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to recognize static and dynamic identity


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Published in: Engineering
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to recognize static and dynamic identity

  1. 1. Gandhinagar Institute of Technology Aadeshara Akshay(150120106001) Derasari Nandni(150120106020) Kuhad Rushika(150120106042) Active Learning Assignment Prepared By:Guided By: HETAL MAM CONTRIBUTION PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT
  2. 2. GOAL:- To recognize the contributor’s Identity and focus the static and Dynamic Identity persons quality and understand why they are valued so much in real life…
  3. 3.  Introduction  Types of identity  Static identity  Dynamic identity  Conclusion
  4. 4.  IDENTITY is a term which needs to be define properly.  IDENTITY does not mean name, family name, father’s name, your achievements, your qualifications etc…though this too is known as a type of identity, IT IS NOT A TRUE CONTRIBUTOR’S IDENTITY.  Identity is the way of looking at world and it is all about human concern.
  5. 5.  The identity of a person is mainly divided into 2 kinds…. 1. static identity 2. dynamic identity
  6. 6.  Such an identity is very short seen, short lived and very shallow. The person with such identity presents himself by his position, Awards, Qualifications, contacts etc….  He/she sees his/her success with a narrow view or mind.
  7. 7.  This kind of identity is a contributor’s identity which is very broad, open and person with such an identity presents himself by his ability to contribute, take responsibility etc…..  The persons view are like what he/she is “being” and what they are “becoming”.  The personality sees hisher success in broader way in which he also thinks about the society.
  8. 8. Static identity  Limited to goals.  No interest in the other affairs other then their goals.  Not helpful to others.  Believe in past achievements.  Make show of his power and position. Dynamic identity  Unlimited to goals.  Interest in the other affairs other then their goals.  Always ready to help others.  Believe in future potential.  Focus on “ RESPONSIBILITY”
  9. 9. Contributors  Qualifications  Position  Years of experience STATIC IDENTITY Contributors  Capacity to deliver  Commitment organization’s purpose DYNAMIC IDENTITY
  10. 10.  Jawaharlal nehru is also known as NEHRUCHACHA but do we know that this Nehruchacha sold the india?  With the help of speech given by MR>rajiv DIXIT who was a very well known indian social activist, we can come to know how he had done the business of independent india.
  11. 11.  Steve jobs is a name rarely someone has not yet heard.  He is pioneer of the apple products which are one of the most technically advanced and world-class gadgets.  His identity is not his qualifications or his degree but his identity is his contribution to the technical world.  Jobs had a vision. He wanted to contribute to the world with his best abilities and he gave this world some of the most advanced gadgets.
  12. 12.  His ability to see the world in broad way.  His urge to make things himself which other can use for their own good.  His enthusiasm to keep trying to find new things in life by learning and observing.  These things made steve jobs a dynamic identity which is the mark of a true contibutor.
  13. 13.  The contributor’s image of self is not defined by the qualifications and achievements, not by power or position, nor by his/her glories rather, he/she thinks of oneself as someone who has a capacity to make a positive difference in the world, focuses on the responsibility.