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Masons R10


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my slide shw of the savanna grassland

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Masons R10

  1. 1. Grassland By mason
  2. 2. Interesting factsThere is lots and lots of bush fires in thesavannah grasslands witch means theres barelyever rain witch leads to a dry winter.(so there isusually nice weather down there)
  3. 3. • Animals• Zebra• Lion• Kangaroo• Elephant• Baboon• skunk
  4. 4. • Info on animals• Lion• Lions have broad heads they have strong legs and large long tails. They live in groups witch is called a pride with up to 3 adult males and 15 females of any age.
  5. 5. • Zebra• Zebras are long lived animals and can run a fast speed for there size. They have teeth built for grinding and chopping grass. Zebras have horse like bodies but thee coat is striped.
  6. 6. • Kangaroo• A baby kangaroo is called a joey, a girl kangaroo is called a flyer and a boy kangaroo is called a boomer. There is over forty different types of Kangaroos, the little ones are called wallabies and the big ones are called the red kangaroo.
  7. 7. • Baboon• The adults stay in a large pack up in the trees while the kids witch are called juveniles play.• They travel in large groups of fifty.
  8. 8. • Skunks are well known for there smell of gas.There gas is really a spray that can make youfaint.There in the same family as a weasel it has abushy black tail and it can live for up to 2 to 4years.
  9. 9. locations world wideThe places that you will find the savannah willbe in India , Australia , South America such asthe North. As only a few more but they are themain ones. There are some animals that willonly live in there own country’s such as theKangaroo for example. As well as the skunk andmany other animals.
  10. 10. Plants of the grasslandsOne of the plants from the grassland is called a turkeyfeet because the seed head looks like its in the shape ofa turkeys foot.It is also called a beard grass. The name comes fromthat it can grow up to 3 to 10 blooms in three months.Another one of the plants/grass in the grassland is thebuffalo plant.The buffalo plant is a hard grass that you would belucky to find any where but north America.It grows up to at least 2 to 5 inches and only can beseen in the summer.
  11. 11. Plants of the grasslandAnother one of the plants that grow in thesavannah grassland is the fleabane.The Fleabane is pink regular size plant that looksa little bit like a daisy. : GrassesGrasses of many sort are adapted to heat. Overfifty per cent of the plants in the grasslandwould obviously be grass and that makes themthe common type of plants now days.
  12. 12. tiger leopard birds Deer guar Small monkeys Some kind of seeds Bananas Leaves grass