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Egt 1 what are sentences


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On English sentences and their different parts.

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Egt 1 what are sentences

  1. 1. English Grammar Topics No 1 What are Sentences? A quick view on sentences in English, its parts and structure. Copyright 2013 Jesús Lorenzo Vieites
  2. 2. Un ejemplo son las distintas formas que existen de las palabras:
  3. 3. Sentence (constituents)
  4. 4. Subjects Objects Adverbials Complements Verbs Transitive Intransitive Copular
  5. 5. Transitive Intransitive Copular
  6. 6. (1) ‘The scarf has disappeared’ (2) ‘Somebody must have taken my scarf’ The formal unit ‘the scarf’ has different functions: (1) Subject (2) Object
  7. 7. Verb phrases Adverb phrases Noun phrases Adjective phrases Prepositional phrases (*) A grammatical unit which may consist of one or more than one word and which is one of the classes of constituents into which simple sentences can be divided
  8. 8. My brother is normally an approachable person, but he seemed rather rude that day
  9. 9. 1. Noun phrases A phrase which (typically) has a noun or a pronoun as its head. It can have various important functions in a clause or sentence. (determiner[s]) + (modifier[s]) + noun/pronoun + (modifier[s])
  10. 10. 2. Verb phrases A phrase consisting of one or more verb words. It is the essential element of a clause. The verb phrase can also be interpreted as being a bigger unit, including not only verb constructions, but also the elements of a clause which follow the main verb such as its object. (Verb phrase in this sense is equivalent to predicate). More on verbs in another issue
  11. 11. 3. Adverb phrases A phrase which contains and adverb as the main element or head. An adverb phrase may consist of just an adverb alone (1), two or more words (2), or a longer sequence of words (3) (1) She struck the boy hard (2) Peter did hit the ball extremely hard (3) They thought the climbing was not as easily as they all had expected it to be
  12. 12. 4. Adjective phrases A phrase which contains and adjective as the head or main word. Adjective phrases can be made more complex by adding modifiers –especially degree adverbs- before the adjective. That building is tall The class was far too noisy As he woke up he realised that it was still too early for breakfast African countries are too poor to feed themselves without help
  13. 13. 5. Prepositional phrases A phrase consisting of a preposition followed by a noun phrase (or a nominal clause). Two important functions are usually recognised to prep. phrases: 1) Acting as post-modifiers in a noun phrase 2) Acting as adverbials. That is the tallest building of the castle compound Flights from Gatwick will depart at noon today. You’d better hurry up as your train is leaving from platform 2
  14. 14. • What do we understand by ‘sentences’ in English grammar? Copyright 2013 Jesús Lorenzo Vieites