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Royal enfield


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Royal enfield

  1. 1. Roshan Sawant
  2. 2. Roshan Sawant AboutRoyal Enfield was the name under which Enfield Cycles Company made Motocycles. In 1956 India started assembling BULLET motorcycles under license of UK components and by 1962 were manufacturing complete bikes. Enfield of INDIA bought the rights to use the ROYAL ENFIELD name by 1995. Royal Enfield brand is the most oldest motorcycle brand in the world still inproduction with bullet model enjoying the longest motorcycle production of all time. Objective In terms of Space :- • Recreate • Rennovate • Reinforce The Experience of the store
  3. 3. Bull Attitude Heavy Soul Aspire Pride Torque Royal EnfieldHand Crafted Roar Adventure Success Thump Muscular Prime Culture Roshan Sawant
  4. 4. Roshan Sawant Users Old Timers New Breed• Solid Culture • Superficial• Proud • Romantic• Xtreme Techie • Less Knowledge• Body and soul • Glossy Polished• Deep Character • High on show off
  5. 5. Content Current Product availabitityMotorcycles Related Accesories Antique/Future product display• Bullet 350cc • Helmets • Antique:-• Classic 500cc • Hand Gloves • Intruder• Classic 350cc • Goggles • 1971• ThunderBird Twinspark • Jacket• Electra Twinspark • Shoes • Future:- • And others • Café Racer Concept • others Roshan Sawant
  6. 6. Functional ZonesBike Display Zone Merchadise Zone Service Zone Roshan Sawant
  7. 7. Roshan Sawant Proposition Avatar/PersonaMilestones Xtreme TechieTraveller Body and soulExperience ConfidentAttitude StrongSolid Culture ConquererBoss RoughArmy Man RuggedMasculine Roadie
  8. 8. MetaphorTrophy Room Roshan Sawant
  9. 9. Mood-01 Roshan Sawant
  10. 10. Color Scheme Roshan Sawant