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Google updates and link building


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Link building is Not dead yet, but yes it is changed now. You have to be smarter than past and work accordingly the Google guide lines.

I hope this guide is going to help you.

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Google updates and link building

  1. 1. SEO CONSULTANT 2014 Effective Link Building tactics 2014 Along with major Google updates Sudhanshu H T T P : / / W W W . W A S E O C O N S U L T A N T . C O M /
  2. 2. 2 Content Introduction -------------------------------------------------------3 Panda Update -----------------------------------------------------4 Penguin Update --------------------------------------------------10 Google Hummingbird -----------------------------------------------10 How link building will survive in the age of quality? --------------12
  3. 3. 3 Introduction Before moving on the SEO tactics we should once have a quick overlook on link factors (earlier it was an important factor). In early 90 Google introduced the ranking algorithm, where they are looking for the number of back links along with the Good Content. In that age If any website wants to rank higher it must have a Good number of back link. I have no doubt to speak; in that era Google was the One who boosted the web spam. SEO geeks started to build the massive links; they created a lot of spam over the internet. With the time Google started to work on the quality search results. They introduced several Algorithms to make the search result near to fact. To make web world spam free Google started to penalized the websites which were not following their Guide Lines. In the era of the Quality results Google Introduced Panda (first released in February 2011) Penguin (announced on April 24, 2012.) and Hummingbird (on September 27, 2013) update.
  4. 4. 4 Let’s brie Panda Update: Panda Updat for thin websites/ Low Quality search results. “CNET evaluates nearly 100,0 winners and losers after Googl Google visualized: Top Web si are red and orange. Less po Google’s first page. briefly talk about all these three. a Update was released in February 2011 amid to Quality websites and return high quality sites ly 100,000 search results to learn which Web s r Google’s latest changes to its algorithm.” news/testing-googles-panda-algorithm-cnet-anal Web sites like Wikipedia,, YouTub Less popular sites, in blue and violet, were les amid to lower rank ty sites near to top Web sites are the analysis/ YouTube, and IMDB were less visible on
  5. 5. 5 Panda is just Panda spe You should know. a is just 1of more than 200 ranking Factors nda specially introduced for thin content
  6. 6. 6 12% Search The Search results in the USA were impacted The target was content farms.
  7. 7. 7 Panda 2.0 Panda2.4 was introduced for 2.0 was released for English Queries. for all Languages except Chinese, Japaneseanese and Korean.
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  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. 10 Penguin Update Google Penguin is a Google algorithm update that was announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed for those websites which were using the black hat techniques for ranking or violating the Google Guidelines. Such tactics are commonly described as link schemes. “Google Penguin Update 3 Released, Impacts 0.3% Of English-Language Queries” Search Engine Land Google Hummingbird
  11. 11. 11 Google Hummingbird was released on the 15th birthday, on September 27, 2013. The aim was this algo to return the search result in a more humane way to interact with users and provide a more direct answer. The Hummingbird and the Penguin was the game changer. There were many websites who got penalized by these algorithms. The SEO’s were living in the dark , and expecting it dead ! there were many Link building stuffs were completely removed from link building Directory. Forums, Blog Comments, Directory post were gonn case! But the SEO survived. They taken the new algorithms as new challenge and became dependent on the content.
  12. 12. 12 How link building will survive in the age of quality?
  13. 13. 13 After the penguin and Hummingbird, SEO companies have introduced few new services, named: Link risk analysis, Post Penguin SEO services. Well I am not going in the details yet on these two. I am going to start the Tactics to enhance the visibility of a website in the era of Penguin and Panda. What Kind Of link building efforts need to be done? I have no doubt to speak that the hard core Link building is dead! To survive you need to be smart and work accordingly Google. Instead of building links the focus should be to earn the links.
  14. 14. 14 Create own database for An Animated Graphics always att Link earning these graphics ca a good budget, but this can de link attribution from bloggers w Talk to the Industry Geeks Talking with the popular perso way to earn the Links. Ther enhance their share in search watched by the other experts b Re-write the Outdated Con Every content has it’s expiry d are not updating your content There are certain tools you can Animated Graphics ways attract the traffic to share. When you are phics can dramatically help you. Though this acti s can definitely improve your link-building campa oggers who’ll use your images. Geeks ar personality from a certain industry is oldest b There are many websites who are using th search Market. These kind of interviews are no xperts but also from the beginners. Content: expiry date, re-write them to engage the reader content that will lose the luster. Keep the conte you can use to find the outdated Content. you are working for this activity requires g campaign through oldest but effective using this tactic to s are not only being e readers and if you he content updated.
  15. 15. 15 Guest-blogging campaign : Though Google has punished many big content firms, but still Guest Blogging is an effective way for Building the links. But make sure the content should not be promotional and the links should not be massive. I would recommend to do the guest blogging with well Known names. Long Tail Keywords with brand: Brand Awareness is the most effective way to earn the back links. Brand Awareness not only helps in the SEO but also boost the Digital marketing stuffs . Create the Content with Long tail Keywords and share them on UGC (User Generated Content) Sites, Like YouTube, slid share and others. Involve in Google+ Get social with Google+, Make your post sharable and try to get + on Google. Google+ not only enhances the visibility of your brand but also send the strong Social signals to the Google. Republishing viral posts on Social Networks No Doubt Tumbler and the Facebook are the Best place to republish any content. These websites are having a huge user network. People are not only watching your content but also sharing on these two websites. If I simply talk about a post on Facebook , Then no doubt that friend list, subscribers will check that post and also If it is user engaging then People will share it.
  16. 16. 16 Reverse engineering Know where your competitors are getting Links, DO the Competitor analysis , connect with the domains and try to get the links their too. Another thing that you also have to consider is identifying the sites/domains that your competitors are linking out to. You can use Screaming Frog to generate a list of URLs that your competitors have linked out to the most. Targeted content promotion If you’re already investing in developing content assets on your website, then up- sizing your efforts to make them more visible to your target audience is a sure fire way to enhance the ability of your website/brand to continuously attract natural links.
  17. 17. 17 Because the more people who are able to see your content assets, the higher your chances to force multiply the results (more traffic, more social shares, more links, better rankings, and more leads). Find specific questions and answer them (long-tail link building): Rebuild the Broken link Branded Links: I will not ignore that High PR links are still an important factor for Ranking Contests: Old but Effective! Build some contest on the website and earn the user trust! Always good for natural Link building Hope this guide will help you to build the strategy for your Project. If you like it please share with others too. Resources:
  18. 18. 18 Documented By Sudhanshu Pandey