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Design Toolkits

  1. 1. Design ToolkitsCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comBy: Clint FaberCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comLEGAL INFORMATIONTHIS CONTENT IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. THIS IS ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE.YOU CANNOT AMEND, DISTRIBUTE, SELL, USE, QUOTE OR PARAPHRASE ANY PARTOR THIS CONTENT WITHIN THIS GUIDE WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE AUTHOROR COPYRIGHT OWNER. LEGAL ACTION WILL BE PURSUED IF THIS IS BREACHED.PLEASE NOTE THE INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN THIS DOCUMENT IS FOREDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. EVERY ATTEMPT HAS BEEN MADE TO PROVIDEACCURATE, UP TO DATE AND RELIABLE, COMPLETE INFORMATION. NOWARRANTIES OF ANY KIND ARE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. READERSACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE AUTHOR IS NOT ENGAGING IN RENDERING LEGAL,FINANCIAL OR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.BY READING ANY DOCUMENT, THE READER AGREES THAT UNDER NOCIRCUMSTANCES ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES, DIRECT OR INDIRECT,THAT ARE INCURRED AS A RESULT OF USE OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINEDWITHIN THIS DOCUMENT, INCLUDING - BUT NOT LIMITED TO ERRORS, OMISSIONS,OR INACCURACIES.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comCongratulations on investing in your education in the always changing methods of searchengine optimization.My name is Clint Faber. You probably already know me from the SEO software I brought tomarket "BacklinkTOPIA," which quickly hit the top listings on ClickBank. SEO has been ahuge part of my business over the last few years, allowing me to work alongside some of thegreatest Internet marketers in the industry such as Rand Fishkin (CEO, SEOmoz) and AaronWall (Founder, SEObook). Through SEO, I have been able to help businesses skyrocket to awhole new level, and it is my intention, through this document, to help you do the same.As you read this document, you will hear me refer to "are" and "we." I own a business, andalthough I do a lot of personal implementation within my businesses, a business is just not abusiness without a group of people working together to achieve a single goal. So when I referto "are" & "we" Im typically referring to anyone whos ever worked for me to bring mybusiness to where it is today.With all the concerns and negative hype surrounding Googles recent updates, I felt theobligation to pass on the SEO strategy that has been responsible for first page rankings
  2. 2. across all of our niches.Panda 3.9.1 — August 20, 2012 (SEOmoz)Google rolled out yet another Panda data update, but the impact seemed to be fairly small.Since the Panda 3.0 series ran out of numbers at 3.9, the new update was dubbed 3.9.1.Confirmed: Google Panda 3.9.1 Update (SER)Google Panda Refresh On August 19th: Version 3.9.1 (SEL)Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.com7-Result SERPs — August 14, 2012 (SEOmoz)Google made a significant change in the Top 10, limiting it to 7 results for many queries. Ourresearch showed that this change rolled out over a couple of days, finally impacting about18% of the keywords we tracked.SERP Crowding & Shrinkage: Its Not Your Imagination (SEOmoz)7 Is The New 10? Google Showing Fewer Results & More From Same Domain (SEL)DMCA Penalty — August 10, 2012 (SEOmoz)Google announced that they would start penalizing sites with repeat copyright violations,probably via DMCA takedown requests. Timing was stated as "starting next week" (8/13?).An update to our search algorithms (Google)The Emanuel Update: Google Will Penalize Sites Repeatedly Accused Of CopyrightInfringement (SEL)June/July 86-Pack — August 10, 2012 (SEOmoz)After a summer hiatus, the June and July Search Quality Highlights were rolled out in onemega-post. Major updates included Panda data and algorithm refreshes, an improved rank-ordering function (?), a ranking boost for "trusted sources", and changes to site clustering.Search quality highlights: 86 changes for June and July (Google)Google’s June-July Updates: Site Clustering, Sitelinks Changes & Focus On Page Quality(SEL)Panda 3.9 — July 24, 2012 (SEOmoz)A month after Panda 3.8, Google rolled out a new Panda update. Rankings fluctuated for 5-6days, although no single day was high enough to stand out. Google claimed ~1% of querieswere impacted.Official: Google Panda 3.9 Refresh (SER)We will cover the following:· The widely known, often unused tactics of SEO· How to structure SEO so your content is immediately seen as authoritative.· How to rank and stand head and shoulders above your competition withCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comconfidence.Things we will not cover:· I shall not be covering any tactics that I have not implemented, tested and reviewed
  3. 3. personally myself.· I will not be covering the things that we have found to be ineffective, as I wish to focus onthings that you can implement today to see results.· I cannot tell you the absolute inside workings of Google, as they do not share their algorithmcodes with anyone, but I will show what we have found to work through reverse engineeringand logical deduction.Google and search engines are always continuously changing their algorithms to betterimprove search results, and often times marketers prey upon new algorithm changes. Thereason for this is simple: you feed a hungry market. In the SEO, the market is very hungryand often grows a taste for these sorts of topics.I mean, just look at the amount of communication that takes place across forums aboutrhythm changes in scary updates.If you know some simple fundamental facts about SEO, you should never get scared, afraidor even threatened by possible algorithm changes. In fact, it is better to think of them asalgorithm improvements instead, as they should all continuously be improving your sitesrankings if you implement the things that I will be coveringI am more of an analytical man and do not care much for small chat, so I am tempted to giveall of the information in this document straight and to the point. As you go through this report,I am sure you will begin to notice that it is very informative.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comwww.backlinktopia.comBacklinkTOPIA is software that I brought to market over a year ago after one of Googlesalgorithm changes that sent a lot of marketers into worrying mode. BacklinkTOPIA leverageda simple technique of submitting documents likeandto sites that published PDF files in orderto obtain back links.BacklinkTOPIA quickly became a top seller in marketing forums and rapidly hit number onein the ClickBank software category.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comWe Hit #1 In ClickBanck In Internet ToolsTo make sense of some madness, the reason why it did so well was because it was the firstsoftware of its kind leveraging a simple technique, but the main reason why it hit number onein ClickBank is simple, the technique that BacklinkTOPIA leverages WORKS.I mean, think about it. The only promotion that we ever made for the software was through asingle Internet marketing forum, and we simply implemented ClickBank to make thatpayment processing and support easier. With the combination of people talking about theeffectiveness through public forums and the excitement of a new SEO tool, popularity grew.
  4. 4. Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comDue to the popularity and organic promotion through word-of-mouth, I never needed to investin seeking out joint ventures, affiliates or additional traffic sources. If you are interested inpromoting BacklinkTOPIA, you can find that affiliate offer here.Although BacklinkTOPIA and our document sharing SEO strategies have been out over ayear now, the methods and techniques are just as effective as the day that it was released.Google has gone through two algorithm changes since its release, and despite the negativeeffects reported by many, our sites only showed improvements in rankings. The ones that webarely worked onto the first pages under their keywords shot up and shot past majorcompetitors in the market, despite the fact that Im big into CPA and had some major industrycompetitors in the legal and health niche.And this is due to the fundamental way that I source off-site SEO strategies.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comIt is important to understand that we’re here to cooperate with Google as we both have thesame interest in mind. The end goal is to give searchers what they are looking for, and in theend, of course, maybe pull a good profit from that. In order for us to do this, we need to beseen as a positive authority in the search engines mind. Our goal is to have the searchengines love us, not fight against us. This way, we will not be swimming against the current.Instead, we can sit back, relax and float down the river of traffic.Off-site SEO is not all about spamming and spitting out hundreds of thousands of linksacross the web. Just think about it; just saying that makes me cringe a little bit, as there areso many people doing this with little to no results. I see this being taught all of the time, whenthe truth is, all you really need to do is build up your authority on different traffic hubs. A goodexample of these traffic hubs are high PR document sharing sites like, and it doesnt stopthere. We can maximize the efficiency of all of our distributed content through an addedsocial hub. As long as youre delivering high-quality content through your profile accounts atplaces such as YouTube or Flicker, SEO will begin to truly become simplified.So, my point is that you dont just mindlessly set up accounts and throw low-quality contentup, linking back to your site. Rather, you interact with the community and becomeestablished. That counts as real life contribution.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comOften times, the techniques I see marketers implementing are truly a waste of time. Includingsetting up dozens of profiles in many different sites and never focusing on establishingthemselves as a valuable contributor. It should never be about the profiles you can set up;rather, your focus should be on interacting with the communities with a single particularprofile.So the first step in establishing yourself is completing your user profiles. The only time that
  5. 5. you should set up more profile accounts on a single community is when the niche drasticallyvaries.We will be setting up the following accounts1. Google (we will use the Gmail email address in all of our other accounts)2.3. Youtube4.5. Flickr6. Posterous7. Twitter8. FacebookCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comI integrate my keywords, authority image and core topic into my profile naturally. Your profilehelps people get to know you and determine what you have to offer. This is how people willget to know you and how the networks determine whether or not your profile is spamming.If you invest in setting up your profile and really portraying what you have to offer, thenetworks will recognize this. Doing this will eliminate the chance of your account gettingdeleted and content removed, thus destroying all of the SEO backlink work you invest.I mean, seriously, I cant tell you how many times I had people come to me trying to figureout why their accounts were deleted after quickly setting up a profile and throwing uphundreds of non-modified PLR articles.1. In many accounts, you will have the option either to make your content public or private,and it goes without saying that if your content is not public the search engines will not be ableto see it, preventing them from indexing your backlinks.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.com2. Since we will be setting up profiles on more than one network, it is a good idea to mentionthis in your profile by linking back to them. This is a huge key element to this full systembecause it creates a link wheel and establishes that you have a wide presence on theInternet.It is important to have consistency across all of your profiles. Make sure that the informationmatches with one another. The reasoning behind this should be obvious. If a user clicks overto one of your other profiles and sees inconsistencies, the public image of being theauthoritative provider will be drastically devalued.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comSearch engine algorithms are getting more advanced and will soon have the ability torecognize such inconsistencies, and we are not in this for the short term. We need long-lasting, consistent rankings. Following this system is the reason why my sites only see an
  6. 6. increase in rankings whenever the big Google rolls out a new algorithm update.Organic search traffic has increased by 49% with PandaAnother technique of linking your profiles together is through your Facebook and Googleaccounts. By commenting on content across the web using two accounts, you will not onlygrow the strength of your off-site SEO, but your authority status as well. Your authority statuswill grow, because visitors and search engine spiders will be able to click through to yourprofile and to all of your distributed content. We will get into the social aspect of our SEOlater in this report.By linking your profiles, it makes it very apparent to search engines that your content is notspam, thus increasing your authority status across all entities.The purpose of setting up your profiles this way is to instantly be able to portray to Googleand the different search engines that your content is authoritative and directly related to yourniche.The search engines are able to determine this easily by following the links that youconnected to each of your profiles and examining the keyword topic of the content on eachpage of across the different networks. Since you are keepingCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comeach profile within the same niche, all content and accounts will build upon each othersauthority, maximizing the value of any links in your content that point towards your URL.Under each of the communities that you distribute your content on, it is important to begincommenting on content that is provided by established accounts and interacting with thecommunity as a whole. Every time you make a comment, it will contain your profile, whichlinks to all of your content. Not only will the owners of the platform see you as a valuableuser, search engine spiders will recognize this as well.This entire structure of setting up profiles and linking them together makes it easy for thesearch engines to quickly recognize your content as legitimate, authoritative content, thusmaximizing your link building efforts. Without this structure, your articles will typically beviewed as non-authoritative or possibly spamming, greatly increasing their chances ofremoval.Now that we have covered how to structure your profiles in the proper way, it is now safe tomove on to structuring your content to portray the image of authority that we are trying toachieve.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comA good way to determine how to distribute and structure your content is by following whatyour competition is doing and how they are interacting with the community. When you dothis, you may begin to notice that what they do is comment on each others content andreference one another.This is done for many different reasons, such as portraying an image that you are looking forsome of the leaders in the industry and that you are aware of any forefront changes of your
  7. 7. niche.This portrays that you understand what is happening in your niche and community. It alsoestablishes that your content consists of legitimate contributions. By doing this, you are ableto outreach to the followers and subscribers of your competition as well.It is important to understand that only commenting and making your references to yourcompetition is not necessarily all you will need to establish yourself as an authority. My goalis to cover the different things that you need to do in order to achieve this authority status.A good thing to do is to look around and see who the leaders are in your market right nowand begin examining their content to determine what keywords, topics and segments theyare targeting. This is much easier than it sounds, because you will quickly begin to realizethat theyre all pretty much targeting the same set of criteria. Leaders of industries tend not tobe sole proprietors of their ideas, but rather a circle of soundboards for one anothers tactics,ideas and results. Hopefully you now will begin to see how jumping into this circle of leaderswill not only benefit your SEO, but eventually your overall success.So now that we understand what keywords topics segments other authorities areCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comtargeting, it is now time to begin thinking about how to structure our content for the maximumresults.The average forms of content that you will run into from these leaders are articles targetedspecifically to certain keywords. Many of these articles are specifically written to appeal to atargeted search term for a user search in search engines, in order to be the firstrecommended content displayed.Creating articles specifically for targeted keywords is a great way to specifically gathersearch traffic for a particular term, but should not ultimately be our main purpose of creatingcontent. Although structuring your content to appeal to the rankings it is not is main focus.Ultimately, the goal is to establish our content as authoritative, thus increasing the value ofthe back links that we will be creating with our distributed content.Not only should we be focusing on ranking our content in Google, we should be keeping aclear focus on what our visitor base wants from us. How we will do this is by following thesame topics our industry leaders are referencing. For instance, if authorities in our niche arewriting about "Googles algorithm changes," you should be focusing your content around"Googles algorithm changes." By doing this, you join the group of leaders and begin toinfluence the general view of a topic.You may also begin to now notice that industry leaders are distributing teaser content.Content such as this is typically used to get a reader excited and leverage the motion ofcuriosity and desire to perform an action such as clicking on a link in the content that quicklybrings the reader to your URL or a call of action. A good example is this this tweet with links.Now that we understand what topics and keywords you are going to be focusing on, we canbegin to discuss the different phases of creating content. For example, in the niche thatBacklinkTOPIA targets I focus on keywords such as "backlinks" "indexing" "page rank" and"SEO."
  8. 8. Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comI will typically start out with an extremely relevant article for the keyword that gets the mosttraffic based on Googles keyword research tool. This article will be relevant to the keyword,but will include a thought-provoking twist on a well-accepted idea in the niche. This is a greatway to start out building a fellowship in establishing yourself as an innovator in the industry.For example, I would create an article with the following title in my niche: "Google’s AlgorithmChanges Do Not Affect SEO."After I have created this targeted content, I will now create several articles, 5 to 10surrounding the same keyword, that support the ideas presented in my targeted article.These articles are meant to back up claims stated in my first article.For instance, I would create the following:1. "Authority Back Links Are Everlasting"2. "Surviving Google’s recent update"3. "Authority SEO with Document Sites"4. "Using Scribe to Hit First Page of Google"5. "Scribd SEO Not Affected by Panda: Page One In One Day"Below, I attempt to lay out the way that I started researching and developing this targetedcontent.When we are writing our targeted article, we need to make sure that we include the names ofthe industry leaders surrounding the keyword which we chose to use. We want to includesomething that is taking place in the industry at the current moment in order to portray thatwe are in touch with the industry changes.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comWe want to address any concerns present in the niche and provide a solution, while keepingit relevant to our keyword.The Golden Nugget of This Report“All of the techniques that I am teaching you should be long-lasting, as we are notmanipulating search engines, nor are we utilizing any sort of loophole. Rather, we areworking for search engines such as Google to deliver quality content.”If you spam and focus on taking advantage of temporary loopholes in search engines, youwill always be chasing the next new method. Not to mention the loss of all of your SEO workonce the loophole is recognized. Has spamming ever worked to get high rankings? Yes.Does it still work today? Not at all, as it has been recognized and penalized.If you remember, I mentioned that we should not focus on our keywords, necessarily, as themost important thing when researching the industry. Although keywords are an important partof our research, too often I see people focusing on this aspect and ignoring things like thepeople, places and things surrounding the niche. These things are just as important as akeyword, and without them, you might as well not even attempt SEO.In my article, I will include not only my keywords, but the leaders in my niche, as well as the
  9. 9. needed recent events. For example, I focused my article around recent Google changes andwhat the authorities had to say about them. I also made sure to include solutions to anynegative outlook.When I create my supporting articles, I want to include all of the surrounding keywords of myniche. This will give more relevance to my main article as being relevant to its keyword. Iwant to also include the core ideas, industry leaders and events as well. So the mainseparating factors of these articles from our targeted article are that they are containing oursecondary keywords.By keeping the people, places and events consistent across these articles only helps toincrease the relevance of our topic and supports our claims and ideas presented.Consistency will always be the key when youre trying to establishCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comauthority, because without it, everything begins to crumble.One great technique to use in recording and expanding your research is the use of mindmaps. is a great tool to use to help you do this.1. BottlenoseThis is a great new tool to highlight trending articles and social commentary based onspecific keywords. It’s a social search engine and can really help you create news or hottopic-led content.2. SpezifyThis does a similar thing to Bottlenose, but in a less structured, more visually interesting way.Create a tapestry of related tweets, images, music etc.3. UberSuggestThis is a popular tool for expanding on keyword ideas, and the concept works well for helpingyou think more laterally.4. Keyword ExpanderA really sick tool from Optimal Social, it allows you to find relationships between things thatpeople like. So people that like (insert keyword) also like XXX. This has obvious benefits andcan also help with persona creation. Free registration required.5. SEOGadget’s Content Ideas GeneratorIt may not be all flashy and stuff, but it does a great job of pulling in content ideas from anumber of useful sources into one Google Doc.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comSo now that you have everything laid out as far as what our articles will be about, it is time togo into the creation aspect.When I first started in SEO, I was writing all of my own content. Although this was a greatway to gain experience, which ultimately taught me a lot, I eventually realized that in order tobe successful I needed to outsource the tasks that I was not necessarily accustomed todoing. Due to my struggles with writing, this was one of the first things that I began to
  10. 10. outsource, which truly changed my business for the better.Since Ive been in this industry implementing these techniques for so long, I have my ownSEO team working around-the-clock in all aspects of my business. Chances are you do nothave much experience with outsourcing tasks and may be concerned about achieving qualityarticles for this technique. No need to worry, I will share with you what I did when I firststarted in outsourcing content creation.The reason for this is that we want to make sure that our content is high quality and comesout matching the criteria we are looking for.There are many places where you can get cheap articles written, but through my experience,the lowest price offers will typically be rewritten private-label right content. This rewrittencontent is either done by automation software or byCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comindividuals with poor language skills.I typically find high quality writers on the outsourcing platforms such as Odesk. You canspecify skill level, experience, language skills, as well as the ability to specify the hours thatthe contractor worked on the outsourcing platform.After we have chosen our contractor that has experience, good language skills and positivefeedback on public profiles, it is time to instruct them on how we wish the article to be made.It is important to be specific on what we’re looking for. As we have no intention of paying forany content that does not meet our specific format.Hire slow and fire fast; dont be caught up in the emotional aspects of the business. Do notpay a contractor just because theyre trying. We are looking for someone that can understandwhat we’re looking for and deliver on, not a student to teach. I cant tell you how many times Imade this mistake, but ultimately it comes down to whats best for the business, and if yourenot getting quality content, then you need to fire and rehire.I typically find that it takes about five attempts of hiring a writer to find one good candidate,even after I have weeded out the people that did not have good feedback and experience. Inorder to increase the possibilities of finding a great writer, I tend to require my candidates toprovide an example article based on our specifications prior to hiring.After Im done selecting candidates engaged in the criteria that were looking for in ourarticles, I hire them based on the terms that they will get paid after they deliver. Too oftenhave I been disappointed after hiring someone on the hourly basis, only to receive rubbishcontent for my investment. Since I sent every contract out on the basis that they will get paidafter they deliver, I can easily deny the content that does not meet the criteria and use it asleverage for them to deliver what we’re looking for.Although outsourcing tasks may take some time to get used to, finding a writer will ultimatelybe one of the greatest things that you do for your SEO efforts. Although we can eventuallybegin using rewritten PLR content, it is important thatCopyright © 2012 Clint
  11. 11. our writers have a foundation for writing unique articles in our niche, thus producing thequality of each distribution.If we do not place a strong importance on finding quality writers, our content will come out asgibberish in just another content distributor. Our goal is not to be just another spammer ofrehashed material, rather it is to be seen as an authority in our niche and have contentinstantly recognized as high-value by the search engines and our reader base.We make sure that they fully understand the persona of the authority that we are trying toachieve in our market. This is done by not simply giving them a keyword on the topic.Instead, we will be giving our writers all of our research such as industry leaders names,recent events in our market and all of the things covered in the research portion of this report.After they have written the article, it is important that you look over all work done in order toensure that it matches the authority persona that we are trying to portray and establish. Youwill make sure that the content is consistent with authoring information distributed throughyour accounts. The moment that you take your eyes off your business is the moment that youlose control, so no matter what tasks you are outsourcing, it is vitally important that yourevise and okay all of the work done.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comAfter you receive your quality, targeted content, it is now time for publicizing it to your site.Optimize Titles for Killer SEOThe title of the contents of your pages is one of the most important factors for on-page SEO.Not only is it the literal title of the tab or browser window, it’s also the first line people see inthe search results, followed by the URL and the Meta description:Optimize your DescriptionsNow that we’ve got proper titles, we should start to focus on Meta descriptions. The Metadescription can be used by search engines to show in the snippet. It’s the black piece of textshown beneath the URL. The Meta description is usually only used when it contains thekeyword the searcher was searching for.If you’re thinking of auto generating the Meta description, you might as well not do anythingand let the search engine control the snippet… If you don’t use the Meta description, thesearch engine will find the keyword searched for in your document and automatically pick astring around that, which gives you a bolded word or two in the results page.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comRemember, the purpose of search engines is to deliver to the searcher what it is they arelooking for in the meta-description. This is how we will show Google and the visitors that ourcontent is what they are looking for.Now that we have four targeted articles up on our site, it is now time to distribute oursupporting articles to document sharing sites such asand . We will slowly drip feed ourcontent across these networks throughout the next 5 to 10 days, after which we will havemore content written and distributed in the same fashion.
  12. 12. Since the release of BacklinkTOPIA, we have made many upgrades and even released thePro version. The SEO software solution is a content distributor that sends out our supportingarticles to document sharing sites. Not only does it distribute our content, but also it searchesthrough our written articles, inserts our links and converts them to PDF format. We originallycreated the software for internal use to eliminate the time it took to do these automated tasks.Although BacklinkTOPIA is not required, it is a huge time saver.It doesnt take very many links to quickly obtain the first page of Google, as we are able toachieve great results with around 100 supporting article back links. You should not need todo very much outside of document sharing sites and missions for Off-site SEOCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comNow it is time to start putting together our “social hub.” A social hub is more than just astandalone site or application; it’s both the heart of a distributed network of information and adestination for those that share the interest it supports.1. If you don’t have a GMail account, create one. You’ll need this email for all the logins,might as well use the same one.2. Associate your logo with that e-mail in; this will also come in handy later.3. Create a YouTube account associated with the same Google ID.4. Create a Flickr account.5. Set up a Twitter account, and customize the profile page to reflect your authority personaas described previously.6. Establish a Facebook Page. You can do this from your personal Facebook account. If youdon’t have one, you’ll need to create one.7. Grab yourself a Posterous account, and activate the Group Profile feature to make iteasier for others to post to the account. Connect your YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook pagesto Posterous so that any content you send toCopyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comPosterous bounces into the other accounts automatically.8. Create a simple listening station in Google Reader. You’ll have access to Google Readerautomatically since you set up the GMail account above.9. Click the Reader “Settings” at the upper right, then the rightmost tab, which is “Send To.”Configure Reader to send content to the destination sites you created above.10. Without setting this up, this whole process is useless.11. The “home hub” of the social system is your new GMail account. If you log into that eachmorning, you’ll have access to everything you need.To distribute original content through the system, just use the Posterous account. This ismuch easier than it sounds… You can post everywhere by sending e-mail from your GMail address.Send images and they’ll go to Flickr as well. Send video and they’ll post to YouTubeautomatically, etc. Links to everything you create will appear on your new Posterous blog,
  13. 13. and go out to your Twitter followers and Facebook fans, on autopilot.Distributing content through a network such as this is even easier. Whatever is in Reader canbe sent through the system by clicking the “Send To” button. When you do that, a drop-downappears with:· Twitter· Facebook· Posterousas options (remember, choosing “Posterous” sends it everywhere). Begin following authorityblogs, as this will raise your authority and visibility to search engines.Leave short comments on articles that are created by authorities in your niche to draw trafficto your own, and create the personal connection you need to deliver on the brand promisesyou made to your readers.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faber(Gravatar has already been set up if you followed the above, so wherever you log in tocomment on someone else’s blog and use your GMail address, your icon will also appearand give you some exposure.)You can also access your brand “listening station” in Google Reader. Just click “Reader” atthe upper left of Gmail, and you’ll pretty much be able monitor any appearance of the brandonline. You should add some influential local bloggers to the feeds there as well, and createfolders for whatever else you like to read in your niche. Staying into market news is veryimportant when establishing authority.I start my day with my Google Reader account at 5:00 a.m. and check them sporadicallythrough the day, sharing the content I find most interesting. I average 10-15 (or more) posts aweek in each of my core niches. Tweetdeck is running constantly at work, and I check itfrequently. I just dont jump into many conversations, as its not necessarily my purpose. Imore or less have it running to keep an eye on the thought leaders in my niche.So what happens now?Start posting and nerve-racking with the community. Share the content you find interesting inReader. Build some relationships. Get to know people in your market. Help everyone, andwatch them help you back through improved traffic, Google rankings and much more.But for 90% of the businesses out there, the truth is this is enough to get started building theauthority that will help build your business.Copyright © 2012 Clint Faberwww.topiaservices.comwww.backlinktopia.comMost of our sites that are top ranking are CPA download offers. We work very hard to makesure we optimize everything on our sites to make sure that we get the topmost conversionsfrom our traffic and I recommend that you do the same using tools like clicktale.comWithout going into what youre able to achieve on top of setting up this authority positioning,lets go over some profiting numbers.Copyright © 2012 Clint
  14. 14. www.backlinktopia.comLet’s say you get into one niche and set up a single authority hub.Say your landing page only converts 9% of 56950 that take action on your call-to-action,that’s a conversion of 5341 visitors.CPA payouts are always changing, but we like the ones that pay around $4.12. You will beearning .39 per visitor, bringing a whopping $22,026.59 month in income without an offer ofyour own.Outsourcing content creation shouldnt cost you over $5,000 each month for the mostcompetitive sites that can bring you 56950 visitors. So we are making an easy $17K a monthoff our SEO positioning.This traffic is just as valuable for your own services and products as it is for CPA offers. Let’ssay you’re offering your own product on the front-end for free, like a lot of download offers incost-per-action networks do. And you convert 5% of the 9% that you converted on your ownservices or products at $99? That’s $26,433. From here you can get into promoting paralleloffers through affiliate marketing.