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  • The challenges:A media campaign was deliberately planned and launched against Abbott by the competition to undermine consumers’ trust in Abbott brand and eventually hurt its sales So far, the competition have had some successes with some small print publications
  • The ChallengeStarting in 2004, Microsoft has been working with the VN Government to increase awareness of software piracy & lower the software piracy rate – the highest in the world at 92 %
  • The Challenges Start its business in a highly competitive market, 3 giant operators hold more than 90% market share Develop from unsuccessful CDMA HT Mobile  customers & media are skeptical about Vietnamobile’s capabilities
  • As a new network that focuses, V// wants to reach out to young customers. To this end, Pioneer proposed using social media to increase awareness of the V// brand among students and young people generally and keep them updated on various promotions and cost saving packages. Social media also served as an effective tool to help V// interact with customers, giving them an entirely new and exciting mobile user experience
  • The ChallengeStarting in 2004, Microsoft has been working with the VN Government to increase awareness of software piracy & lower the software piracy rate – the highest in the world at 92 %
  • The ChallengeStarting in 2004, Microsoft has been working with the VN Government to increase awareness of software piracy & lower the software piracy rate – the highest in the world at 92 %
  • The ChallengeStarting in 2004, Microsoft has been working with the VN Government to increase awareness of software piracy & lower the software piracy rate – the highest in the world at 92 %
  • The ChallengeStarting in 2004, Microsoft has been working with the VN Government to increase awareness of software piracy & lower the software piracy rate – the highest in the world at 92 %
  • The ChallengeStarting in 2004, Microsoft has been working with the VN Government to increase awareness of software piracy & lower the software piracy rate – the highest in the world at 92 %
  • The ChallengeStarting in 2004, Microsoft has been working with the VN Government to increase awareness of software piracy & lower the software piracy rate – the highest in the world at 92 %
  • Vietnam is an energy hungry nationThis JV between Asltom, EVN & Phu My will enable gas turbine to be reconditioned locally, saving significant costs for energy companies
  • Over 130 news stories and feature articles in all leading publications12 TV reports and programs were aired on VTV, Hanoi TV and HTV2 live broadcast shows on Swedish TV channels
  • Lễ khai trương văn phòng mới tại tòa nhà Pacific Place, đánh dẫu một giai đoạn phát triển mới của công ty IBM Việt Nam
  • Tháchthức : PhầnlớncáclễkhaitrươngcủacáccôngtycôngnghệđềukhácứngnhắcvànặngvềlễnghivàphátbiểuLàmsaođểlễkhaitrươngcủa NSN đángnhớvàkháchhàngthựcsựthưởngthứcchươngtrìnhKếthợp ý tưởnglễhộibianổitiếng Oktoberfest vìphầnlớnkháchhàngđềuthíchsựkiệnnàyvàcôngtycóđốitáclà Siemens Giảiphápsángtạo: Tổng GĐ của NSN xuấthiệntrongmột video clip ngắntrongvaidiễnviênhànhđộngmộtđiệpviên. Clip nàyđượctríchtừphim‘The Bourne Ultimatum’và quay ghéphìnhthậtcủa TGĐ NSN. Chi tiếtmởmànnàyđãmanglạisựthúvịchotấtcảkháchthamdự, giúpmọingườicảmthấythựcsựthoảimáivànhiềungườiđã ở lạitớicuốichươngtrìnhđểthamgiahọckhiêuvũ Salsa.
  • 22 feb pioneer comm credentials update

    2. 2. WHO WE ARE• Combined experience of over 20 years in marketing communications• Customized communications solutions to clients nationwide• Uncompromising commitment to quality services• Goal oriented, reliable and dedicated• A strong team of highly experienced and professional staff working on various industries: ICT, nutrition & beverage, FMCG, automobile, finance & banking, animal feed etc.• Strong presence in both economic hubs Hanoi and HCMC
    3. 3. OUR APPROACH TO PR Successful Enhancing the companies and Proactive approach value of clients‟ products must be Credibility and to building a nation brands and their able to reach reputation are theStakeholder-centric wide network with relationships with customers on an foundation of approach the mass media key stakeholders emotional level corporate success Communications are all about building a long-term relationship with a company‟s stakeholders
    4. 4. STRATEGICCOMMUNICATIONS PYRAMID Communications Programs Messaging Communications Strategy, Tactics Stakeholder Analysis Communications Objectives Business Objectives
    5. 5. SCOPE OF SERVICES Strategic Communications Corporate Video & Documentary Government Production Relations Strategy Event Corporate Social Management Responsibility Issue Management & Crisis Communications Media Media Booking Relations
    6. 6. OUR CLIENTS ………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………… ICT ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Finance / Banking Insurance ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Milk / Food / Beverage NFG Tobacco ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Group Coupon ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Animal Feed Dental Others ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    8. 8. STRATEGICCOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANCY As a holistic PR consulting firm, Pioneer provides valuable Strategic Communications Consultancy to clients from various industries. Our consultancy is based on our deep industry insights gained through our extensive network of contacts, years of working experience and comprehensive research. We place great emphasis on customized client services as we believe that One size does not fit all Hoai Anh has a 15 year career in public relations. A former Vietnam Investment We deliver a wide range of Communications Consultancy services Review journalist and corporate communications manager of Ford Motor • Corporate Communications Strategy • Creative & Editorial services Company and British American Tobacco. • Marketing Communications • Copywriting & editing Hoai Anh holds a Diploma in Business Management from Henley Management • CSR • Graphic design & production College, UK, and a B.A from the Hanoi • Issue management and Crisis • Corporate Video & University for Foreign Studies communications Documentary Production • Digital PR
    9. 9. STRATEGICCOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANCY CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY We believe corporate communication is essential to the success of any organizations. We provide both internal and external communications consultancy to support our clients in communicating the right messages to their Stakeholders. We serve both international and local clients in building a strong corporate brand and shaping a positive stakeholder perception of their organizations and industries. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Over the years, we have been tasked with helping our clients launch their new products and brands in the Vietnam market using stakeholder-centric communications approaches from key opinions leaders, round table expert discussions to full fledged integrated marketing communications.
    10. 10. STRATEGICCOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANCY ISSUE MANAGEMENT & CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS Any organizations should shield themselves from crises by an effective crisis communications plan. Crises can happen any time and are so diverse: it could be a product complaint, it could be a financial issue or even a high profile corporate fraud. Whatever crises may be, whether they are at an issue or a crisis level, we provide our clients with preventive methods or effective crisis communications plans. Timely and appropriate response can make all the difference. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) CSR represents "the integrity with which a company governs itself, fulfills its mission, lives by its values, engages with its stakeholders, measures its impact and reports on its activities.” – Source: DPI website, UK Some notable examples of CSR are poverty reduction and providing education for poor farmers‟ children, environmental stewardship, and traffic safety education. We work with various stakeholders, including prestigious media, to build a CSR program that sustains and garners public recognition.
    11. 11. STRATEGICCOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANCY CREATIVE & EDITORIAL SERVICES The core to success of a PR campaign lies in the creative and editorial capability and relationship with the mass media of the agency. Creative ideas that target the right audience, inspires and persuades them to buy a product or believe in a value count. We provide various creative services below Copywriting & editing: Pioneer Communications‟ capability in the field is demonstrated by over 60 PR projects carried out for both international and local clients. Our editorial service gets high recognition thanks to our in- depth knowledge and insights in various industries as nutrition, communications service, automobile tire, insurance, education or animal feed etc. Our professional editing team consist of both native language and Vietnamese editors. Dave Lemke graduated, with honors, from Carleton University in Ottawa, Graphic design & production: Pioneer„s Creative team has pleased those Canada, with a degree in English Lit. clients who require high quality via several creative Print Ads, Advertorials, Besides his 4 years editing TV and film scripts at VTV4, Dave has been Event concept and decoration. contracted as a language editor by PVEP, PetroVietnam, TH True Milk, VIN Corporate Video & Documentary Production: We do a lot of corporate Group etc. video and documentaries for clients, especially those on GreenFeed‟s CSR program.
    12. 12. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: ABBOTTCOMMUNICATIONS TRIDENT - Abbott’s acquisition of long standing distributor CONSULTANCY in VN - 3A Nutrition (Aug 2012) Communications Objectives Challenge Target Audience Announce the mutually Business partners/ Possible agreed acquisition which Retailers/ Customers misinformation/misinterpretation reinforces Abbott‟s strong that this is a multinational‟s take- commitment to Vietnam‟s 1 healthcare growth and the over of a local company to gain market dominance HCPs/KoLs wellness of Vietnamese consumers Emphasize Abbott‟s Government Bodies continued innovation & bringing science leadership/ 2 knowledge to HCP community in Vietnam
    13. 13. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: ABBOTTCOMMUNICATIONS TRIDENT - Abbott’s acquisition of long standing distributor CONSULTANCY in VN - 3A Nutrition (Aug 2012) Media Strategy Announce news via media release to ensure better message control + Issue media release to Tier 1 media, followed by strategic media interviews. Position acquisition as a mutual agreement/partnership between Abbott & 3A Nutrition • 18 years of trusted partnership • This is the right time for the acquisition to take place + For Abbott: Emerging market presence & Vietnam is a key market. + For 3A Nutrition: Opportunity to take the business to the next level of success Deliverables  Exclusive interviews with top executives of Abbott Nutrition International and 3A  In-depth/feature articles on leading economic and business media  Immediate news reports after the acquisition
    14. 14. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: ABBOTTCOMMUNICATIONS ISSUE MANAGEMENT - Abbott Under Media Attack CONSULTANCY Abbott is one of the top international nutrition companies in VN with impressive business Background records. However, the prestigious organization is under media attack regarding its milk price or quality related issues or due to any other unexpected reasons. Challenges A media campaign was deliberately planned and launched against Abbott by the competition to undermine consumers‟ trust in Abbott brand and eventually hurt its sales.
    15. 15. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: ABBOTTCOMMUNICATIONS ISSUE MANAGEMENT - Abbott Under Media Attack CONSULTANCY Strategic Solutions • Recommend a low key, informal approach SHORT • Utilize influence and network among the local media circle to stop TERM the spread of negative press coverage PLAN • Follow up with key media to monitor the situation on a daily basis • Enable stakeholders to understand about the essence of the crisis LONG • Assist Abbott in building a solid positive working relationship with the media TERM • Consult on an overall stakeholder engagement strategy to build corporate reputation PLAN
    16. 16. STRATEGICCOMMUNICATIONS CASE STUDY: ABBOTT CONSULTANCY ISSUE MANAGEMENT - Abbott Under Media Attack Deliverables Block negative coverage and generate positive editorials on Abbott in leading print, online publications and TV A much improved situation afterwards… • Succeeded in building a good relationship with the media. • Annual Media Day organized to strengthen media relations and understanding • Media visit to Factory and R&D Center in Singapore • Positive Abbott image appears in leading tier 1 media Gain credibility and trust from consumers, media and stakeholders Explain clearly to consumers and stakeholders about this unfounded rumor spread by the competition and demonstrate there was no bug in Reaching the poor in Quang Tri Abbott milk April 2008
    17. 17. STRATEGICCOMMUNICATIONS CASE STUDY: NUTRITION FOOD GROUP CONSULTANCY ISSUE MANAGEMENT - The Milk Price Issue Strategic Solutions Tackle the misperceptions about Background increased milk prices to shape 1 the views of policy makers, the It is likely that milk products will be added to a price media and consumers regulation list. The “Vietnamese use Viet products” movement initiated by major local milk companies has received strong support from the Government. Emphasize to key stakeholders that today‟s consumers have a Challenge 2 lot of choices thanks to the milk market being highly competitive NFG will be affected significantly by the possible governmental controls. Media and customers have negative impression about formula milk price increases, especially imported milk. Communicate to policy makers and legislators on the 3 unsuitability of ‘price control’ measures in a market economyNutrition Food Group (NFG) has seven members: Abbott, Aria Foods,Danone Dumex, Friesland Campina, Fonterra, Mead Johnson and Nestlé.
    18. 18. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: NFGCOMMUNICATIONS ISSUE MANAGEMENT - The Milk Price Issue CONSULTANCY Multi-branched approach Key Opinion Leaders‟ analysis on the Government‟s market Increase understanding management Milk brands are not the of MILK to show that biggest ad spenders  Vietnamese consumers correct the notion that milk are enjoying the results price increased due to big of the latest and most spending in advertisement advanced technologies from NFG members MILK PRICE ISSUE “Do not take advantage of The rise in milk price is patriotism” : foreign products part of a trend in price help local ones improve their hikes, not a sudden quality Competition is change key to protecting consumer interests
    19. 19. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: NFGCOMMUNICATIONS ISSUE MANAGEMENT - The Milk Price Issue CONSULTANCY Deliverables Milk brands are not the biggest spenders
    20. 20. INTEGRATED CASE STUDY: IBM VIETNAM MARKETING IBM LOTUSPHERE COME TO YOUCOMMUNICATIONS Background Product launch event & press conference in both Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City Theme IMB Lotusphere comes to you Deliverables Extensive media coverage on leading IT & general publications: Saigon Economic Times, PC World Online, Saigon Businessman, eChip, Saigon Computer Times, The Youth, The world @ …
    21. 21. CORPORATE CASE STUDY: GREENFEEDCOMMUNICATIONS Corporate Brand Building STRATEGY GreenFeed (GF) is ranked fourth among animal feed companies in Vietnam. The company Background started its operation in 2003 and has expanded extensively to 5 branches in Vietnam & Cambodia. Starting from scratch, GF had no strategic communications plan to support their business Challenges objectives. The company brand name was barely known among the publics as compared to its rivals. • To increase awareness of the GreenFeed brand among key stakeholders ranging from Objectives investors, business partners to farmers, the public, media and the employees. • To raise GreenFeed‟s position in the animal feed market Strategic Solutions + +Putting CSR at the center of External Internal brand building and using communications CSR Program Internal communications PR as the primary tool Communicati ons
    22. 22. CORPORATECOMMUNICATIONS CASE STUDY: GREENFEED STRATEGY Corporate Brand Building CSR Communications “Funding the needy farmers to help their children go to school” Tools program Organizer: Tuoi Tre newspaper and GreenFeed • Print and Online media • Event: GALA for fund raising • CSR film broadcast on national and provincial channels • Giving scholarships to good students Topics for external communications: Internal communications • GF and its active role in creating a clean, safe and • In-house newsletter “GreenFeed news” sustainable food chain • High quality PIC pig semen and tra fish breed and their benefits to the farmers External communications • GF aims at sustainable growth in Vietnam, with a strategic vision and mission • Print & Online media • GF is always a reliable partner accompanying with the • Corporate video local community
    23. 23. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: GREENFEEDCOMMUNICATIONS CSR program: Funding farmers to help CONSULTANCY their children go to school Background • Starting in Dec 2010, the program aims to help poor farmer households to rise from poverty and give their children the best education possible -nurturing them as future talents. • The first period (2010 – 2012) provided over VND 3 billion to 240 needy farming households in 4 provinces as well as scholarships worth over VND 200 million to students with good academic results. • The second period (2012 – 2014) funds VND 10 billion to 480 selected farming households in 8 other provinces across Vietnam. Pioneer is the exclusive PR agency initiating and designing the CSR program that connects Greenfeed with Tuoi Tre newspaper, Farmers’ Association and other stakeholders.
    24. 24. STRATEGIC CASE STUDY: GREENFEEDCOMMUNICATIONS CSR program: Funding farmers to help CONSULTANCY their children go to school Deliverables • Raising VND3 billion from business partners, customers and GreenFeed staff • The CSR program becomes the exclusive brand of GreenFeed • Increase the popularity and media‟s awareness of the GreenFeed brand
    25. 25. CORPORATECOMMUNICATIONS CASE STUDY: ACCA STRATEGY Corporate brand building Challenges: When it first established presence in Vietnam in 2003, the ACCA name was little known outside the circle of Finance professionals Strategy: To position the ACCA as a strategic partner of Vietnam‟s Accounting and Audit Industry Deliverables: ACCA degree is now regarded as a “must-have” qualification for auditors and accounting professionals. ACCA has become closely associated with the development of Vietnam‟s accounting industry.
    26. 26. CORPORATECOMMUNICATIONS CASE STUDY: CITIGROUPSTRATEGY Product Launch: CitiGroup’s direct custody services Objectives Positioning Citigroup as a world leading financial institution • Highlighting Citigroup‟s world class services to corporate clients in Vietnam
    27. 27. CORPORATECOMMUNICATIONS CASE STUDY: CITIGROUPSTRATEGY Product Launch: CitiGroup’s direct investment online • Highlight the two Internet Banking channels to serve customers in Vietnam– Citibank® Online Investments and CitiConnectSM web-enabled Financial Services. • Communicate Citi‟s commitment to improve Vietnam‟s financial and banking infrastructure and services
    28. 28. DIGITAL PR CASE STUDY: GOODYEAR Background Goodyear is a world leading manufacturer of car tires with 114 years of operation worldwide. It is the leading tire brand in the US with its rep office in HCMC, Vietnam. In May 2012 the company needs a comprehensive digital marketing plan to highlight its innovation value, change customer behavior and eventually strengthen the corporate brand. Objectives * Raise awareness of Goodyear Innovation is key to distinguish Goodyear from others * Offers a range of products for various vehicle segments with key benefits such as quiet & comfort tires * Associate INNOVATION with Goodyear brand
    29. 29. DIGITAL PR CASE STUDY: GOODYEAR Forum Online+Print • 2 forums media • 8 key influencersKPI • 2000 comments & •News on 15 leading 100,000 views KPI online & print media in 2012 Facebook SEO •10,000 fans like Goodyear VN Fanpage •Fan category: Male (70%) & Female • Upgrade key words ranking to (30%) aged from 25 living in big Vietnam top 10 Google Vietnam KPI cities KPI •20 times increase in website & • 3 online contests microsite traffic 30
    30. 30. BRAND CASE STUDY: DETEC BUILDING Product brand building • Detec is a pioneer in manufacturing dentures withBackground professional, modern and international standards. • Comfident is a removable cosmetic dental product having international patent firstly appeared on Vietnam market. • Pioneer is appointed as the marketing consultancy of Detec - Comfident: overall marketing plan, brand identity, product introduction video & website Website Brand IdentityDeliverables TVC
    31. 31. CORPORATE CASE STUDY: VIETNAMOBILE (V//)COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY Challenge Launched in April 2009, V// is a young mobile operator in Vietnam. Negative impression from HT Mobile era must be removed to position V// as a dynamic, young, creative and customer-focused network. Strategic solutions • Improve the relationship of V// with media: Media Day, Thank You Parties, New Year • Build V// Brand as a dynamic, young, creative and customer-oriented • Manage negative articles on V//, engage media in affecting policy change • Provide regular strategic consultancy via integrated marketing communications Deliverables • V// is now the 4th biggest network in Vietnam • Closed the gap between V// and the 3 giants in consumers and media perception • Strengthen the position of V// as the best on-net mobile operator
    32. 32. DIGITAL PR CASE STUDY: VIETNAMOBILE (V//) VIETNAMOBILE UNEXPECTED ADVANTAGE Campaign •Created V// Facebook fanpage. •Convey the message “Unexpected advantage” to shape customers‟ perception of V// as an innovative network Objectives • To increase brand awareness among customers and their friends • To interact closely with customers and their friends. •To effectively and timely support new marketing campaigns and product launches Deliverables •In 2 weeks: generated more than 1000 fans, 600 posts in every agreed social channel, attracting thousands of comments and attention.
    33. 33. CORPORATE CASE STUDY: MICROSOFTCOMMUNICATIONS Corporate brand building STRATEGY Challenges 10 years ago, Vietnam was among the countries with the highest software piracy rates- 98% Strategic Solutions • A strategic media relations campaign aimed at policy makers, IPR law enforcement authorities, IT channels and end-users • Garner support from Government, policy-makers & public Deliverables • Effectively leverage media coverage on numerous inspections by software copyright enforcement authorities and indirectly contributed to building a more effective legal framework. • More effective piracy enforcement and awareness lead to a much more successful business. In 2004, Microsoft had only 13 employees in VN but after 6 years, the staff rose to nearly 200
    35. 35. MEDIA CASE STUDY: TH TRUE MILK RELATIONS New Product Launch BackgroundBorn with a mission to provide truly fresh milk to Vietnamese customerswith the purpose of improving the well-being and developingintelligence of Vietnamese people, TH True MILK has grown to becomeone of the leading milk brands in the market..• In Oct 2012, TH True Milk launched 3 new fresh milk products: supplemented with Collagen, Calcium, Phytosterol - which revolutionized the fresh milk market. The launch of these 3 products turns an important page in the TH story : true farm, true cows, true and pure milk for the well-being of Vietnamese people.• Pioneer Communications is tasked with executing a public relation campaign to support the new product launch across the country.
    36. 36. MEDIA CASE STUDY: TH TRUE MILK RELATIONS The Launch of Nutrient-supplemented products Deliverables47 news and 56 featured articles onleading print and online media
    37. 37. MEDIA CASE STUDY: TH TRUE MILK RELATIONS International Milk Conference The Challenge• Most consumers are not fully aware of the difference between pasteurized milk and UHT milk. This has been taken advantage of by the competition• In Nov 2012, TH True Milk collaborated with the National Institute of Nutrition and O2TV to organize an International Milk Conference in both Hanoi and HCMC with an aime to provide consumers and stakeholders in-depth knowledge about fresh milk and milk usage trends in the world and in Vietnam, as well as milk material sources, functions of fresh milk supplemented with nutrients.• Pioneer was tasked to develop and execute a comprehensive media relations program to convey the key messaging of the conference and to promote transparency in fresh milk product labeling.
    38. 38. MEDIA CASE STUDY: TH TRUE MILK RELATIONS International Milk ConferenceDeliverables60 news and 50 featured articles onleading print and online media9 news reports on leading TVchannels: VTV1, VTC1, HTV1, FBNC,Info TV…
    39. 39. MEDIA CASE STUDY: AFINS RELATIONS Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition Science Midterm Review ConferenceBackground • The Abbott Fund and the Global Heath Collaborative at the Boston University School of Medicine joined Bach Mai hospital, the National Institute of Nutrition and Hanoi Medical University on sharing updates on the progress and results to date for the Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition Science (AFINS) on 7 Nov, 2012. • AFINS is the 1st program of its kind in the country to advance clinical nutrition with 3.8 million USD supported from the Abbott Fund.
    40. 40. MEDIA CASE STUDY: AFINS RELATIONS Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition Science Midterm Review Conference Deliverables• 50 news, 9 feature articles on leading print & online media• 2 news reports on VTV1 & O2TV• 1 exclusive interview on Việt Nam News
    41. 41. MEDIA CASE STUDY: MUTRAP RELATIONS European Trade Policy and Investment Support Project Background• A 16 million euro project funded jointly by the EU and Vietnam Government, MUTRAP aims to further integrate Vietnam into the global, ASEAN and sub-regional trading systems and to enhance EU-Vietnam trade and investment relations, maximizing the benefits for the countrys economic development, inclusive growth and poverty reduction.• Communications plan for this project will support the Ministry of Industry and Trade in facilitating sustainable international trade and investment through improved capacity for policy making, policy consultation, and the negotiation and implementation of related commitments, particularly vis- à-vis the EU. 65 news, 5 featured articles on leading print & online media Deliverables 1 news, 1 documentary on VTV1
    42. 42. MEDIA CASE STUDY: ALSTOMRELATIONS JV between Alstom & EVN Background Alstom is a global leader in power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure, setting benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. • Alstom and EVN signed the Joint Venture (JV) between Phu My Thermal Power Company, Alstom Asia Pacific and Alstom Vietnam on 18 May 2012 . The signing ceremony was held successfully with the participation of Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai. Deliverables - 52 news and featured articles on leading print and online media - 2 reportages on TV
    43. 43. MEDIA CASE STUDY: MJ GROUPLAUNCH Nhommua.com & Diadiem.com merger & a $60 million deal Background • One of the largest online commerce investments in Vietnam‟s History • The merger is accompanied by a $60 million deal between IDG Ventures, Rebate Networks (Germany), and ru-Net (Russia) – the world‟s premier investment groups with deep expertise on online commerce and internet business.
    44. 44. MEDIA CASE STUDY: ACE LIFERELATIONS ACE Life Grand Opening Ceremony & Press Conference Background ACE Life Vietnam) is part of the ACE Group of Companies, one of the world‟s largest multiline property and casualty insurers, operating in 53 countries. •Organize press conference on the opening of ACE Life Branch in Hanoi Objectives • Build close relationship between ACE Life and the media • Strengthen ACE Life commitment to liberalize the local life insurance market •ACE Life Opening ceremony was featured on many leading publications, news on VTV Prime time 19:00, news on Hanoi TV. Deliverables • Highlighting ACE Life‟s outstanding success in 2006 despite unfavorable situation of Vietnam‟s insurance industry • Creating a comparative advantage for ACE Life • ACE Life gains firm share of Vietnam’s life insurance market
    45. 45. CASE STUDY: ERICSSONMEDIA LAUNCH Corporate brand building • Challenge: ICT was a rather new industry in early 2000. Pitching news to media required very detailed and comprehensive press information • Objectives: Project an image of Ericsson as a key partner in Vietnam‟s ICT development – Major 2G & 3G technology provider to telecom operators in Vietnam – Green Technology to address Climate Change issue
    47. 47. CASE STUDY: TNT Grand Opening of TNT Hanoi operation centerMEDIA LAUNCH Oct - Nov 2010
    48. 48. MEDIA LAUNCH CASE STUDY: ARISTON Brand & Production Promotion campaign for MTS group Objective • Affirm the position of ARISTON as the leading water heater brand in the Vietnam market • Communicate the core values of the ARISTON brand such as caring, comfort for the family, and State-of-the-art Italian technology
    49. 49. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS • We are proud of our trustworthy relationship with several ministries in Vietnam. • Our deep understanding of the Government structure and the way it operates is crucial to our ability to assist our Clients with regards to Government relations building.
    50. 50. MEDIA & CASE STUDY: BUSINESS SOFTWARE ALLIANCEGOVERNMENT Software copyright education & enforcement RELATIONS Vietnam‟s piracy rate was a thorny issue, up to 92% in 2005. How to give advice toBackground relevant policy makers to develop a more effective legal framework on software copyright protection and embark on a proactive enforcement program to support BSA members‟ businesses. Strategy • A wake up call through education and mass media • Use PR to leverage enforcement activities • Ongoing public and stakeholder-focused education • Step up IPR law enforcement Deliverables • The passing of Government Decree No. 47 and imposing max administrative fine of up to VND 500 million.  Vietnam‟s piracy rate has also reduced significantly, from 92% in 2005 to 81% in 2011.
    51. 51. GOVERNMENT CASE STUDY: ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSION (ITC) RELATIONS •The largest -ever Italian business mission to Vietnam over the past 20 years, from 4 to 7 Background November 2008. Over 1800 business matching meetings (B2B) were held between Italian and Vietnamese companies, in both Hanoi and HCMC. Many outstanding business activities were organized by ITC, ABI, Confindustria with support from VCCI. Theme •Golden Opportunities for Strategic Partners • Pioneer was the exclusive PR agency and contact point for Government relations Pham Gia Khiem Deputy PM
    52. 52. MEDIA CASE STUDY: ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSIONRELATIONS Deliverables •Multi communication channels: Print media, TV, Radio, Webcast, advertising • Over 80 news stories and feature articles and exclusive interviews in all leading publications • 8 TV reports • 20 advertorials in 14 major print newspapers
    53. 53. GOVERNMENT CASE STUDY: VIETNAM DAY IN SWEDEN RELATIONS Background * The biggest PR project ever undertaken by an international Company in Vietnam. Comvik International was the exclusive sponsor. • The participation of Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Ministers and other senior government officers and enterprisesQueen Sylvia of Sweden • Pioneer Communications was the exclusive PR agency and the key contact point for Government relations Theme Vietnam Day in Sweden Stockholm Deputy PM Vu Khoan
    54. 54. GOVERNMENT & CASE STUDY: VIETNAM DAY IN SWEDENMEDIA RELATIONS Over 130 news stories & feature articles in all leading publications Deliverables - 12 TV reports and programs on VTV, Hanoi TV and HTV - 2 live broadcast shows on Swedish TV channels
    55. 55. GOVERNMENT CASE STUDY: ASEAN IT MINISTERS’ MEETINGRELATIONS & EVENT Opening Ceremony MANAGEMENT Background From 26 to 30 Sep 2005, ASEAN IT Ministers‟ Meeting (TELMIN5) was held in Hanoi. TELMIN 5 saw the attendance of 13 telecommunications and IT ministerial delegations from 10 ASEAN countries and China, Japan and Korea as partner countries. Ex Deputy PM Nguyen Tan Dung joined the ceremony. Theme Promoting Online Services and Applications to Realize E- ASEAN Pioneer Communications is the exclusive PR agency selected by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) to organize this important event .
    57. 57. EVENT CASE STUDY: IBMMANAGEMENT IBM new office opening ceremony – August 2007 IBM starts a new chapter in Vietnam by launching a new office at Hanoi’s prime business address – Pacific Place
    58. 58. EVENT CASE STUDY: IBMMANAGEMENT IBM Technology Conference & Expo • The Expo was created to set the stage for communicating the Objective latest technology from IBM and to showcase a whole new range of offerings across CUSTOMER JOURNEY – THE EVENT DAY product portfolio • A networking lunch to facilitate the maximum amount of interaction between attendees and IBM‟s exhibitors and sponsors Event theme A Smarter Planet Deliverables VTV1 (Digital life), VTV2 (7 technology days), VTV5 (News), Vietnam News TV, Features on The Youth, PC World, News on the leading publications
    59. 59. EVENT CASE STUDY: SIEMENSMANAGEMENT SIEMENS 10th anniversary celebration Objective This is an important anniversary that Siemens BOD attached great significance for a big success. Event theme Get steady growth with the country Siemens‟ CEO Klaus Wucheror addresses the attendees
    60. 60. EVENT CASE STUDY: NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKSMANAGEMENT Nokia Siemens Opening Ceremony Challenges · Most of opening ceremonies of technology companies have normal rituals and speech. · How to make Nokia Siemens (NSN) opening ceremony remarkable and customers really enjoy the ceremony? Creative Solutions * General Director of NSN plays as an action spy in a short video clip adapted from “The Bourne Ultimatum”. This opening made real fun to all guests, they really feel comfortable so many people stayed to the end to join Salsa dancing * Oktoberfest beer festival concept was used.Theme inspired by Oktoberfest
    61. 61. EVENT CASE STUDY: GREENFEEDMANAGEMENT GreenFeed Kick Off Big Bang Background Develop the concept and organize a Tet party which also served as a kick-off for GreenFeed‟s BIGBANG program Concept Get rich together Deliverables Over 500 guests, including GreenFeed staff, leadership team, partners and agents joined the exciting event. Impressive stage as large as 60 square meters was set up right at the head quarters of GreenFeed in Ben Luc town, Long An province
    62. 62. EVENT CASE STUDY: IBMMANAGEMENT IBM Customers Appreciation Party Challenge Regularly held events like workshops and this Customer Thank you party tend to be mundane and, after a while, cease to draw interest from corporate customers. How to keep them fresh and exciting every time is always a big challenge. Event highlights - The only dancer in Vietnam can perform traditional dance Hula Hup of Hawaiian aborigines. - Artist playing Hawaiian guitar is a student of Đoàn Chuẩn composer. The theme of the party was inspired by Hawaiian culture
    63. 63. EVENT CASE STUDY: BSAMANAGEMENT Seminar on IPR Law – March 2012 Background BSA in cooperation with Intellectual Property Department held the seminar to promote competitiveness of enterprises by complying with IPR law. Over 70 Taiwanese enterprises joined the event at Caravelle hotel. Our seminar garners high appreciation from our client for the smooth organizing job and the competent interpreter in both Chinese and English.
    65. 65. EVENT CASE STUDY: ARISTONMANAGEMENT Ariston Marketing Campaign - Roadshow
    66. 66. LEADERSHIP TEAM DO HOAI ANH NGUYEN DINH PHAM THANH HOA Founder HOANG YEN Associate Account Director Managing Director Chief Representative, HCMC Office Nguyen Dinh Hoang Yen has extensive experience in corporate and marketingHoai Anh has a 15 year career in communications gained from her ten year Hoa has 10 years experience in the PRpublic relations. A former Vietnam career in various corporate business. A former reporter of Hanoi Radio &Investment Review journalist and communications and marketing positions at Television (HTV) and Public Relationscorporate communications manager of British American Tobacco Vietnam (BAT Executive of Vietnam Overseas BusinessFord Motor Company and British VN), VietnamWorks and Vietnam- Club. Accomplished and significantlyAmerican Tobacco. Hoai Anh holds a American Training College. contribute to the success of a large number ofDiploma in Business Management Yen earned her MBA from the Maastricht PR campaigns for major corporate clientsfrom Henley Management College, School of Management (MSM) and a BA in such as Microsoft, Vietnamobile, Huawei,UK, and a B.A from the Hanoi English Linguistics and Literature from Ericsson, Citibank, TNT Express, MTS Group,University for Foreign Studies HCMC University of Social Sciences and ACCA, Ace Life, Abbott, among others Humanities. She looks after major accounts such as Greenfeed and Abbott
    67. 67. LEADERSHIP TEAM NGUYEN NGUYEN QUYNH ANH Senior Media HOANG HUYEN TRANG relations Executive Account Manager THU TRANG Account Manager Trang has working experiences and Quynh Anh has 5 years PR and eventTrang has significant experience in PR & skills in many fields as PR/marketing, management experiences with goodEvent management gained working in customer service, HR management. education in Integrated Marketinginternational and local organizations. She has handled successfully many Communications and Post GraduateShe received an MA in Media, public relations and below-the-line Diploma in Event Management. She hasCommunication and Cultural Studies in marketing programs for both brand experience with VINATEX,France and Denmark Trang has good international and local organizations as GreenFeed, Italian Trade Commissionknowledge & experience in CSR, digital (ITC), HSBC, IBM, Toyota, Lien Viet Bank,marketing, F&B. Extensive brand FPT via campaigns like Toyota Goexperience with Abbott, Vietnamobile, Green, IBM Tech Expo, HSBC Year EndPetro Vietnam, Taboo. Party, FPT & SAP Asia Pacific & Japan Quarter Business Review (QBR)
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