Link building strategy for 2013


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Everybody right now discussing about Panda as well as Penguin Up-date. Even though composing this particular post, Matt Cutts, already announced that Panda will struck again followed by a Penguin up-date possibly on March 15 or March 18, 2013. The majority of of us are careful of the link building techniques pointed out. The actual deal is exactly how to make use of it in efficient manner ?

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Link building strategy for 2013

  1. 1. Link Building Strategies for 2013 Just before we proceed forward in this particular large article regarding Do-it-yourself SEO in 2013, let’s ask a few questions ourselves :  Have you Create Your own Authorship Yet?  Have you create very first Video clip ?  Have you make Video Profile ?  Have you analysis your Primary Keyword ?  Have you verify your own long tail keywords ?  Does your website has unique as well as Newsworthy Content material ?  Do you feel your web site content material is on page optimized ?  Do you know exactly how to focus on long tail as well as main keywords and phrases in Correct way ?  Did you observe your link profile yet ?  Have you utilized Web 2.0 Submissions ?  Did you publish to Top Article Directories ?  Have you promote your web 2.0 and articles submissions ?  Did you make use of Social book-marking in effective manner ?  Have you make use of Guest Posting ?  Do you understand exactly how to make use of Blog commenting ?  Have you attempted forum posting ?  Have you focus on your main keyword with contextual back links ?  Do you feel a press release can additionally help you to create your brand ? Therefore, if most of the responses are Absolutely no, let us examine further to understand every thing in details.
  2. 2. Link Building Strategies – Exactly how to do Much better SEO in 2013 DIY Guide Everybody right now discussing about Panda as well as Penguin Up-date. Even though composing this particular post, Matt Cutts, already announced that Panda will struck again followed by a Penguin up-date possibly on March 15 or March 18, 2013. The majority of of us are careful of the link building techniques pointed out. The actual deal is exactly how to make use of it in efficient manner ? I am heading to create about a few practical strategies exactly why which you may obtain the optimum make use of of social media ,content marketing and SEO => Web 3.0 Step One - Create your own Authorship First Just before you move forward to get promoting your internet site, a person should set-up a G+ account as an Author for the website for which usually you want to rank. You ought to think me as well as many other SEO Experts which Social Signal tend to be actively playing extremely important role in Ranks as well as it is no an indirect signal. It is a direct signal to the search engines as well as many case research reveals that websites are ranking without back-link however with the very good amount of visitors coming from Social Websites. Therefore, generating authorship , you ought to require to write following :- Your Name One Photo About you One particular Email Address Your Contributions Now, you will need to make use of exact same Pen Name throughout all the accounts you are going to use. In order to set-up authorship, make account on following websites as per the records pointed out above :- Google Plus Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Youtube(Channel) Do not forget to add other User profile in about section of Google Plus account which usually you have created on above steps. At this particular moment, I would recommend you to spend 30 minutes to include genuine people of your niche in just about all of above accounts on every day basis. Try to add/follow 10 people in each of the accounts. Also, like/plus/pin/tweet the article of others during this particular time. Exactly how to get followers on these types of account as well as spread your content material to your reader is beyond the range of this particular article however we may talk about it in following posts.
  3. 3. In your internet site, set up a customized script or even if you are using wordpress ,make use of Google Author Link Plugin as well as set-up as per your profile. That‟s your Authorship now setup! In order to verify it is actually setup properly, make use of Rich Snippets Tool from Google as well as paste the URL of your post/page in order to understand if it is completed properly. This is actually just 5-10% of the total effort , you made for best SEO procedures however this can easily lead to 20-30% as soon as your user profile is good and also you have genuine people associated along with you in all of the Authorship Profiles which usually is dependent again exactly how you actually obtain more fans in each of the Authorship Profiles. Step Two - Create Video Profiles In this particular step, you are moving to create yet another online user profile which you require in order to expand to market your authorship. Considering the fact that, we all know , is actually Second largest search engine at the moment, if you execute this particular step properly , sometimes it is actually possible that the video clip you will create may possibly be shown on The search engines very first web page as well as before your own content that you wish to rank for an “Anchor Text”. You require to make accounts on Youtube . com, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Make the user profile as a channel as well as make use of the content material as pointed out above and do not neglect to include your profiles in Google profile section to add more authorship. Most of the video websites nowdays pass a Nofollow link , then exactly what is the value of the link which usually is not contributing to link juice ? After current modifications crafted by Google, it is actually obvious that in order to keep natural link profile, you should possess a mix of dofollow as well as nofollow back links. Since, Youtube, Dailymotion as well as Vimeo are usually very high authority sites, these websites pass No Page Rank but Extremely High Authority to your websites. These types of links do not count for Page Rank however they help to get High Search Engine Rankings. Your Video clip need to be :-  Title: <Main Keyword> + less than 50 characters.  Filename: <keyword.mp4> or <keyword.flv> etc.  Description: Need to Consists of Long Tail Keywords and phrases. But not more than 2. You should add your video on the 3 websites mentioned above as well as for much better results you can easily try much more video clip sharing websites.
  4. 4. Step Three - Get Main Keyword & Long Tail Keywords This particular is actually extremely important to have an understanding of in present day SEO. I am not going to tell you exactly what is actually keyword research as well as exactly how to select your keywords and phrases using Google Adwords tool. You already fully understand which key phrase a person wish First page position. All you need to do is :- Place your main keyword into google search , go to the bottom of the page and copy paste 8 terms for which google says related to <keyword >. For example , I do a search on Google for PSD to HTML and I find relevant terms as following :- Try out to put these types of related search into The search engines again and again and you will come up with 20-30 long tail keywords and phrases. Now your tasks is actually to get top 5 long tail keywords out of the best keywords and phrases containing your main keyword. Save your main and long tail keywords. Unique and Newsworthy Content Understand following key points :  Google does not like low quality contents.  Google does not like duplicate contents.  Google does not like if your content material have information which usually is already posted at several places.  Google does not like if your content is unique but visitor leave the page immediately after landing on it – High Bounce Rate. Now, you may possibly need 2 following types of contents. A) For your Website This content material would be talking about your services/product summary and in my viewpoint it need to be extremely high quality content material which usually ought to be distinctive, informative, analytic and need to not be written for promotion purposes. With regard to this particular purpose, either you can obtain it by yourself or by your technical writer. If you can not do so, hire a freelancer or some good companies who can write for you. Do not use your main keyword more than 1% in your content. B) For web promotions You will need some articles ahead if you want to go for advance link building. So, if you are targeting One main keyword with 5 long tail keywords, my suggestion is to get 20 unique articles from standard content writer with optimum quality skills. Get these articles done around long tail keywords and it should not have keyword density more than 2%. I will let you know how to use these articles. Since, the scope of this post is limited, I am bound to keep the details as low as possible.
  5. 5. Watch your Link Profile: The days are over, when SEO companies used to target main keywords with high PR BackLinks and client website‟s jump on page 1. In today‟s word, case studies have proved, more the anchor text is optimized, low SERP results. In fact, the website ranks for other keywords which are not target. So, how should be your link profile for Moderns SEO ? After working with many other clients across the several niches, I found this methods the most successful than another other. This is not 100% correct but if you want to use it , you can :- URL Backlinks – 10% ( 2 or 3 variations ) Company Brandname – 20% ( 4 or 5 variations ) Exact Match Anchor Text – 10% Long Tail Anchor Text – - 20% ( 4 or 5 variations ) Niche Related – 15% Generic Keywords – 25% Apart from above, what should the ratio between dofollow/nofollow ? In my opinion , check link profile of your top 5 competitors and based on their ratio, you can decide or else you can use 65/35 formula. Another important question is : How many links should you build in a month ? 200 or 300 or 500 ? If your sites is very new, you should not add more than 200 dofollow direct links to your main site in a month but if your site is about 6-12 months old , find out daily unique visitor to your site and multiply by 30. So, if your sites is getting around 40 users per month then you can create 1200 link a month but to be safer side, I would say do not use until you read all the content here. Do it yourself Publish the content that you prepared for your main site with the authorship details as we made on first step , then make promote your page/post and make a video to do so as we have seen on step 2 and share the video and content across all the followers and we still have 20 medium quality articles which will be used for promotion of your main keyword.
  6. 6. Win the Game with Web 2.0 Web 2.0 websites have received great deal of appreciate from Search engines simply because these websites are usually high authority websites as well as ready to share multi-media across social media. Most of these websites provide a dofollow backlink. Therefore, exactly what you are going to do with these sites and the articles we have created previously. As we know, we were taking about 4 to5 long tail keywords, we need to keep the same thing in mind here as well. Create 20 spun articles from original 20 which makes it 40 to use. WEB 2.0 Promotion  Title should be containing your long tail keyword.  Every post must contain an image with alt text.  Article should not be duplicate.  Within article, 1 Link with your long tail anchor text should be pointing to your main site and another link should be pointing to your author profile.  Anchor text should not be used more than 1.5% even on web 2.0  If you are going to use more than 5 web 2.0 sites, it means you are going to repeat the anchor text, so find a synonym for your long tail keywords and use it.  If you are going to use 15 web 2.0 , keep URL as anchor text for 11-15.  If you are going to use 20 web 2.0 , keep Brand as anchor text for 16-20.  I am assuming that you are finished with 20 articles and you have 20 more left.  If you want list of web 2.0 site list, please contact me in comment section , I will provide you. Some of them are as follows :  Tumblr    LiveJournal  Blogger  Squidoo  HubPages
  7. 7. Submit to Article Directories Similar to Web 2.0 , submit your articles to top level article directories but up to 10 articles. So, you left with 10 articles after this submission. Some good article sites are :-  Amazines  Article Alley  Ezine Articles  Go Articles  Sooper Articles  Articles Base  Article Snatch  Article City  Article Dashboard  Acme Articles Here you can find the list of article submission sites where you can submit more articles. Outreach for Backlink Thirst You wrote a great content, you published articles on web 2.0 sites then you published articles on top article sites. Now what you should do ? These sites ( AD/Web 2.0) are supposed to pass some link juice to your main site with the anchor text targeted by you but until these sites does not get link juice from other sources, it will not be able to do so. We have to increase the authority of these sites by creating some backlinks using our link building methods. So, how to create lots of natural links for your Articles and Web 2.0 sites. I would suggest to go for UAW ( Unique Article Wizard ) which has a recurring monthly cost. If you do not want to go for a monthly subscription, you can order a gig on Fiverr. How to use UAW, I am explaining in brief :-  Title : Original title|Variation 1|Variation 2} and the 7 extra titles should look like this:  {Variation 3|Variation 4|Variation 5}  {Variation 6|Variation 7|Variation 8} {Variation 9} Resource Box : UAW allows to add 2 links per resource box and upto 6 resource box. So, if you have added 6 Web 2.0 sites 4 Article sites and 2 video, you can rotate your links as per requirement.  Tags/Categories :  Use most relevant categories and tags.  Maximum quantity of submission/Day  Select maximum 10. Click submit and wait for couple of days to see the progress. Usually UAW distribute your content to 150-200 sites.
  8. 8. Social Bookmarking This is one of the quick method to take visitors to your website. I do not think how many of us know how to use SB sites for search engine optimization. Your post which is going to be bookmarked should be using unique title and your long tail keywords and nice description, correct tags and categories. But this is not enough. In order to wake up search engines, you should create at least 10 Profiles on each of the sites , I am going to tell you here :-                   Following bookmarking with first account, make use of other accounts to bookmark the same page on each and every single websites which can make higher authority to search engines as well as probabilities are usually search engine will see a back-link to your internet site which usually is the real use of SB websites as well as a subtential quantity of traffic. Guest Posting – Next step to success This particular is actually important one. Considering the fact that, you know it is extremely difficult to find a niche related website which usually will offer you a contextual backlink. What you need to do ? Get 5 Content articles from Good quality authors about your keywords and go to myblogguest. Sign up there for free and place your articles for publishing on other internet sites. Additionally, make use of discussion board to tell others that you have some articles that you want to submit on targeted internet sites as well as you can easily allow them understand about niche etc. Do not forget about to include your long tail keyword and resource as your real writer profile directed back to your Gplus profile URL. Most likely your articles will be submitted to multiple websites across your niche within 2-3 days. Things to remember before choosing a website :-  Minimum 2 year of Age.  Minimum PR2.  Alexa should be less or equal to 300000.  Not too many outbound links.  Once, your article is published , if possible try to get some likes and social bookmarks for that article as well.  You need to wait and watch if your rank changes and if not try to add 5 guest post every 15 days.
  9. 9. Blog Commenting This is the place where you get high authority links from similar niche sites. All you need, go to Technorati‟s Blog Directory, browse the blog in your category and make a list where you see a possibility to make a nice comment. Important points to consider :-  Use your name as per Gplus profile.  Use URL as home page of your main site.  Use same picture.  While commenting on any topic, you should be also asking questions to engage users and search engine an eye.  You should provide comments as an expert not as a noob and prevent is getting from SPAM.  Try to Add 15-20 comments a week and engage users to get them on your website. Forum Posting  You need to find out relevant forum to get benefits of this posting. The benefits of Forum posting is :-  You can put your name as per G+ Profile.  You can add about yourself, skype, twitter , Facebook and other profiles.  You can use signature and put a hyperlink to your main or money sites for example : You should avoid following :-  Exact Match anchor text in your signature  Long tail anchor text in your signatures  Brand name in your signatures  While posting, consider following :  Reply relevant to the topic.  Talk about other sites which has similar information or better information.  Publish your thoughts 2 or 3 times in the same thread to get users attentions and search engine eyes.  Do not use same forum again and again because end of the day , search engines are going to count 1 backlink from 1 domain.  Start a controversial topic where you will get a chance to comment on every other user reply. for example : Directory submission is dead ?  Use 5-10 top forum from google search results and you can use following query : „Niche + Forum or Keyword + Forum
  10. 10. How to target your Main keyword now ?  I would suggest to choose from following options :  Rent/Buy a Link on other websites.  Make your own high profile links.  You should not add more than 1-2 such kind of links and these links should be only contextual links. As mentioned do not try to make exact match more than 10% because it can lead to over optimization penalty.  I will make a separate blog post for the same topic in coming days. Stay tune. Press Release Writing and Submission If you are launching a service/product with a promotional offer for your consumer, you need to write a press release and distribute it via many channels partners. The important thing to remember here : You should use your author profile and brand name to promote your link profile not the main or long tail keywords. Indexing Track all the links => Web 2.0 links , Article Links ,UAW report, Blog commenting pages, Forum pages etc. Make sure links should be indexed with 2-3 weeks after creation. If not, you can hire external indexing services to do so. For e.g. backlinkindexer