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All about prairies and grasslands2

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All about prairies and grasslands2

  1. 1. MulanJessalyn
  2. 2. • Prairies have cold winters and hot summers• A prairie can be very windy• Prairies have tall grasses• There are not any trees on a prairie
  3. 3. • Elephants• Lions• Kangaroos• Snakes• Termites• Beetles• Meadow vole• Tumble bug
  4. 4. • Wolves have camouflage so they can sneak up on prey• Plants have roots that are very long• Prairie dogs have broad flat teeth for eating
  5. 5. • Grass land soil has at least 3 layers• Most of the worlds food grows on a prairie• Americas prairies are called grasslands About ¼ of the earths land is grassland