water WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT >>>Understand how the public will react… and keep a lid on it! SO CRITICAL3. Lightening speed matters! FOR4. ORGANISATIONS TODAY? Apologise… with sincerity.5. Create a crisis FAQ – a single location, subscription6. Build a pressure valve7. Know when to take it offline8. Arm your army9. Learn your lessons! WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    16. 16. Critical communication tools to handle a crisis1. A list of the members of the crisis management team.2. Contact information for key officers, spokespeople, and crisis management team members WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT3. Fact sheets - company, division, physical location, each product offered. SO CRITICAL FOR ORGANISATIONS TODAY?4. Profiles and biographies - each key manager in your company5. Copies of company, division and product logos, press release format and scanned in signature of your CEO on disk.6. Pre-written scripts answering key questions generated through crisis scenario analysis.7. Contact information each of your key media contacts - locally, nationally, and .. key financial press and analysts. WORKSHOP 30 November 2012
    17. 17. Asante sana!WHY IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT SO +CRITICAL FOR (t) 27 (0) 11 880 8138 ORGANISATIONS TODAY? (f) + 27 (0) 11 880 8138 (m) + 27 (0) 84 880 8138 (e) WORKSHOP 30 November 2012