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The Secrets of High Performance IT, Featuring Jez Humble


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The Secrets of High Performance IT, Featuring Jez Humble

  1. 1. The Secrets of High Performance IT with Jez Humble
  2. 2. Today’s Drive-In Speaker - Jez Humble 2 Jez Humble @jezhumble •  VP at Chef •  Lecturer at UC Berkeley •  Author of Continuous Delivery •  Author of Lean Enterprise
  3. 3. @jezhumble serena devops drive-in| 21 january 2014 the secrets of high performance it
  4. 4. what is chef? Chef is an automation and delivery platform 
 born in the service of velocity and scale: Build ManageDeploy In the data center + in the cloud Infrastructure + applications
  5. 5. scrum- fall water-
  6. 6. time to restore service lead time for changes release frequency change fail rate it performance
  7. 7. highest correlation with it performance • “Our code, app configurations and system configurations are in a version control system” • “We get failure alerts from logging and monitoring systems” • “Developers merge their code into trunk daily” • “When development and operations teams interact, the outcome is generally win/win.” • “Developers break up large features into small, incremental changes.”
  8. 8. proactive monitoring peer-reviewed change approval process version control everything win-win relationship between dev and ops high trust organizational culture top predictors of it performance
  9. 9. @jezhumble high trust culture Westrum, “A Typology of Organizational Cultures”, Qual Saf Health Care 2004; 13 (Suppl II):ii22-ii27
  10. 10. firefighting culture risk management theatre big balls of mud major barriers
  11. 11. @jezhumble changing culture Schein, The Corporate Culture Survival Guide
  12. 12. the production line
  13. 13. TOYODA AUTOMATIC LOOM TYPE G 12 “Since the loom stopped when a problem arose, no defective products were produced. This meant that a single operator could be put in charge of numerous looms, resulting in a tremendous improvement in productivity.”
  14. 14. build quality in “Cease dependence on mass inspection to achieve quality. Improve the process and build quality into the product in the first place” W. Edwards Deming
  15. 15. @jezhumble continuous integration Jason Leyba |
  16. 16. deployment pipeline Delivery team Version control Build & unit tests Automated acceptance tests User acceptance tests Release Check in Feedback Trigger Check in Feedback Trigger Trigger Check in Trigger Trigger Approval Approval Feedback Feedback Feedback Feedback
  17. 17. risk management theatre Rachel Schipul |
  18. 18. Margaret Hamilton Lead Apollo Flight Software Designer; Director, Software Engineering Division, MIT Instrumentation Laboratory. big batches
  19. 19. organizational change
  20. 20. organizational change
  21. 21. architectural change
  22. 22. “I think building this culture is the key to innovation. Creativity must flow from everywhere. Whether you are a summer intern or the CTO, any good idea must be able to seek an objective test, preferably a test that exposes the idea to real customers. Everyone must be able to experiment, learn, and iterate.”
  23. 23. questions @jezhumble | © 2015 Chef, Inc. ORDER THE LEAN ENTERPRISE!
  24. 24. Serena Global User Conference 3 Serena xChange: This March join the party in DC to xChange ideas with us on DevOps, Continuous Delivery, High performance IT, DevOps culture & much more..
  25. 25. Questions? 4 Please use the Q&A panel to submit your questions Download Forrester’s Seven habits to Highly Effective DevOps Forrester’s Latest Research Friday 1 pm ET/ 10 am PT Weekly Deployment Automation Demo Free Deployment Automation Get the Free Version
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