WordPress Websites: Making and Marketing with Jupiter Jim


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This is a presentation I gave to Fran Asaro's Thrive Anyway Group. The slide make more sense when I am presenting them. However, just click along and you will learn some things about WordPress, plugins, hosting companies, WordPress Themes, Thesis Theme, Genesis Theme and the like. Let me know if you have any questions! !
~ Jupiter Jim

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WordPress Websites: Making and Marketing with Jupiter Jim

  1. 1. WordPress Websites Making and Marketing
  2. 2. Find Me Here! JupiterJim.com JupiterJimsMarketingTeam.com
  3. 3. Purpose of this Lecture Great Overview of WordPress!  For DIY ers  Not feel intimidated if you ask someone else to create your WordPress website.  $20 and $50 tips for WordPress users!  In short, you should feel comfortable talking about WordPress with anyone after today. 
  4. 4. My Personal Mission Statement  “To share positive, life-changing information with as many receptive people as I can.” — Jupiter Jim
  5. 5. What Age Were they when…? Ray Kroc  Colonel Sanders  Grandma Moses 
  6. 6. My Business Mission Statement  “To help as many receptive people as I can become financially free through their WordPress blogs and websites” — Jupiter Jim
  7. 7. When You Are Your Own Boss! You pick your days. You pick your hours.  You pick your clients.  You pick your co-workers.  You pick your company’s direction.  You pick your own income!  You got FREEDOM!  Even though freedom is NOT Free! 
  8. 8. Outline              Servers Websites and Web Pages HTML Files Browsers HTML Websites versus WordPress websites. WordPress vs. Blogger WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com Domain Name registrars Web Hosting companies WordPress Themes and Frameworks What are the Top Frameworks on the market today! Plugins and Widgets Review of Presentation
  9. 9. What is a Server? A Server is just a Big, Fast Computer that holds Website and Blog files and is always connected to the Internet.  Just like the computer under your desk but does NOT have a monitor connected to it! 
  10. 10. What is a Website? A collection of files and folders inside one Big Folder called a Root Folder  The Root Folder is stored on a “Server”  The files (web pages or blog pages) are downloaded and viewed by a browser on your computer. 
  11. 11. What are Web Pages Exactly? What is a web page? What is an HTML file? HTML file = Web Page
  12. 12. Web Page on Server
  13. 13. What is a browser? Names of different browsers  Internet Explorer (IE)  Firefox browser (FF)  Google Chrome browser  Safari browser on a Mac computer  Opera 
  14. 14. WordPress CMS vs. HTML Websites Faster Turnaround times for the client.  Much less expensive than conventional websites.  Clients can update text and pictures on their own site!  Blogs are more interactive with the audience.  WordPress Blogs & sites are SEO friendly. 
  15. 15. From Wordtracker.com  SEO benefits: the average blog attracts 55% more visitors and gets indexed 434% more by search engines than a traditional website, giving you exposure like never before.
  16. 16. How Many WordPress Sites?  Only about 72 million out there!
  17. 17. Fortune 500 Companies that use WordPress Wall Street Journal  Pepsi (RefreshEverything.com)  General Electric  UPS  Ford Motor Company  Samsung  Coca Cola  Xerox 
  18. 18. WordPress vs. Blogger Blogger is free. Yeah!  Blogger owned and run by Google.  Blogger owns the real estate  Or Blogger own the storage facility 
  19. 19. Don’t End Up Being SOL! The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.  Don’t wake up someday to find that your site is gone and you are SOL!  SOL = So Out of Luck!  But you knew that already… 
  20. 20. WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com WordPress.com is FREE. Yeah!  Up and running quickly  WordPress.com owns the real estate  Or WordPress.com own the storage facility  WordPress.org gives you complete control over all your files. 
  21. 21. Well Begun is Half Done When you move from a ‘free’ WordPress.com site to your self-hosted WordPress.org site, you lose ALL your backlinks and all your SEO!!!  All that work will be lost! 
  22. 22. Self-Hosting -- WordPress or Web Hosting Companies WebHostingHub.com  Hostmonster.com  Bluehost.com  HostGator.com  Where to buy domain names. 
  23. 23. Where to Buy Domain Names Namecheap.com  Godaddy.com  Namecheap.com is more secure and does NOT have ridiculous Super Bowl Commercials! 
  24. 24. Show Free Themes  Free themes at WordPress.org
  25. 25. My Two Favorite Themes Thesis Theme (Thesis Framework)  Genesis Theme (Genesis Framework) 
  26. 26. What is a Framework? WordPress  Theme  WordPress  Framework  Child Theme  WordPress  Framework  Skin 
  27. 27. Why Thesis is So Good! (part 1) Constantly upgraded.  Outstanding Theme support unlike others.  Lots of Thesis developers share info on their websites and YouTube, etc.  Upgrade Proof – your work not destroyed  Rock solid foundation made for customization.  Built for fast download speeds. 
  28. 28. Why Thesis is So Good! (part 2) Has some of the best SEO of any theme.  Many other developers have created topnotch “skins” and child themes that go on top of the Thesis Theme or Thesis Framework.  Is very easy to customize! 
  29. 29. What are Plugins? Little software programs that you download to add functionality to your blog.  Plugins could add a Facebook or Twitter Re-Tweet button to your blog.  Plugins could make your blog download faster. 
  30. 30. Some Top Plugins Backup Buddy $80  BackWPup (free)  Gravity Forms $39  Fast Secure Contact Form  Ultimate tinyMCE plugin  Black Studio tinyMCE widget plugin 
  31. 31. Some More Plugins WP SuperCache  W3 Total Cache  Yoast SEO plugin 
  32. 32. What are widgets? Widgets are little boxes that you drag and drop to the sidebar in your blog.  Widgets can be text boxes, or boxes with links to previous posts, or a calendar, a video or an email opt-in box.  Plugins can create widgets for you.  Got that? 
  33. 33. Get My #1 Blog Secret Go to JupiterJimsMarketingTeam.com  If you want a website go to: JupiterJim.com  If you want this PowerPoint Presentation email me at:  jim@jupiterjim.com 
  34. 34. Review of Presentation              Servers Websites and Web Pages HTML Files Browsers Websites versus Blogs WordPress vs. Blogger WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com Domain Name registrars Web Hosting companies WordPress Framework and Themes, child themes and skins What is the #1 WordPress Framework on the market today! Plugins and Widgets Review of the presentation
  35. 35. The End  Thanks for listening Everybody!