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MTDA Counselor Webinar Spring 2010


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Published in: Education
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MTDA Counselor Webinar Spring 2010

  1. 1. can learn anywhere in Big Sky Country! May 12, 2010 Information Webinar for Counselors Presenting: Robert Currie, Executive Director Jason Neiffer, Interim Curriculum Specialist
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Introduction to the Adobe Connect Platform Welcome from Robert Currie, MTDA Director Introduction to MTDA The 2011-2012 Program Information for Counselors Enrollment Information
  3. 3. Administrative Webinar Full recording of our April 14 webinar available on our website
  4. 4. Presenting Today... Robert  Currie  Director …located  at  the  Phyllis  J.  Washington  Educa.on  Building at  the  University  of  Montana
  5. 5. Presenting Today... Jason  Neiffer Interim  Curriculum  Specialist …located  at  Capital  High  School  in  Helena
  6. 6. Welcome from Robert Currie, MTDA Executive Director
  7. 7. House Bill 459/ MCA 20-7-1201 The purposes of the Montana virtual academy are to: (a) make distance learning opportunities available to all school-age children through public school districts in the state of Montana; (b) offer high-quality instructors who are licensed and endorsed in Montana and courses that are in compliance with all relevant education and distance learning rules, standards, and policies; and (c) emphasize the core subject matters required under the accreditation standards, offer advanced courses for dual credit in collaboration with the Montana university system, and offer enrichment courses.
  8. 8. MTDA Board Positions named by MCA 20-7-1201 Current Board: Bruce Messinger, Chair, Superintendent of Helena Public Schools Dennis Parman, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Sheila Stearns, Commissioner, Office of Higher Education Barbara Fettig, Teacher, Billings School District Bryan Duvall, Trustee, Geraldine School Board Roberta Evans, Dean, The University of Montana School of Education
  9. 9. MTDA Staff Robert Currie, Executive Director Jason Neiffer, Interim Curriculum Specialist Rayleen Hicks, Administrative Associate Collier Kaler, Project Assistant
  10. 10. 2010-2011 MTDA Program
  11. 11. Deployment Schedule ** Course Enrollment for Fall 2010 available NOW! April-May: Public Information Campaign, Teacher and Course Developer Recruitment May-August: Course Development and Teacher Training June-August: Pilot Test Run of MTDA Courses Late August: Fall Course Open
  12. 12. Program Overview 43 courses available, including a mix of core courses, electives and AP offerings Courses available at 9-12 levels; K-8 courses available in later years Due to funding, 2010-2011 courses available free of charge to Montana Students
  13. 13. Overview of Online Learning
  14. 14. MTDA courses are... Asynchronous: courses are available via Moodle, MTDA’s learning management system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet a students available schedule Taught by Montana Teachers: courses are taught by licensed Montana instructors Built to be exclusively online: courses are utilize e- books, online text, and online multimedia
  15. 15. What students will see...
  16. 16. All texts and learning resources are digital...
  17. 17. Interactivity with instructors
  18. 18. Meeting the needs of students... Eliminate a scheduling conflict Graduate on time Learn at a pace that is right for them Take a summer school course conveniently from home or another location Recover course credit in a discreet manner
  19. 19. Meeting the needs of schools... Helping at-risk students Assisting schools with unique staffing and curriculum challenges Customizing solutions to meet school needs Providing leadership in researching and developing e- learning solutions
  20. 20. Supporting the Online Student
  21. 21. MTDA teachers are... Licensed in Montana Employed by Montana school districts Trained by MTDA on course development and online pedagogy Monitored and mentored by MTDA staff
  22. 22. District support of students is critical... Districts are responsible for enrolling students in MTDA courses Districts can assist students in providing resources and assistance to support student success in the online learning environment
  23. 23. Student success requires levels of support
  24. 24. Determining student readiness Profile of an online student - varies Readiness assessment – principal, counselor, parent and teachers Determine student interest and motivation
  25. 25. Role of local facilitators Dedicate time to assist online learners in your school Willing to help students with time management skill development Willing to work with students to find solutions to potential problems Willing to work with students to locate resources for ultimate success
  26. 26. MTDA is... Developing online readiness materials; draft available on our website Creating sample courses Committed to working with Montana students, teachers, counselors and administrators to guarantee responsiveness to student needs
  27. 27. Supporting AP Students MTDA will complete audits for all of its courses Schools will need to either administer AP tests locally by becoming an AP site or partner with neighboring district
  28. 28. Information for Counseling and Mentoring Staff
  29. 29. Goal: Online Student Management System with Data Features
  30. 30. Current Enrollment via Website
  31. 31. Thank you for attending today! These slides and a recording of today’s presentation are available at: Robert Currie Jason Neiffer Executive Director Interim Curriculum Specialist 406-243-4619 406-202-2761