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Sw3 week3

  1. 1. Group D s1170217 Narumi Watanabe s1170219 Keiko Igarashi s1170221 Riho Ito s1170224 Haruka Otaka
  2. 2. 1 Title: Open a restaurant of local specialties Hello Professor Roy, We're hoping to open a restaurant of local specialties. Purpose that we open the restaurant is that we want not only the people of Aizu but also people of outside prefecture to eat and know the local specialties. In recent years, center round the young people who don't know the local specialties of the Aizu have increased because the western food culture has spread in Japan. So, we think that if we will open the restaurant of local specialities, we can be very useful to tell the the goodness of it. We prepare 10 million to open the business and we'll rent a building's room in the suburbs of Aizu Wakamatsu station. Our restaurant is to open from 11:00a.m. to 10:00p.m. A leader is applied to a government office for a right that need the opening of a business and looking for someone to work at our restaurant. A ingredients manager is have a stock of ingredients and fix the menu. A fund manager is manage a cost for opening of a business. A store manager is manage a construction of in terior and kitchen.
  3. 3. We don't know how to advertise our restaurant. We think that we make the home page and advertise our restaurant in there. Do you think that this way is good or not? We look forward to your response. Thanks Natumi Watanabe Keiko Igarashi Riho Ito Haruka Otaka University of Aizu student 123-45-6789
  4. 4. 2 Title: Our business plan Hello, Professor Roy We will work in restaurant. The content of work is serving a meal for guest. Below is the reason for being mission statement and its guiding principle. Clarify own purpose, stance, and managerial approach by showing corporate principles. By it, to be able to show the own company original significance of existence different from the other companies for a customer, a stockholder, a client, society. There are three goals of our company. One is to make the customer felled pleasure of eating through a meal. Second is to provide the customer a better space for talking and relaxation, third is that so that a lot of people may taste our meal. Our business philosophy is that “Always serve a delicious meal and entertain the customer with in split and a smile.” And, our main target is the customer of the wide generation.
  5. 5. Until recently, the world prosperity was deterioration, but now it is becoming right. So, restaurant business grows up little by little. But, we cannot be feel relieved because the prosperity may change. In the short term, we need to answer the needs of customers to follow the fashion. On the other hand, in the long term, we have to make a standard menu, and it is necessary to strongly impress a customer with a restaurant. Furthermore, it is necessary to develop the new menu that a customer does not get tired of a conventional menu. The most necessary thing to change the industry is having the customer requirements and know the circumstance. The important thing to success, we think over we delight a customer than the profit. And, customers can taste local cooking which we can taste only in the area. That is our greatest strength. In this company, each person should contribute to our new company. For example, she can take the smooth correspondence to the customer or the communication. Because supporting the customer that she trained by a part-time job, the linguistic ability that I learned so far. Thank you Narumi Watamabe Keiko Igarashi Riho Ito Haruka Otaka University of Aizu students 1111-12-3456