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C ex5


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Published in: Education
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C ex5

  1. 1. Group D: Complete Document Design Exercises #5 A. Who is the Chairperson of the company? How does he/she manages the business? What are the different assignments that he/she takes care off? How does he/she coordinates with other members in the company? (100 words minimum). Our chairperson of the company is general manager of a restaurant. The business divisions are food manager, fund administrator, sanitary manager, developer a new menu and waiter. Each business is following. For food manager, supply the ingredient and avoid outing of stock. Manage to not become stale the ingredient. For fund administrator, estimate earning and spending. Make consideration whether the commodity price is proper. For sanitary manager, keep retiring room clean and clean inside the restaurant. For developer a new menu, create the seasonable menu and following the fashion menu as new menu. For waiter, take a good care of our customer in a polite way. The way of how does our chairperson coordinates with other members in the company is holding firm member accountable for themselves work. B. How would you help customers choose your product? Discuss different strategies that you would like to adopt. Discuss the quality of your products and why it is worth buying? (100 words for all parts combined) When the customers choose our product, the strategy which we would like to adopt to help customer is following. We write the content which show the meal for a limited time only and the recommendation meal and popular in the menu. Our selling product is the dish. The quality of dish is very good. Because of that we use the fresh cooking locally grown ingredient at a time for dish. In addition, we make the dish and consider the nutritional balance for the customer's health. And the food supervisor manages the ingredient on a regular schedule. So, our dish is high quality. C. Discuss a definite discount or promotion for your products that will help to sell your products better? How should the customer take advantage of this offer? (100 words for all parts combined) We schedule the lunch time for a given length of time. And we provide lunch menu cheaper than usual. This plan makes the customer easier to come to our restaurant. And they may visit our restaurant again and again. Especially, customers would be happy be able to have a lunch at a low price in the lunch time. Next, we make the discount ticket with in the flyer. For this, many kinds of age customers will be able to know our information. The customers only to take the discount ticket, when they come to our restaurant. After all, we should think that are these discount plan success. And we should change better in bad points.
  2. 2. D. How are the products packaged? Is there a warranty for the products? How should the customer contact you if there are problems or questions about the product after it is sold? (100 words for all parts combined) The product that provide at our restaurant is not packaged. Because, soon after making the product, we provide the product to customer. There is a warranty for ingredients that use by our restaurant. We are always discloses the ingredient’s place of origin, process and component, if there is customer’s demand. If there are problems about the product after it is sold, we get a grasp of the problems as soon as possible, and we will exchange the product if necessary and apologize to customer. If there are questions about the product after it is sold, we will listen to questions all you want. E. Is there any installment plan for the products you sell? Is cash / cheque / credit cards acceptable? If a customer has financial difficulties, how could you help him/her buy your products? (100 words for all parts combined) Essentially, we do not treat the installment plan for product we sell. But, sometimes we allow ordinary customers to put it on their tab. In our restaurant, there are two ways of payment which are credit card and cash. We cannot accept checks. But, there are any exceptions for customer who has financial difficulties. For example, we allow such people to pay installment and keep a tab. In addition, we distribute a discount ticket or service ticket of drink on a regular basis for many people can come to our restaurant with a light heart. We exert ourselves to take more flexible response. F. Is there a customer service representative? What is his / her role in the company? Identify 5 different ways that he/she might help the customer? (100 words for all parts combined) There is inquiry counter for customer in our restaurant. We listen to customer’s consultations and complaints on the telephone and E-mail. And, if customers come to our restaurant, expert advisor deal immediate with them. Role of representative is following. ・To check the telephone and E-mail and respond to the consultations and complaints from customer. ・To contact the store manager and work to solve the problems as soon as possible, if there are problems. ・To compile the consultations, the problems and the questions before now in a manual. ・To collect a reform measure for the problems. ・To control about information about customers.