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Section 4 2


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The midea work of questionnaires

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Section 4 2

  1. 1. Section 4 <br />Section 4 <br />These are questionnaire results from a questionnaire that we made to help us find out on what people would like to see in a thriller film with 20 different questions and we asked around 30 people and these are the results that we will use towards the making of our film and how we might film it. <br />This question we asked people is what they fear the most and the highest voted was death as most people have the fear of death and especially when a main character dies or seeing someone in the background die as this can add effect to the film. <br />The people would prefer to have the hero live in the movie as people would like the film more if he or she lived and had a good life afterwards and probably that the people might like the hero very much as the hero at the beginning might have been trying to live a normal life before the events happen. <br />The people would want the hero to be identified at the start of the movie as they want the identity of the hero so they know who is the star of the film and the person who is going to save the day. <br />This question is more of asking people if they want the hero of the story to be an ordinary person who does everyday things like go to work then comes home and does normal things or if they like the kind of person who has special abilities or they are trained in the ways of different fighting skills or got any training in the army and so they would know how to handle him or herself. But people we have asked have preferred the everyday person probably because they relate to the person as they are everyday people themselves. <br />This result shows that people would want the film to be more related to the main character like the events are all focused on the main hero. <br />This is to ask people what they would prefer when seeing the text in the film and the result came close to being between bold style writing or capitals but the people prefer the bold style writing text as this might be a bit easier to read. <br />The clear result here is that people would want to see the villain die as most people would say that the villain would deserve on what he had done and like all films in the past the villain always dies as people must be more used to it. <br />People have voted for more of a plot twist ending like a sudden revelation like the hero finding out something like the villain is alive who was thought dead or he suddenly gets shot and it leaves a question for a sequel. <br />This was just a warm up basic question to ask people and the clear winner was the colour blue. <br />This was to see what film setting people would prefer to see in the film and people have chosen the city as the setting is more interesting as there are many hiding places in the city where people can hide anywhere as it is also a maze where anyone can get lost and lots of interesting things can happen. <br />This is the result of what kind of genre thriller film that people would want to see as crime won as people might find it more interesting if the thriller is more based around a crime that has happened like a murder and then events happen while investigating. <br />This is what gender hero people would like to see in the film as male is the highest as they are stronger and can do more of the action stuff. <br />These are the age groups that we asked people and the people we mainly asked were people who are mainly the ages of 16-17 are mainly asked people around collage. <br />In the film most people would like the villain to be identified at the start of the film as the viewer would like to see the identity of the person at the start so they would know who the person is. <br />The highest voted intro to the film is if the person is being stalked as voted by the people we have asked. <br />This is how many people that we asked to answer this questionnaire and the people that was most asked were females. <br />We asked people on what thriller films that they liked and the film that was voted more was seven as maybe it is more in the recent years and actors that everybody knows. <br />The villain gender that was voted most was the male villain as this is more of the common role of the villain and is in the traditional code and convention of the film universe of the villain. <br />This question was to see what kind of age group the villain should be as a child could be a plot twist but this may seem a bit silly and so the adult was more commonly chosen. <br />