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HealthCARE Montana and EdReady June 2015


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This presentation was an overview of EdReady with background research, demo/orientation and the start of planning for creation of EdReady goals to help prepare prospective college students for gateway math classes in allied health fields.

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HealthCARE Montana and EdReady June 2015

  1. 1. EdReady Montana (a project of the Montana Digital Academy) Healthcare MT – Missoula, MT June 17, 2015 Ryan Schrenk, Ed.D. –EdReady Montana Project Manager Available online:
  2. 2. Serving Montana Students Since 2010!
  3. 3. Dennis Parman, Chair, Deputy Supt. OPI Anthony Lapke Teacher Kalispell PS Joel Graves Principal Lincoln County High School Bryan Duvall Trustee, Geraldine Roberta Evans Dean Coll. Of Ed. UM Clay Christian Comm. Higher Education
  4. 4. Original Credit Credit Recovery Middle School World Language
  5. 5. – Montana Legislature approves $2M funding to start Montana Digital Academy – MTDA opens for student enrollment with 45 courses – Enrollment surpasses 30,000
  6. 6. EdReady Montana Montana Digital Professional Learning Network
  7. 7. MTDA – The only Statewide Virtual School on a University Campus Opens Partnerships Encourages Research Helps Address Transition from K12 to Higher Ed! MTDA = Core MTDA Programs Plus MDPLN and EdReady Montana
  8. 8. Timeline • Spring and Summer 2013 • One of five states to pilot EdReady • February 2014 • Gift from Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation • Three year field test • First state to adopt EdReady • Year 1 • Grew to serve Montana Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities and Adult Basic Literacy Education Centers
  9. 9. Utah State University STEM Action Center Pilot Results  Grade 10 students using EdReady made five times the progress expected in an entire academic year with just 3 months of use (EdReady N=206).
  10. 10. Too many entering freshmen need remediation. 15 51.7% of those entering a 2-year college enrolled in remediation 19.9% of those entering a 4-year college enrolled in remediation Source: Fall 2006 cohorts
  11. 11. Many complete remediation, but they DO NOT complete gateway courses or graduate. 16
  12. 12. Few Ever Get to Gateway Within the USA 70% of students placed into remediation fail to enroll in a gateway math course in two academic years 17
  13. 13. A Look at Montana Percentage of First Time Freshmen Enrolled in Remedial Math & Writing  27 Percent Four-Year Campuses  61 Percent Two-Year Campuses . . . resulting in dramatic challenges related to retention and graduation rates. 18
  14. 14. A Look at Montana  First-time freshmen enrolling in at least one remedial Math course (1st academic year) & completing college level Math (2 yrs) anywhere in MUS  2-Year Colleges: 29%  4-year Colleges: 45% 19
  15. 15.  High Schools and Middle Schools, Alternative Education Programs  Montana University System UM, MSU, Colleges (4 and 2 Year) and Private and Tribal Colleges  Adult Learning Centers (Workforce Development) and possibly  Military, Incarcerated and more
  16. 16. Current Use Cases Include: • Skill recovery and preparation outside of the classroom • Co-curricular, companion or supplement in the classroom Discussed or In Progress: • Mixture of both and tied to other interventions • Preparation for non-math majors (Career Pathways & Healthcare MT)
  17. 17. EdReady is a tool… What do I want my students to be ready for?
  18. 18. EdReady Montana is not…. A stand alone online course. • It is a free, online, customized math readiness and individualized learning path curriculum based upon school need • Offered/managed/supported state-wide by MTDA • Facilitated locally by K12 school or college/university personnel
  19. 19. EdReady Montana Is…  Aimed at math (and later English 2015) readiness.  Uses NROC’s Dev Math as a base: (19 Units/59 Topics)
  20. 20. EdReady Montana is…. • Customized K12 and Higher Ed Assessments • Personalized student learning paths • Reporting/tracking for Montana Secondary Schools and Higher Ed Institutions 7th Grade Readiness 8th Grade Readiness Pre-Algebra Readiness Algebra 1 Readiness Geometry Readiness Algebra 2 Readiness M065 PreAlgebra Readiness M088 Math Literacy M090 Intro to Algrbra Readiness M090 Companion M095 Intermediate Algebra Readiness M096 Readiness M105 Contemporary Math Readiness M111 Technical Math Readiness M115 Probability and Linear Math Readiness M121 College Algebra Readiness M135 Math for K8 Teachers Readiness M162 Applied Calc Readiness M171 Calculus 1 Readiness TABE E Readiness TABE M Readiness TABE D Readiness TABE A Readiness HiSet Readiness Pre-HiSET SAT Math Preparation College Readiness Compass Test Math Preparation
  21. 21. Use Cases Include: • Skill recovery and preparation outside classroom. • Co-curricular, companion or supplement in the classroom • Mixture of both
  22. 22. Important Lessons Learned • Educator presence • Engage with content • Don’t just test and re-test • Blended learning approaches work well
  23. 23. Vocabulary to brush up on • HealthCARE Montana – Career Access to Rural Education • TAACCT 4 – Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training • EdReady vs. EdReady Montana • NROC and NROC DevMath • EdReady goals and assessments
  24. 24. Regional Ambassadors
  25. 25. Regional Ambassadors
  26. 26. Regional Ambassadors
  27. 27. Pilot Testing Results 2013 Developed by NROC Phase 1 Pilot in these states – Montana (4 schools), Oregon, Minnesota, North Carolina and Kentucky Funded by a Gates Foundation Grant
  28. 28. Pilot Testing Results 2013 Office of Student Success University of Montana Summer 2013 Students in Dev Level Math 3 points or lower on ALEKS test
  29. 29. Worked With Math Professors to Identify Units and Topics to Study (set goals)
  30. 30. Customized Assessment Icons With over 50 color combinations, assessments are personalized with student’s school colors. Havre High School Browning High School Fergus High School Sentinel High School Missoula West Yellowstone High School Scobey High School Dawson High School Glendive Plenty Coups High School Pryor
  31. 31. Personalized Goals and Goal Icons
  32. 32. Student Completes Assessment
  33. 33. Detailed Personalized Study Path
  34. 34. Breakdown of mastery and what to focus on
  35. 35. High quality custom delivered curricular assets:
  36. 36. Links and Resources  One page fact sheet and summary of scope of EdReady Topics:  _yQcA1AX0xuU3A0TGZVTVU/edit  Hippocampus – chunked up free content   Example NROC Dev Math topic (scroll down to “topic 1” or 2, etc) 
  37. 37.  43 students voluntarily opened an EdReady account completed the program: • 70% increased by 1 ALEKS point • 27% increased by 2 ALEKS points • 3% increased by 3 ALEKS points  86% of students who completed EdReady increased their ALEKS score by at least 1 point … AND qualified to enroll in a higher math course at UM Pilot Outcomes
  38. 38. Saving Time and Money!  43 students skipped 49 courses  Total of 151 credits were “skipped”  …adding up to estimated $31,000 tuition/fees!
  39. 39. Results After Enrollment?  37 of the pilot participants enrolled in a mathematics course in the Fall 2014 term  91% successfully completed their course  Average mathematics grade for these students: B-  UM Freshman overall average mathematics grade: C+
  40. 40. Data Reporting …what our custom version of EdReady gives us!
  41. 41. Clickable Pie Charts for Progress and Activity
  42. 42. Assessment Overview Data
  43. 43. Rollout Plan for Summer 2015  Summer Prep Programs -Colleges and Universities  Summer and Fall Planning – Secondary Schools  Partner with ETS/GearUp Healthcare MT  Utilize Ambassadors and MTDA Staff Fall 2015  Expand to support more programs
  44. 44. New Features and Directions  Expanded Facilitator and Parent Dashboards - Summer  Dev English – Pilot in Summer, Expand for Winter 2015/16  Data, Marketing, Support  Support for Planning your Programs
  45. 45. …or will soon!
  46. 46. Break Time!
  47. 47. Use Case Examples & Discussions  Highlands College  (Summary from Denise)  Supplement to classroom  “Lecture Schedule”  Acceleration/Remediation strategy  Taught in lab vs. taught in classroom  Observations?/Outcomes?/Feedback?  Helena College (Summary from Amy?)  Northern (Summary from Kirk?)  Others?
  48. 48. Our Mission - TAACCCT 4 Using EdReady  Create Statewide HealthCARE Pathways  Show existing menu of assessments   List of them  Unit details  Topic details  Discuss needs and thoughts?
  49. 49. Considerations • What blended learning model will you use to deliver? • Staffing or scheduling needs to be considered. • Will differentiated timelines be possible if desired? • How does a student know they are done? • What’s next for them? Classroom Supplement Placement Testing or Cohort Classroom Instruction EdReady Montana Post Tests and Grades
  50. 50. Considerations • Placement into program • Creating custom assessments to prepare students for X • Assistance during program or individual? • How will placement work after completion? Skill Development Outside Classroom Placement Test or Assessment Coaching and/or Facilitation EdReady Montana Post Tests and New Placement
  51. 51. Considerations • Who is the target audience? All students or some subset? • What does the EdReady custom solution entail? • What will need to be added to supplement it? • How will it be integrated and delivered? Pathway Prep Placement EdReady Montana Supplemental Skill Development Entry into Program of Study
  52. 52. How to Get Started  Parallel effort  SME Teams building assessments and other pathway- specific “curriculum”  EdReady Math Skills as base, build out from there to address pathway needs  Campus-based teams planning implementation with EdReady Montana Staff  Set up user accounts  Choosing assessments for each campus  Student account creation and enrollment from each site  PD/Training for implementation
  53. 53. Final discussions?  Fill out online or handed out interest forms  Set any follow up meeting on calendar?  Other items for the good of the order?
  54. 54. Break Time  Break till ____  Next up: try out EdReady Montana Demo Accounts