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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Nuclear Radiation & Health Effects s1180197 Kana Horii
  2. 2. Unit of measurement of radiationIt introduces the unit of doses of radiation in which the influencelevel to the human body is shown.Unit name: rem(roentgen equivalent in man andmammal)Calculation: The coefficient of each kind of theradiation provided in doses of radiation (rad) that thehuman body absorbed is multiplied and calculated.Comparison with other units: 1rad = 0.01Sv=1rem
  3. 3. Influence on human body by radiation Rem Symptomless than 25 Symptom almost none 50 A white blood corpuscle decrease 100 Nausea, vomiting, General malaise, A decrease 150 that paves lymphocyte 300 It is a radiation sickness in the person of 50%. 400 The person of 5% dies (bone-marrow damage). 600 The person of 50% every 30 days dies. 700 The person of 90% every 14 days dies (central nervous system damage). The person of 100% dies.
  4. 4. Nuclear bomb about Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hiroshima NagasakiThe dead About 140000 people About 149000 peopleRadiation(1c㎡) First neutron: 1.2 Thermal neutron: 3-4 trillion trillion Thermal neutron: 9 trillionInfluence on human Burn injury Burn injurybody Radiation injury Radiation injury Keloid Keloid Exposure in the oven Exposure in the oven Mental influence Mental influence
  5. 5. Three Mile IslandDischarged radioactive substance⇩Rare gas(helium, argon, and xenon, etc.): 92.5PBqIodine: 555GBqExposure of resident in surrounding: 0.01 - 1mSvInfluence on human body: It is almost the same as the chestradiograph.Influence on plants and animals: The productivity of thehorse and the cow has decreased remarkably. The deformity ofthe flora and fauna of 100 or more was discovered.
  6. 6. ChernobylDischarged radioactive substance: 14xesBqExposure of resident in surrounding: 31mSvRecovery efforts person: 117mSvResident who lives in contaminated area(Belarus, Russia,Ukraine): 9mSvAssumed damage:55,000 people have already died.The occurrence of the thyroid carcinoma by the child inBelarus, Ukraine, and Russia has increased.
  7. 7. Medical dareThe radioactivity cannot be removed from the inside of the bodyby a modern medical treatment.When the radiation might be bathed in if going out, it isnecessary to throw away what worn at that time and acquiredwhat or to flush it washing.
  8. 8. Conclusion● The nuclear power plant and the atomic bomb have a difference. So, The nuclear power plant doesnt have the bloodshed ability like the atomic bomb.● People have experienced a lot of nuclear accidents.● The radiation cannot be removed from the inside of the body.