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Vss 2011 credit recovery model


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MTDA Connect Credit Recovery began in February of 2011 and has served around 2000 enrollments already. This session discusses the issues and lessons learned in this fast-track start-up program serving over 70 districts from around Montana.

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Vss 2011 credit recovery model

  1. 1. Credit Recovery Model Start-up –Lessons Learned iNACOL VSS 11/11/11, Indianapolis, IN Ryan Schrenk, Ed. D. & Bob Currie Montana Digital Academy Chrissy Murgel Helena High School
  2. 2. Summary for TodayAbout MTDAAbout MTDA ConnectMeet A Facilitator (Chrissy Murgel)Connect CR – Lessons LearnedConnect vs. OriginalSupport Tutorial TourNew InitiativesQuestions or Requests for Seeing anything?
  3. 3. MTDA Connect – Brief History
  4. 4. PJW College of Education at UM
  5. 5. MTDA Connect – Brief History • Montana • 630 miles x 255 miles • 147,000 square miles • 1 million people • Hundreds of Schools • MTDA=border to boarder • MTDA Started in 2009 • Classes – Fall 2009 • Ryan hired – Dec. 2010 • Connect Launch – Feb 2011
  6. 6. How Our Digital Program Works Students enroll Local schools through the retain large local district and amount of local NOT directly control with MTDA All teachers are Teachers subject employed to local through public bargaining unit school districts and local and not directly expectations from MTDA
  7. 7. Unique Relationships and Partners (broad support is great) :-) MEA-MFT Montana Montana University School Boards System Association Montana Rural School Education Administrators Association of Montana
  8. 8. MTDA Founded in 2009 Legislature Serve K12 Students in Montana through Public Schools Governing Board Director (CEO) Curriculum Director (Vice CEO) Montana licensed teachers Core subjects, dual credit enrichment
  9. 9. About MTDAMontana’s Statewide Digital AcademyServe over 170 DistrictsOriginal Credit Fall 2010Schools wanted flexible alternativePiloted Connect Credit Recovery/Hired Ryan December Full roll-out Feb 2011 (Handout of Course Titles)Piloting Middle School Language Sampler this Fall4 Staff Members
  10. 10. Connect ModelPLATO PLE + MTDA Staff + Local Facilitator + CoachMTDA Technical SupportSchool Assigns Credit/Decides when credit is recoveredMTDA works closely with company to make it betterEnrollments Fall 2010 - 62 Spring 2011 - 496 Summer 2011 – 678 Fall 2011 (as of 10/11/11) – 900 (final numbers in January)
  11. 11. Facilitator InputQ and A from an MTDA Site Facilitator Tell us about MTDA Connect at your high school. What inspired your school to be the first to get involved? What is the most prevalent benefit? What should we change? How is the academic area coach model working? How has online credit recovery changed your school’s approach to CR? Do you see the program growing in the future? Do you have plans for tracking students who take part?
  12. 12. Before we get to Lessons Learned…We’ll hear from: Chrissy Murgel –Facilitator/Counselor at Helena High Connecting via GoToMeeting
  13. 13. Montana Digital Academy: Connect Helena High School Program Design By Chrissy Murgel, Counselor 406.324.2223
  14. 14. Pilot Group ~ Fall 2010High need for credit recoveryNeeded to fill a void BYU courses Aventa courses Retake at Helena HighMDA Connect Unlimited seats Free Friendly administrators
  15. 15. HHS Design:MDA Original Credit/Connect Counselor 3 other counselors and 3 assistant principalsCredit Recovery Room 10 computers; just added 2 more One supervisorScheduling Build a credit recovery period into schedule Periods 1-7 Prioritize seats
  16. 16. HHS Design Continued:Scheduling One class at a time; will consider two depending on studentEarning the credit Finish all modules Pass all tests Verify grades Print final report; record to transcript (P)
  17. 17. MDA Connect Benefits:Gives “off track” students hope Earn back credits needed for graduation requirementsReengages them in their educational experienceEmpowers themValidates their abilities
  18. 18. Tips for a Successful Program:System support from your teachers and staffOne person as facilitatorTrack data (student, course, completion)Be familiar with the MDA system and Plato SystemEmail or call Ryan and give him time to replyNetwork with other schools to find out how they are using theprogramBe creative
  19. 19. Connect Model Lessons Learned Misuse of MTDA Original/True CR Model was needed Coach + Local Facilitation + MTDA Staff team is critical Communication needed for student success Locking Mastery Tests after 2 tries Unit and Semester Post-tests locked by coaches Estimating License Needs is Challenging Integration with SIS is needed and critical
  20. 20. New Initiative – Configure and Customize PLEBranded as Connect Credit Recovery ProgramCreated Scalable/Consistent Setup of Classes Example: Spring 2011 Algebra 1A Big SkyHired CoachesOpened Registration February 1, 2011 Used manual enrollment process Emailed attachments/processed by hand Individual and group orientations
  21. 21. Support/Tutorial PageTutorials to Show Logging In Tracking Account Logins Tracking Curriculum Progress Unlocking Tests Printing Grade Reports
  22. 22. New Initiative 1 – Integration Project Discussed Plan/Started in August Integrated GeniusSIS and PLATO Student accounts, enrollments and classes Demo Can Enroll a student in Genius/show in PLE! Questions?
  23. 23. New Initiative 2 – Student Retention Applying our lessons learned from the past year Students need support from our Connect Team Enhanced Upfront Preparation Entrance Counseling Form Non-participation drop process Ongoing Support will Continue…more focused on staff Coach contact info and monthly meetings Facilitator orientation and as-needed support
  24. 24. New Initiative 3 – DataEnrollment and GrowthCompletion RatesStudent Success
  25. 25. Technology Used and Resources for Coaches and Facilitators New Website Layout Fall 2011 SSO - GeniusSIS, Moodle and PLATO Learning Environment School, parent and student portals Wikispaces tutorials Gotomeeting for virtual meetings Archives of gotowebinars on website Ringcentral for fax-to-Email service Customized number
  26. 26. Questions or Requests for Demo Can do live demo or screen shots and respond to audience questions with information Can show SSO to PLE Choose your own adventure…
  27. 27. Contact InfoRyan Schrenk, Twitter: ryanschrenk Skype: ryan.schrenk Presentations: Currie, robert.currie@montanadigitalacademy.orgChrissy Murgel,