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Technology integration presentation

  1. 1. TeachUp! InternsMr. Tajuan Johnson Mr. Derrick Hair
  2. 2. Technology Integration Cost efficient Introduces new software applications to both the teachers and students Enhances the delivery of subject information for teachers Engages the students by allowing for hands on interaction Allows for virtual learning and interacting with others abroad
  3. 3. Technology Integration Skype Google Earth
  4. 4. Classroom Benefits of Skype Video conference with guest speaker remotely Virtual classroom lecture Teacher to teacher network and resources Student to student network and resources Used frequently among teachers and schools interested in global education projects
  5. 5. GoogleEarth
  6. 6. Classroom Benefits of Google Earth Students can take virtual field trips Students can explore the Moon and Mars Students can explore ocean layers Students can design a virtual tour of favorite places
  7. 7.  College Knowledge is a program based out of Jackson, MS. Early college planning and career awareness services to middle school students, their families, and school counselors in the target regions of the Delta. The College Knowledge Project covers 22 schools in 11 schools districts throughout the Delta.
  8. 8. Target Schools In the Delta Coleman Middle School  Friars Point Elementary School Solomon Middle School  Jonestown Elementary School Sanders Middle School  Lyons Elementary School South Delta Middle School  Sherard Elementary  Coahoma County Jr. High Robert Merritt Middle School School Greenwood Middle School  West Bolivar Middle School W.C. Williams Elementary  North Bolivar Middle School School  Ray Brooks School Bankston Elementary School  Chambers Middle School Threadgill Elementary School  O.M. McNair Elementary School Davis Elementary School  Humphreys County Jr. High Hunter Middle School School
  9. 9. The Goal and Focus The goal of The College Knowledge project is to help students gain an understanding about the importance of staying in school, earning good grades and choosing to attend college. Our focus is to grab the attention of students and provide them with vital information that can and will help with their choices in the future.
  10. 10. Service Within the CommunityCollege Knowledge assist teachers with preparingactivities such as Reality Fairs, College Days and otherinteractive activities to help students build a pathway tocollege.
  11. 11. Impact From TeacherThe College Knowledge program has been an inspirationto the students. It has made my 6th grade students awareof choices for their futures. Many 6th graders didn’t havecollege plans but thanks to College Knowledge they arealready preparing for the future. Ms. Gibson, O.M. McNair Elementary