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I ex5

  1. 1. Group D: Ex#5 Person#1 (A)Why is an instructional guide so important when selling a product in the market? Following sentence if the reason that an instructional guide is important when selling a product in the market. The customers do not know about the product which seller sold. Without instruction manuals, for example, the customers who want to cook using the product they bought do not know how to cook. In addition, the customers do not have to find out information themselves by instruction manual. Therefore, it is possible to save time for customer. (B)Write 5 major points in the above articles that are important. 1. To explain more clearly to reader by instruction manuals, it is important to conceptualize which aspects of the project the reader need to know. In case topic is complicated, briefly jot down all the steps that come to mind. 2. Moreover, list the supplies which reader will need. And, if any the supplies and expensive or difficult to find, list alternative. 3. Next, move step by step. Avoid explaining the task in long paragraphs. 4. Do the project. Ask someone else to use manual to complete the project. And, revise and confirm the project whether you miss something important. 5. Keep the instruction manuals simple. Don’t use wordiness. It is the most important to write clearly. If the reader cannot understand what you’re saying, they won’t be able to complete your project. (C)Explain 5 reasons why one should study the instructional manual before using a specific product? The reason why one should study the instructional manual before using a specific product is following. 1. There is some special information in the instruction manuals. So, readers not find out information by themselves. 2. Instruction manual include all materials at the beginning of each product. This makes reader to know up front what to buy. 3. Instruction manual illustrated various way each product. Therefore, reader is able to understand clearly. 4. Because the document in the instruction manuals is written step by step, reader is not confused. 5. The instruction manuals explain effective and particular way.
  2. 2. (D)Write a paragraph explaining a specific business situation where an instructional guide might help the customer solve a problem. In paragraph “OUT LINE YOUR TOPIC”, if the topic is complicated, list each chapter and outline the points you need to make. And, it is important to write briefly jot down all the steps that come to mind. In paragraph “START WITH THE SUPPLIES”, If the any of the supplies are expensive or difficult to find, list alternative. In paragraph “MOVE STEP BY STEP”, it is important to break the instruction manual into specific, detailed steps. And, in case one step requires slightly different tasks, create sub- step. In paragraph “KEEP IT SIMPLE”, it shows that you have to write clearly to understand what you are saying for reader. In paragraph “Decide how to list materials”, it is important to put all materials at the beginning of each project so reader knows up front what to buy. In paragraph “USE formatting to clarify you message”, it is important to use formatting to clarify your message for reader.
  3. 3. Person#2 (A)How would you promote an instructional guide for your business situation? First, decide on our slant of an instructional guide and should specify some special information. Second, decide how to list materials and use formatting to clarify message. Third, consider illustration and use active or clear language for making the guide easy to understand. Forth, remember safety and if there are any special safety considerations, highlight them. Fifth, test the instructions and check it does not have problems. (B)Talk about an instructional guide that you want to prepare on how to use your mobile phone. Explain at least 10 major points you will include in this instructional guide of your choice. What will be the exact purpose of the guide? ・Our slant of instruction guide is that this guide explains many kind of mobile phone. ・Special information of this guide is that how to use the mobile phone. ・How to list materials is that break the every procedure into small steps. ・Make major sentences and words bold to be able to understand it clearly. ・We will use the illustrations in this guide to be easier to understand. ・We should use active or clear language and keep sentences shorter than in other types of writing. ・We will answer our readers’ questions. ・We should check whether there are not problems and add the cautionary sentences about the problems in this guide. ・We should test our instructional guide whether there are not mistakes and if there are mistakes, we should set right. ・Once we have tested and retested your work, give it to someone else to test. (C)Write five sentences explaining how a company should do research before designing an instructional manual. 1. If your topic is complicated, list each chapter and outline the points you need to make. 2. A most logical way to start an instruction manual is to list the supplies the reader will need for the project. 3. Instead of explaining the task in long paragraphs, break your instruction manual into specific, detailed steps. 4. If your instruction manual details a tangible project, then complete it using only your written guide. 5. You should use short sentences and simple words because writing an instruction manual is different from writing literary fiction. (D)Write down five key words and its meaning that you read in the above articles. 1. Instruction manuals: The sentences that explain how to operate or controlled. 2. Outline: A description of the main facts or points. 3. Instruct: To tell or to do, especially in a formal or official way. 4. Information: facts or details about any things. 5. Slant: To present information based on a particular way of thinking, especially in unfair way.
  4. 4. Person#3 (A) Develop a short concept map using the Concept Mapping software based on one of the articles you see above.
  5. 5. (B)Develop a short concept map explaining how the following article is organized.
  6. 6. (C)Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map you developed in the previous question. ・connecting ・computer ・remote ・access ・software (D)Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the the article you read above (in question B). ・What should you prepare when you want to use the tool of help and support to get remote access? ・How to connect two computers to use the tool of help and support? ・Why you should use the remote help and support of Windows?