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Aidan and Jordan


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Welcome to the Grassland

Published in: Travel, Technology
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Aidan and Jordan

  1. 1. A biome is a global biotic community that is like a grassland or desert that has plant life and prevailing climate.
  2. 2. Great Plains Pampa of Argentina Field of Southern Africa Parts of Hungary Northeastern China USSR Siberia Serengeti plains of Africa South Africa Africa
  3. 3. Wet, dry, and windy Temperature range 0o during winter Above 90o in summer Precipitation 9” to 24” annually
  4. 4. Sunflowers Foxtail Blazing stars Buffalo grass Wild oats Blazing star’s roots can go down 3.5 meters to absorb moisture during dry periods. Sunflower Foxtail Buffalo grass Blazing Stars Wild oats
  5. 5. Zebras Giraffes Prairie dogs Crows Giraffe Rattle snakes Giraffes have long necks to reach in tall trees to eat leaves. Zebra Prairie dog Rattle snake Crow
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  7. 7. Buffalo grass.8 October 2013<> Wild oats.8 October 2013<> Zebra.8 October 2013 <> Giraffe.8 October 2013 <> Prairie dog.8 October 2013<> Rattle snake.8 October 2013<> American crow.10 October 2013 <> Grassland.10 October 2013<>