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Sw3 week12 slide2


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Published in: Technology
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Sw3 week12 slide2

  1. 1. Earthquake in New Zealand s1180197 Kana Horii
  2. 2. ScaleWhen: July 7, 2011Magnitude:7.6Focal depth: 60km
  3. 3. DetailsType: The deep type earthquakeEpicenter: 29.4° south and 175.7° westLength of active fault: 211m
  4. 4. TsunamiLocate: IslandSize: 60cm and 1m※There was no big damage by the tsunami.
  5. 5. Personal sufferingThe dead: UncertaintyInjure:  Uncertainty
  6. 6. Material damage● Collapse of house● Additionally, it is uncertain.
  7. 7. Earthquake in February 2, 2011Magnitude:6.1locate: 172 degrees 42 minutes 3.6 seconds ofeast longitude of 43 degrees 34 minutes 58.8seconds of south latitudeDead: More than 181(27Japanese)Injured: More than 300
  8. 8. ConclusionThis earthquake was not able to be examined indetail by the earthquakes that had occurred insame February, year being taken up on a largescale.