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Sw3 week12 slide1

  1. 1. Earthquake in Chile s1180197 Kana Horii
  2. 2. ScaleWhen: February 27, 2010Season: SummerMagnitude: 8.8Focal depth: 35kmMaximum seismic intensity: VIII(Mercalli intensityscale)Grade: The fifth in the world(At that time)
  3. 3. DetailsType: The deep type earthquakeEpicenter: 35 kilometres (22 mi) or 30.1kilometres (19 mi)Length of active fault: 450-500mSlippage: 8mPlates: The Nasca plate on the Pacific Oceanside sinks under the South America plate on acontinental side in Peru and Chile Trench and itcrowds.
  4. 4. TsunamiMaximum: More than 30mMost of the dead isdue to the tsunami.
  5. 5. Personal sufferingRegion FrequencyValparaiso 20Metropolotana 38OHiggins 48Maule 587Biobio 92Araucania 14Total 799Number of dead
  6. 6. Material damage● Massive power outage● The Arturo Merino Benitez international airport destroys part, and is a temporary closure.● The area of the territory in Chile increases by 1.2 square kilometers.● There is a possibility that the length of a day shortened for 1.26/1,000,000 seconds.
  7. 7. After shocksMagnitude FrequencyMore than 4.5 326More than 6.0 16
  8. 8. Conclusion● A big aftershock happened many times.● The tsunami was observed in various places.● The victim went out a lot.