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WordPress & SEO Love for Beginners


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Learn the basics of SEO & how you can extend WordPress to make SEO easy & powerful.

If you're using WordPress (or thinking about using it) - you're off to a good start.

If you add a couple plugins and remember to take a couple actions once you add a new post, your SEO love will go through the roof!

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WordPress & SEO Love for Beginners

  1. 1. WordPress & SEO Presented by WebMechanix
  2. 2. Arsham Mirshah, is a co-founder and COO at WebMechanix. Arsham has been on the cutting-edge of marketing technology for more than 6 years. His skills have been an integral part in each of his company’s digital marketing campaigns, as demonstrating ROI with concrete data continues growing in importance. Who are we? Josh Patterson, the Senior Digital Strategist at Columbia, MD based internet marketing firm WebMechanix. With over six years of professional SEO experience, Josh has helped countless businesses of all sizes shape their online future through the power of search engine marketing.
  3. 3. What is SEO Anyway?
  4. 4. Where SEO & WordPress Meet
  5. 5. Digging into SEO
  6. 6. Off-Page Optimization
  7. 7. On-Page Optimization
  8. 8. On-Page: Ready, Set, Go! Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
  9. 9. On-Page: Ready, Set, Go! Page Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  10. 10. On-Page: Ready, Set, Go! Keyword Density & Image Alt Text
  11. 11. On-Page: Ready, Set, Go! Rich, UNIQUE Content!
  12. 12. Yoast is your boy! Install WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin  Title & Meta Tags  Content Optimization  WebMaster Tools  General SEO Rec.  Keyword Research
  13. 13. Fast & Furious Website Page Speed
  14. 14. Page Caching Plugins Accelerate your page load speed with: WP Super Cache: W3 Total Cache: CloudFlare:
  15. 15. Are You Related? Internal Links, Related Posts & Breadcrumbs
  16. 16. Internal Linking Plugins Link up your pages with these plugins: Link to other, related content on your site  Plugin: “Related Posts by Category” Paginate post or content archives more appropriately  Plugins – WP-PageNavi Create breadcrumb links w/ Yoast plugin
  17. 17. Map it Out! Sitemaps
  18. 18. Yup, there’s a plugin for that: Download: Google XML Sitemaps generator/ Installing a Sitemap
  19. 19. Get Your Schema On! Schema Markups What is a schema? - – A set of standards used to organize specific types of data on the web.
  20. 20. Plugin - Raven Tools Schema Creator Why?  Google loves structured data.  In some cases it can change the appearance of your search listing.  It highlights important information for search engines on a per page basis.  It can help in rankings for certain types of search queries Using Schemas
  21. 21. Embrace Your Inner Shakespeare Google Authorship
  22. 22. 1 – Add blog/website to the “Contributor to” section of your Google+ profile 2 – Add a link to your Google+ profile on individual posts with rel=“author” attribute on the <a> tag Easiest way to do this in WordPress is using the author bio. For some older versions of WordPress the biography content may not allow HTML tags. To fix this: Become a Google Author
  23. 23.  Minimize HTTP requests for CSS and JavaScript files  Tip – Condense jQuery/JavaScript Plugins into a single file to minimize server load time.  Tip – Use image sprites for design where appropriate.  Find / Fix / Manage – 404 errors and 301 redirects  Google WebMaster Tools – or –  Plugin – Redirection  Manage Page URL’s and 301 Redirects Simultaneously  Plugin - Custom Permalinks ** Note ** Do not use these two plugins together it may result in redirect loops which Google frowns upon. Technical WordPress SEO Tips Advanced Bonus Tips
  24. 24. “Spammy” blog commenting Buying/Trading Links Setting up a network of WP sites that house scraped content… SENuke… Scrapebox… Yeah, don’t do that crap… just have awesome content laid out in a user friendly experience so you get engagement & links… That’s all you gotta do  BAD SEO Practices
  25. 25. Analyze That! Tracking Your Efforts
  26. 26. We recommend the plugin… Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast! Why?  Easy tracking code management  Pre-defined custom variables for custom reporting  Track outbound links and downloads as events  No knowledge of JavaScript necessary  Ignores data from site administrators  Ability to self host the tracking script  And much much more! How to Monitor Your Efforts
  27. 27. Questions? Comments. Concerns! Thoughts.. Ideas!? Get in touch (or learn more): Learn More From WebMechanix… Blog - Facebook - Twitter - Follow us on Twitter: WebMechanix - @webmechanix Arsham Mirsha - @arshammm Josh Patterson - @josh__patterson Hope This Helped & THANKS!