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Msca mtda 2013 update 4 10 2013

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Msca mtda 2013 update 4 10 2013

  1. 1. Ryan SchrenkInstructional Manager @ MTDA April 10, 2013 Bozeman, MT MSCA Yearly Conference
  2. 2. Today’s Topics MTDA Overview Background and History. New Stats on MTDA Dual and College Credit , College and Career Ready– Developmental Education Taskforce. MTDA/University Partnership Example - Shape P20 EdReady MTDA Web Resources Q & A and Wrap - Up
  3. 3. Montana University System Montana Montana Office of School Public BoardsInstruction Association School MontanaAdmin. of Education Montana Association Montana Rural Education Association
  4. 4. Dennis Parman, C hair, Deput y Supt. OPI Barbara Clay FettigChristian Comm. Teacher, Higher BillingsEducation Public Schools Joel Graves Roberta Principal Evans LincolnDean Coll.Of Ed. UM County High Bryan School Duvall Trustee, Ger aldine
  5. 5.  Partnership with Local School Credit Granted by Local School MTDA Online Instructors are Montana licensed - employed in our public schools Enrollment Oversight – local schools Site Facilitator – designated locally Grading - Achievement Score provided by MTDA teacher – placed on transcript by school Content Delivered Via Moodle
  6. 6.  Upper Level and Advanced Courses in Math or Science Credit Recovery – To Get On Track to Graduate Accelerated Courses for MS Students – Prepping them for Advanced HS Courses – Dual Credit World Language Options Unique Electives
  7. 7. Original CreditConnect CreditRecovery Middle School MLS Pilot
  8. 8.  Cohort Based Model Traditional academic calendar Available 24/7 – Asynchronous delivery by Moodle Montana teacher in instructor role Local monitoring strongly recommended Appropriate for students attempting classes for the first time
  9. 9.  Self-Paced, Mastery Learning Based Open entry/open exit Available 24/7 Montana licensed teacher in academic-area coach role Local support required Appropriate for students that have previously been unsuccessful
  10. 10. • Are the local eyes and ears of the online teacher• Do not teach the class• Are critical to student success
  11. 11. 163 Participating Montana High Schools 97% 5 Montana High Schools Have Not Participated 3%
  12. 12. Middle School Language 691 5% Credit Recovery Original Credit 6292 8017 41% 52% Original Credit -Advanced Placement 338 2%
  13. 13. 14 8% 21 13% AA A 9456% C B 39 23% Total Montana High Schools 168
  14. 14.  6 Higher Education Institutions Provide Online Courses MTDA Provides a “One Stop” Portal for Students and Schools to Connect 80 Dual Credit Courses 50 College Credit Courses
  15. 15.  City College MSU Billings Flathead Valley Community College Great Falls College – MSU Helena College – UM Miles Community College MSU Northern
  16. 16.  Communications – 8 Mathematics – 12 Natural Science – 13 Social Science and History – 17 Humanities and fine Arts – 14 Cultural Diversity – 3 Other – 13 (Business, Health Etc.) College Credit - 50
  17. 17.  Developmental Education Reform Taskforce Purpose – BOR Two Year/Community College Work Plan Timeline
  18. 18.  A ground-breaking partnership between the University of Montana and Missoula County Public Schools Transforming the relationship between classrooms, schools and students and teacher experiences from preschool to the doctorate level with an Overarching Goal of having all students graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the 21st century.
  19. 19. The Pilot-Program’s 3-Year Goals:  Increase high school retention and graduation rates  Develop family and community investment  Deliver skills essential to 21st century teaching and learning  Promote the development of education professionals; teachers, principals, professors and future teachersNovember 2012 page 21 of 11
  20. 20.  EdReady is a newly developed online assessment and curriculum delivery system Tests students math proficiency for college mathematics Pre-assessment helps determine readiness and identify proficiencies and needs Personal study plan customized to their needs Continued assessments after work on study plan
  21. 21.  EdReady is aimed at math (and later English) readiness. Can be used with Compass, AccuPlacer, and ACT and other placement exams. Provides student performance reports in real time for instructors, school, district and state.
  22. 22.  Developed by the NROC Project Phase 1 Pilot States – Montana (4 schools), Oregon, Minnesota, North Carolina and Kentucky Project is funded by the Gates Foundation
  23. 23.  Course Catalog Program Guides (OC, CR, MLS) Links to Dual Credit (College Classes) Calendars Entrance Counseling Forms Announcement List Sign-up Recorded Orientations Course Learning Path Guides

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