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Services PR & Communication Agencies in Indonesia


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Services PR & Communication Agencies in Indonesia

  1. 1.   SERVICES No. 1 PR AGENCY DESCRIPTION Fortune PR Media Relations 1985 SUB-DESCRIPTION Media events: press conference or press gathering Corporate Communications Press release development distribution Exclusive interview arrangement Media visit or site visit Media workshop Article writing Key Opinion Former article and interview Media trip or fam trip Chief editors gathering And some others build and communicate corporate messages, vision, mission, values, actions and practices to corporate stakeholders Crisis Communication PT Nestle Dancow Indonesia during the pork fat rumor in 1988. Corporate Social Responsibilities Bank Indonesia during the liquidation process of 13 banks in 1999 Asia economic crisis. PT Tarra Group during the infamous accident causing the death of a girl during the visit of A1 boy band to one of Tarra's shop in Jakarta in 2001 provide the necessary guidance and support to our clients in carrying out various initiatives that will provide sustained benefits to the community, yet at the same time, giving our clients the media coverage that they need. helps clients to audit their CSR activities, determine the performance of each CSR activity, design sustainable CSR programs, communicate and evaluate CSR programs in building client’s goodwill index. Fortune PR also assists clients to communicate CSR activities which provide value to the community and wider target audience. assists clients in investor relations, establishes investor relations team, provides Financial communication,  
  2. 2.   investor relations training, monitor financial news, industry-related news and build good relationship with the financial community. Litigation communications Integrated Marketing Communications Communication production Public affairs Social Marketing Digital communications   Brand strategy Market research Media relations Advertising Event Brand activation Digital communications Publication Company annual report CSR report Corporate design, identities, and guidelines Brand book Video presentation Event production Collateral Filler Advertising Social media marketing strategy Social media account handling Social media complaint handling manual Website rejuvenation Mobile activation strategy
  3. 3.   Mobile application development Media monitoring & Analysis Brand Strategy Social Media Activation Mobile Activation Training & Seminar 2 Maverick Corporate Communications Marketing Communications Digital Services Community Engagement Training Research and Measurement   Maverick helps manage the reputations of blue-chip multinational companies such as Airbus, Airbus Military, DBS, Freeport and Nestlé. We are one of the leading names in crisis and issues management, including litigation support, in Indonesia. We have helped companies launch, build, activate and grow their brands in Indonesia, whether it is computers, credit cards, pharmaceutical products, FMCG goods or luxury cars. Currently consulting to companies such as Acer, a tobacco brand and Mercedes-Benz. Through Maverick we help formulate digital strategies for clients and help them execute these through website development, mobile applications, interactive game development, social media activation as well as SEO. We consult to clients such as Standard Chartered Bank and Acer (Guraru). In a social media-empowered world, communities hold the key to authentic communications with your existing or potential consumers or audiences. Maverick is probably the first communications consultancy in Indonesia to have a full-time Community Curator whose job, among other things, is to understand the communities and what is important to them and how to match them up with brands. We train business executives on media handling skills, crisis management and crisis communications. We also run workshops on social media familiarization and an interactive role reversal version of media training called Hacks and Flacks. We are a big believer that data, used properly, is an essential and intrinsic tool of effective communications. We have researchers that can help you with media mapping, media audits and analyzing earned media so that you would get a bigger bang for your buck.
  4. 4.   Media monitoring Social Media and Online PR Strategic Counselin Crisis and Issues Management Media Intelligence We monitor over 200 conventional news publications daily, as well as social media channels such as news portals, forums, Twitter, Facebook and others to provide you with real-time advisories on developments in your industry and to analyze what coverage trends are saying about your brand, competitors or industry. We monitor over 150 Indonesian publications and deliver our reports in either English or Indonesian Litigation Support Crisis Management Planning Crisis Simulations Crisis Management Training Media Relations Media Mapping Media Alerts Online Media Tracking Service Share of Voice and Competitor Analysis Training and Coaching Catalyst Power PR3 Wiloto   Change Communications specifically targeted to communities and NGOs because we understand that the main drivers of change in a society are the communities. PR and Communications, PR Planning, Writing Skills, Media Relations, New Media and other topics that are essential to help the organizations achieve their communications objectives more effective and efficiently Every company does change its management regularly. What matters the most is how they deliver the message to internal and external stakeholders. The key word is to prepare earlier before the change occurs in that company. Whether it’s a new management, new regulation or others we make sure to manage communication inquiries and send the right messages to the right audience.
  5. 5.   Crisis Management Financial Public Relations Government & Parliaments Relations Investor Relations Issues Management Strategy & Implementations Legal Activities Marketing Communications Media Relations Publicity Reputation Management BW PR Strategy and Message 4 Communication Development 2001 Marketing Communications Environmental Scanning Media Relation & Media Training Third Party Advocacy Social Marketing Services / Community Outreach Press Release Distribution Develop, Implement, Monitor   Comprehensive investor communications programs. Tailored investor relations programs for IPOs. Corporate positioning and key message development. Investment community marketing. Financial media relations. Transactions and Special Situations/Crisis Communications. In-depth investment community perception surveys.
  6. 6.   PR Campaign Corporate Communications 5 Cognito 2000 Financial communication, Crisis and Issues Management Internal Communication Marketing Communications   Corporate positioning and message development Brand/reputation building community outreach coalition building corporate brochures and documentaries speechwriting and copywriting Analyst briefings Annual reports Shareholder meetings Investor relations Initial public offering and right issues mergers & acquisitions roadshow support Investor presentations and scripting Risk review and assesment Crisis preparedness programming Crisis communication training crisis simulation programming litigition support Employee newsletters Employee events Rewards and motivational programs Product Launches Conference and exhibitions Customer/trade events promotional support focus groups
  7. 7.   research & Market Inteligence Media relations Communication training Social Marketing Communication 6 Intermatrix Public Relations and Strategic Communication Consultancy 1994 Media Management   Qualitative perception audits Media audits Company/industry research, report, and analyst Background research press release and interview press conferences and briefing editorial visits opinion editorial and advertorial media monitoring and analyst Media Handling skills Presentation skills Negotiation skills Public education Grassroot initiatives Corporate Identity, Crisis Management: providing advisory and consultancy services to formulate Public Relations concepts in holistic form, through image building programs Public Issue Handling: creating and introducing programs to define market presence, through socialization or campaign programs and community programs Internal Communications Training/Course: providing a communication-training program among employees and management, including employee panels and inhouse magazines Press Conference Press Gathering Press Tour Press Release Management Information management (News Monitoring, analysis and advisory) Media Placement
  8. 8.   TV and Radio Program Productions Special Events Management 7 Asia PR 8 IPMPR   Concept & Creative Design Technical Production Expert Supply Logistic Coordination Conference, Seminar, Workshop, Talk Show, Product Launch Concept Design Organization and Invitation (speakers and audience) Evaluation Report In-house Productions (Company Profile, Web Design, Books) Concept & Creative Design Writing/Lay out Technical Production Printing Coordination Strategic BrandPR are: Infrastructure Image Main Program Supporting Program Key Performance Indicator Synergizing Budget PR AUDIT CSR Media Management PR & Media Research brand community digital pr develop Brand PR system Crisis and Issues Management Corporate Public Relations Support
  9. 9.   Organization of Media Events such as media conference,briefings and 1995 gatherings Strategic Media Relations Support Press Release Distribution Coordination of One-on-One Interviews Media Monitoring Services PREFEX (PR Effectiveness Index) - a measuring tool to assess results Social Media Watch Issues Management Crisis Management Design of Corporate Communications Policies & Procedures Manual Corporate Social Responsibility Program Support Media Training Public Relations Training in Corporate Offices 9 Redwhite TRAINING PROGRAMS INTERNAL PUBLICATIONS EVENT MANAGEMENT / EO MEDIA RELATIONS INSTITUTIONAL  
  10. 10.   RELATIONS COMMUNICATION AUDIT 10 red comm 11 celsius conventional 2007 activation digital PR 14 Budge Corporate PR Marketing PR Brand Strategy & Engineering Ligitation PR Policy Advocacy & Lobbying Media Monitoring & Social Media Monitoring 15 Milenstone Branding Advertising Graphic Design Digital Media Production Weber 16 Shandwick B2B Marketing Consumer Marketing Financial and Professional Services Healthcare Communications Public Affairs and Public Policy Technologies Corporate Responsibility   Corporate Identity Graphic Design & Production Exhibition & Event Organizer Advertising & Media Placement Strategic Concept
  11. 11.   19 Edelman Crisis and Issues Communications Communication Audits and Research Digital Communications Internal Communications Luxury Goods and Services Media Training Medical Education Market Intelligence Sports Marketing Travel, Transport and Lifestyle Public Affairs Health & Human Services   Market Analysis Strategic Media Relations Third Party Advocacy Digital Engagement Government Engagement Messaging Stakeholder Mapping Litigation Support Rx Health Personal Health & Wellness Health Policy & Public Affairs Life Sciences Public Health Health Alliances Health Media Issues Management
  12. 12.   Digital Marketing Communications