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WordPress SEO Tips


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WordPress SEO Tips from a talk given at the Melbourne SEO Meetup in April 2016. It was delivered in person, and also via a webinar via an SEMrush online event.

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WordPress SEO Tips

  1. 1. WordPress SEO Tips Chris Burgess @chrisburgess
  2. 2. WordPress Basics WordPress has evolved from: Blog > CMS > Framework
  3. 3. A lot of WordPress Themes will offer SEO features Avoid using these features, Themes are for look and feel. Lean, lightweight themes are best. Plugins are what should be used for extra functionality.
  4. 4. Keep your site lean and mean While plugins are great, don’t just install for the sake of it! Only install what’s critical. Regularly clean up and deactivate any you don’t use to help with performance.
  5. 5. By default, WordPress is Search Engine friendly
  6. 6. Headings <h1>’s and <h2>’s are often not used correctly, or as well as they could – do this stuff right and it will help! <h1>Heading 1 = Main Heading</h1> <h2>Heading 2 = Sub Heading </h2> <h3>Heading 3 = Sub Heading</h3> <h2>Heading 2 = Sub Heading </h2>
  7. 7. Keywords/Topics Naturally include your keyword/topic and variations of it in your page title, meta description, content and images.
  8. 8. Utilising Category Pages
  9. 9. Utilise Category Pages Using Yoast and WordPress category settings If category description is not supported by your theme you might need to include the following to display the text at the top of your category template (usually category.php or archive.php) <?php echo category_description( $category_id ); ?>
  10. 10. Category Page Example Category description located at top of page…
  11. 11. Category Page Example …category blog posts then follow underneath.
  12. 12. Which leads us to the big Y
  13. 13. WordPress SEO by Yoast All In One SEO is also very popular, but we’ll be talking about WordPress SEO by Yoast. However, many of the same principles apply if you prefer a different plugin.
  14. 14. The Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings for WordPress Sites
  15. 15. Yoast Page and Post Optimisation
  16. 16. Tools – Yoast SEO
  17. 17. Tools – Yoast SEO
  18. 18. Tools – Yoast SEO
  19. 19. Screen Options Select ‘Screen Options’ to drop down options panel to view Yoast SEO fields next to your posts and pages
  20. 20. Yoast SEO Quick Edit Fields Quick Edit before installing the plugin
  21. 21. Yoast SEO Quick Edit Fields After installing the plugin you can see the additional Yoast Settings now in Quick Edit
  22. 22. Beyond Yoast
  23. 23. Even though Yoast can manage the majority of SEO-related functionality, there a few more plugins that come in handy…
  24. 24. The Right Tool for the Job Don’t use WordPress for everything
  25. 25. Link Checking Plugins These plugins can consume a lot of resources, they are often banned from high-end hosts. Use Xenu, Integrity, Screaming Frog, Botify, Deep Crawler or Google Search Console
  26. 26. Autolinking Plugins They can create horrible, unnatural content. Linking is important, so control your internal and external links to help strengthen your content and improve user experience.
  27. 27. Less is more Poorly written plugins can cause performance, maintenance and security issues. Choose wisely!
  28. 28. Other Plugins There are a range of other plugins that do help with SEO and I’ll cover some popular ones now. ✔
  29. 29. P3 - Plugin Performance Profiler Data on plugin performance
  30. 30. Restricted Site Access
  31. 31. Managing Redirections
  32. 32. Simple 301 Redirects
  33. 33. Redirection
  34. 34. Simple URLs
  35. 35. Mapping 301 Redirects
  36. 36. rel=“nofollow”
  37. 37. Rel NoFollow Checkbox
  38. 38. Image Optimisation
  39. 39. SEO Friendly Images
  40. 40. EWWW Image Optimizer
  41. 41. Imsanity
  42. 42. HTML Sitemap
  43. 43. WP SEO HTML Sitemap Plugin
  44. 44. Adapt Good search marketing isn’t just about technology, it’s also about being able to quickly adapt.
  45. 45. Utilising Schema
  46. 46. Schema “ is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond.”
  47. 47. Here are some examples… Review Schema Recipe Schema
  48. 48. Event Schema Product Schema Here are some examples…
  49. 49. Structured Data Testing Tool
  50. 50. Local SEO Plugin
  51. 51.   • •  • • •   Schema Plugins
  52. 52.   • • •   Schema Resources Note: We’ll have a talk on Schema coming up at the SEO Meetup soon!
  53. 53. Accelerated Mobile Pages, Instant Articles and Apple News
  54. 54. AMP
  55. 55. Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP
  56. 56. Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages by PageFrog
  57. 57. +
  58. 58. Thanks! Any questions? @chrisburgess