Tropical rainforest animals quizz


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Amazon rainforest quizz. Activity of the English project for primary students "Amazon rainforest":

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Tropical rainforest animals quizz

  1. 1. Which animal is it? Tropical rainforest Animals Quizz
  2. 2. These animals have bright colours or red eyes to scare away their enemies. They’ve got sticky toes to help them grasp tree branches or leaves.
  3. 3. Poisonous Frogs
  4. 4. This animal lives in the canopy layer. It’s a very sloooooow moving animal. It’s got very strong claws to help it cling to tree branches. It often sleeps hanging upside down.
  5. 5. Sloth
  6. 6. This animal is part of the monkeys family. It’s got a bright golden color. They like to eat fruit and small animals. They live in the trees of the rainforest.
  7. 7. Red lion tamarin
  8. 8. This animals have a long colorful beak that measures as long as its body. This large beak is used to pick and eat fruit.
  9. 9. Toucan
  10. 10. T hey live in the top of the trees, in the emergent layer. They are fast and have keen eyesight. They can swoop down and snatch their prey from the canopy. They eat small mammals.
  11. 11. Eagle
  12. 12. The color of this animals can vary depending on the habitat. The white markings emulates the patterns of sun spots that penetrate the rain forest canopy. They constrict their preys before consuming it whole.
  13. 13. boa
  14. 14. They are a type of lizard. They live along the banks of the rivers and in tree branches. They are usually from green to gray color. They are herbivores.
  15. 15. Iguanas
  16. 16. This are one of the largest animals in the cat family. They can swim. They eat fish, tortoises, mice and other rodents. You can find them on the forest floor, but also in other layers of the rain forest because they can climb trees.
  17. 17. Jaguar
  18. 18. There are over four hundred species of this birds throughout the world. They are the smallest species of birds. Some are as small as 7 cm in length. They get its name from the sound of the rapid beating of its wings.
  19. 19. Humming bird
  20. 20. This animals can carry leaves very big from the top of the canopy to the forest floor. Here they live in nests of millions of individuals! They digest the plants and also feed off their droppings.
  21. 21. Leaf-cutter ant
  22. 22. They are reptiles with scaly skin. They live on land and water. Their strong tail allows them to move quickly in the water to catch the preys. Their eyes are on top of their heads so they can see above the surface of the water.
  23. 23. Crocodile
  24. 24. These members of the parrot family live in the forest canopy where they search for fruit. Their beaks are designed to peck at the fruit and crush the seeds and nuts.
  25. 25. Macaw
  26. 26. You’ll know how this monkey got its name once you hear it. Their howls can be heard up to two miles away. It is one of the biggest species of the monkey family. They eat fruit, plants, insects, and seeds.
  27. 27. Howler monkey
  28. 28. There are many species of them in the rain forest. They live in the forest canopy. Some are busy during the day and others are nocturnal. They eat the nectar from plants.
  29. 29. Blue morpho butterfly
  30. 30. This mammal is generally acknowledged to have a very keen sense of smell, used to locate ants. They use the tongue to collect the eggs, larvae, and adult insects.
  31. 31. Giant anteater
  32. 32. It is a carnivorous reptile that lives along slow-moving rivers and lakes, in the Amazon basin, and in other freshwater.
  33. 33. Caiman
  34. 34. It is the most famous and largest of the beetles. His horns can grow longer than the body itself. It is native to the rainforests.
  35. 35. Beetle
  36. 36. This animals are the biggest of spiders. They have eight legs and are often hairy. Their prey are insects, and even rodents and small birds.
  37. 37. Tarantula
  38. 38. This kind of fish are known for their sharp teeth and a voracious appetite for meat. They live and feed in the rivers and lakes
  39. 39. Piranha
  40. 40. These animals are born grey and become pink with age. They have a long powerful beak, small eyes and are slow swimmers. They feed on crustaceans, crabs, catfish, and small fresh water fish.
  41. 41. Pink river dolphin
  42. 42. These mammals are the world's largest rodent. They are semi- aquatic. It eats vegetation and sometimes damages crops.
  43. 43. Capybara
  44. 44. This are fliying mammals. They feed biting to animals such as horses, pigs, cattle, pigs... and suck their blood. The amount of blood they drinks about a teaspoonful.
  45. 45. Bat