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static & dynamic identity

Published in: Engineering
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  1. 1. STATIC & DYNAMIC IDENTITY BY Snehal koli
  2. 2. Presentation Topic The contributor’s Identity Goal:- To recognize the contributor’s Identity and focus the Static and Dynamic Identity persons quality and understand why they are valued so much in real life..
  3. 3. What we meant by Static and Dynamic Identity
  4. 4. Static Identity  This type of personality usually see or scale himself or herself depending on the past glories and achievements like his/her degree, position and years of experience in his/her field.  He/she sees his/her success with a narrow view or mind.
  5. 5. Dynamic Identity These type of personalities define themselves in terms of what they will become or accomplish. The persons view are like what he/she is “being” and what they are ”becoming”. The personality sees his/her success in broader way in which
  6. 6. The qualities of the dynamic personality …… Do not take pride if his qualification and power/position Sees the potential himself and think to use it in future Do not take pride what he/she gained and always be a learner
  7. 7. Continue…. He/she do not get frustrated by failure but learns from that failures. Try to adjust and learn new things in the area which is not his/her area of interest. Shows the flexibility in any worst situation. Sees every person equally in the firm or organization.
  8. 8. How to recognize the dynamic identity..? Observe.. -What he/she says -How he/she reacts with his/her colleges -How he/she handles the failures in life
  9. 9. The Contributor’s image of self is not defined by the qualifications and achievements he/she has got. Rather, he/she thinks of oneself as someone who has the capability to make a positive difference in the world. We have completed biomedical engineerin g We need to find the advance medicines to incur the disease
  10. 10. The Contributor’s image of self is not defined by “power and position”. Rather, the contributor focuses on the “responsibility” he/she has been entrusted with in that role. As a manger I m responsible for achieving the goal of company and guide you
  11. 11. The Contributor’s image of self is not defined by his/her past glories. Rather, the contributor sees oneself in terms of his/her future potential – what he/she can accomplish in the future. I got gold medal in my subject what else I need in my future?? I love my subject. I need to do a more research on subject to solve the new challenges in the field.
  12. 12. The Contributor’s image of self is not built on the pride of “knowledge gained”. Rather, he/she sees oneself as a “learner” – where he/she is always willing to learn and grow I have much experience in this field. No one can have more knowledge than me in this field My experienced has tought me to be a learner. I can get more knowledge from the freshers in this field