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Kadak day one


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Kadak day one

  1. Columbia B7739-002: Advanced Entrepreneurship KadakTEAM MEMBERS Stella Chan Adeem Richard James Shashi Neeraj Lal Sanjay Fenster Shrimali BharadwajDegree program EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBAProvide your http://www.linkedin http://www.linkedin http://www.linkedin http://www.linkedin http://www.linkedin http://www.linkedin .com/pub/stella- .com/pub/adeem- .com/pub/richard- .com/pub/shashi- .com/pub/neeraj- .com/pub/sanjay-LinkedIn public chan/9/a15/451 fenster/1/a68/632 james-aca- shrimali/0/7a6/83b lal/29/67a/29b bharadwaj-p-e-leed-profile URL ca/27/220/584 ap-csi/2b/340/15bAre you the Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yessubject matterexpert (SME) forthis team?Pick a role you Designer = Picker = Picker = Hacker = Hacker = Hustler =think you most Product Visionary Visionary Engineer Engineer Customerlikely will play on Developmentthis teamAnything Grew up in Career – big Grew up in the Technology Grew up in Most preciousinteresting we Hong Kong; bank finance - UK (raised on management Delhi -> Career -family &should know enjoy > start-up -> tea); Career in and strategist, in Corporate friends. civilabout you (be travelling; love big industrial accounting from an Finance and engg./Real-brief) Dogs; drink firm and finance entrepreneuri Audit - > enjoy est. developer; tea every Grew up in a consulting; Tea al family travelling and next: add real single day! village and I junkie! background, a cup of tea estate finance love Tea! love to sing everyday to the list;
  2. Kadak FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 What Key Activities do we Who are our Key require? Partners? How will we Get, Keep • Purchasing raw material• Indian stores and Asian • Brewing tea and Grow Customers? Which of our customer’s • Consistent quality stores • Setting up retail outlets problems are we helping • Increase product variety• Eventually tea makers • Advertising, & marketing • to solve? • loyalty program tea card• Indirect distribution Setting up customer feedback • Who are our most channel and analysis • consumer have limited access word-of-mouth from students through -- subway, panda (campuses) important customers? • Business development with to authentic Asian tea in a express • Tea cart promotion via • repeat customers, Asian- campuses retail format • Product mix creation Facebook or Tweeter immigrants consumers Who are our key • FP&A management • Tea tasting event to collect • health conscious customers suppliers? • Hiring customer feedback (via iPad)• Indian store from NJ Which customer needs are we satisfying? What are their• Chinese stores from • Anyone with desire to archetypes? Chinatown consume authentic Asian tea • The Indian/chinese/Asian• Grocery stores such as outside home • The rising teen Wal-mart • Healthy parents• Restaurant • Undergrads/students utensils/hardware What Key Resources we Through which Channels • Baby-boomers suppliers require? What are the Key do our Customer • Money Features of our product What are we getting Segments What Job do they want • Retail outlets that match customers from them? Giving want to be reached? us to get done for them? • POS system to track sales problem/need? them? • direct retail • make the tea (incl. picking • SAP system for accounting • taste of our tea (quality)• Milk, sugar, Splenda, tea • the availability of tailored • direct-to-home the best ingredients) • License from NY / Campus • education of tea leaves, cups, spices, approval flavor delivery pots/pans • HR for hiring & training • speed of delivery• MONEY, more revenue • Tea brewing equipment • convenience What are the most important costs inherent in our business model?Fixed How do we make money? What’s the revenue model? Pricing• Rent tactics?• Equipment, furniture and fixtures • Low Intro promotion price to attract customers($0.99) Variable • Keep the price close to Starbucks thereafter• Raw materials & supplies • Never price below breakeven even during promotion period• Employee salaries • Find ways to give them discounts (survey --- buzz discounts)