Session 4 - Blogging 101 & Concept a Compelling Website


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This is the material from the PR Media Production Class, Session 5.

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  • publishing & marketing through self-publishing (blogging) and self-marketing (social media)
  • monitoring blogs are important to understand the public perception about your brand / product.
    by understanding the public perception, you can take action on how to build a relevant strategy.
    forum could also be good too, but some forum requires membership.
  • mention Obama, and how he leveraged social media to gain support.
    He blogs about his supporters, which in turn makes the supporters more excited and supporting him even more.
  • a website is your house
  • in your website, content has to be the champion
  • design is great, but think first of the content
  • Session 4 - Blogging 101 & Concept a Compelling Website

    1. 1. blogging 101 how it works & how to make it work
    2. 2. democratization publishing & marketing through self-publishing (blogging) and self-marketing (social media) everyone is a publisher
    3. 3. what’s blog? weblog early 2000 -- typepad, blogspot, blogger, wordpress, tumblr
    4. 4. bloggers is not a journalist but some are just as belieavable don’t trust everything you read recheck: source, author, affiliation, interest
    5. 5. what blogging is for monitor conversation participate in those conversations cooperate with bloggers shape conversations
    6. 6. benefits of blogging Marcus Sheridan - Social Media Examiner The power of team
    7. 7. benefits of blogging Blogging sharpens your sword Create 2-3 articles per week, and you will: be forced to stay up to date with current news learned to be a better teacher have an answer to everything your customer ask
    8. 8. benefits of blogging You become a trust agent helpful content = trust trust = leads leads = sales be a kindergarten teacher to your customers
    9. 9. benefits of blogging The power of the blog comment finding out passionate individuals measure customers’ perception & understanding
    10. 10. how to get into blogging read, read, read try to gain: insight, understanding, netiquette leave comments create your own!
    11. 11. monitoring blogs measure perception leverage available tools: Technocrati, google blog search analyze trends
    12. 12. comment on blogs Participate in the conversation. Let people know about your point of view. Leave track of your own identity - blog, website, google profile
    13. 13. working with bloggers “The technology is easy. If you provide people with the technology tools and there is excitement, then people will make it successful.” - Flynn, member of Obama socmed team bloggers love interesting experience new product key people cont
    14. 14. Tips on writing blog post A blog is a tool to make a company/brand more ‘human’, instead of just brick-and-mortar. Hence, be personal. Use pronouns to create a closer connection with your readers. It’s okay to use ‘you’, ‘me’, ‘us’. Be authentic. Tell your story in your own way. No need to exaggerate it, just be honest. Have a stand. Blog could be opinionated, that’s okay. Blog post is not a news article. Use it to amplify your corporate values, what you believe in and what you want to advocate for.
    15. 15. concept a compelling website how to build a rich but not ‘too much’ site
    16. 16. website = house
    17. 17. a great website is... intersection of every other online initiative. in a cohesive and interesting way, the content-rich website organizes the online personality of your organization to delight, entertain, and - most important - inform each of your buyers.
    18. 18. focus on content what do you want to say? what’s your story? what do you want people to know? who are you talking to?
    19. 19. alternative of content product / services team distinctive value proposition contact portfolio career blog campaign promotion link to other channels RSS-feed / mail subscription tips
    20. 20. examples of sitemap
    21. 21. developing a sitemap what content do you want to include? what content do you want to focus on? think about what customers want to know think about how customers will find information easily