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Having Fun with Local WordPress Development

Julian Medina shares his adventures in local WordPress development with MAMP

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Having Fun with Local WordPress Development

  1. 1. Having Fun with LocalDevelopmentJulian Medina@julianlmedina
  2. 2. Why go Local?● Faster● No chance of breaking the live site. Ex.Recently I found out that if I upgraded acertain plugin it wouldve somehowmagically broken the footer (dont ask mehow :)). Fortunately I tested this out Locally.● And the list goes on and on
  3. 3. Downsides of LocalDevelopment● From personal experience, it can be a dragtaking over an existing site and working on itlocally. This has included taking over a sitewith >10 MB Database and a pretty bulkywp-content directory.● Some clients seem to not like it eitherbecause they cant see the site being built.This is often remedied by making a "Stage"site.● Different server configuration than liveserver.
  4. 4. Software● XAMPP● MAMP (If youre on a Mac)● WAMP● Homebrew + MySQL (Havent tried it yet)
  5. 5. Starting a site locally● Install WordPress locally● Develop the site● Upload the site via an FTP Client or SSH.● Upload the Database via phpMyAdminWarnings● Links may not work after going local● Site may not function because youre missingsomething.● A whole lot of other things can go wrong...
  6. 6. Existing live site to local tips● Good ways of troubleshooting seem toinclude deactivating all plugins. This caneither be done through phpMyAdmin orrenaming your plugins folder.● A good last resort (that ended up working),delete the entire WordPress directory locallyand re-download via FTP.
  7. 7. Great Sites for Help● WordPress Codex (,● Google● Smashing Magazine - Developing WordPress LocallyWith MAMP (