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C ex4

  1. 1. Group D: Complete Document Design Exercises #4 A. How would you advertise your business to the community? Write 5 points to explain how you think the ideas / concepts will be successful. Explain how another company selling a similar commodity markets their product. We will advertise our business on internet by creating our home page. The following are the 5 points for making a go of concepts. The First point is that write the purpose of our business clearly. The second point is that create the page which explain the detail of product. The third point is that register our home page with the search engine. The forth point is that issue a coupons for 500 yen. The fifth point is that post the access of our restaurant on our home page. Another company explain the product which they are selling, and introduce the history of their business and product on their home page. B. What is the job of the human resources division in a company? How will you set up such a division in your company? Write down 5 questions that you will ask a potential employee in your company during a interview. The divisions which need to our business are waiter and management of found, food, and sanitary. When we interview the employee, we ask what they hope the division and other questions which are related to our business. After that, we judge whether they are suited this division and give them appropriate it. Questions of interview are following. ・What the division do you hope? ・Why do you hope it? ・Do have you an experience in 4 divisions? ・If you have an experience with one of 4 divisions, when have you it? ・If you are given a division which you don’t hope, can you work in our restaurant? C. How will you divide the responsibility of running the company amongst your group partners? The division of our business are management of found, management of food, management of sanitary, development of new menu and waiter. Food manager manage to keep food fresh and take special care not to go off food. For example, management of temperature and degree of humidity for comfort, restocking ingredient before being out of store stock. Sanitary manager keep clean inside the store and make retiring room clean to avoid that the customer feel uncomfortable. New menu developer consider menu in season, and menu going along at the time. Waiter render a service put our customer ahead of everything else. D. Clearly write down the 5 different ways you will treat your potential customer with after-sales service. If something goes wrong with the product after it is sold, how will you provide customer service. Provide an example of how something might go wrong with the product. We have five ways to treat our potential customer with after-sales service. To begin with, we present a coupon ticket when the customer pay a bill. We have a questionnaire about our restaurant to listen to the
  2. 2. diverse views of customer. Then, we will be able to offer good service for our customer. Customer register as a member. Therefore, customer can get information about our restaurant by postcard and e-mail newsletters. And, customers enjoy various benefits and discounts exclusive to members. We make a point card of frequency of visit and provide service appropriate to point. We may something go wrong with the product after it is sold. Then, we will provide the following customer service. If customers fall sick, our restaurant pays for treatment. If foreign object is found in dish, we serve new dish soon. If correspondence is abusive by store staff, higher ranking people manage a problem. E. How will you study the local market and what your competitors are doing? What will be some of the methods and approaches that you will consider? Our business is restaurant with local ingredients. So, we have to know about the farmhouse. At first, we visit the municipal office or the local agricultural society company like “JA “ to get information about the local farmhouse. Furthermore, we go to the farm stand to know what the product be made from a farmhouse. And, go over the way of management and the character of similar company. Then from the information of other company, we find our strength. In addition, we might be able to use the backup policy for new local company. After the study, we visit to the farmhouse and dicker. When we dicker, it is important to talk about the purpose of use, the way of sale of the product, the purchase price, the product. When, it is better to explain the advantages from retaining with our company.