Review for written exam básico


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Review for written exam básico

  1. 1. INU 111
  2. 2. Verb To be Remember Verb to be uses : AM – IS – ARE as the main verbs in a sentenceAffirmatives Negatives InterrogativesI am (I’m) I am not (I’m not) Am I … ?You are (You’re) You are not (You aren’t) Are you…?He is (He’s) He is not (He isn’t) Is he…?She is (She’s) She is not (She isn’t) Is she…?It is (It’s) It is not (It isn’t) Is it…?They are (They’re ) They are not ( They aren’t) Are they…?We are (We’re) We are not ( We aren’t) Are we…?
  3. 3. What kind of sentences arethese?
  4. 4. And these ones…
  5. 5. How to answer Verb to be questionsIt’s simplier than you thinkAre you an Acting student? Yes, I am / No, I’m notIs your mother North American? Yes, she is / No, she isn’tIs your house in Santiago? Yes, it is / No, it isn’tAre your friends crazy? Yes, they are / No, they aren’tWhat’s your name? It is … / My name is …How old is your father? He is… / My father is…Where are your parents right now? They are … / My parents are …
  6. 6. Is he Chilean?
  7. 7. Is he happy?
  8. 8. Is the light bulb yellow?
  9. 9. Are they brunette?
  10. 10. These pronouns are calledPresent Simple 3rd person singularAffirmative Sentences ADD * The verbs with I – you – they – we go without -s, -es and -ies
  11. 11. Negative SentencesI don’t study EnglishYou don’t wake up early on weekendsWe don’t have a car
  12. 12. Here the verbs GO IN INFITIVE FORM He doesn’t play any sports She doesn’t eat meat My cellphone doesn’t work
  13. 13. How to make questions withPresent SimpleDo you do your homeworks? Yes, I do / No, I don’tDoes your mother drive a car? Yes, she does / No, she doesn’tDo your friends like dancing? Yes, they do / No, they don’tWhat do you do on weekends? I visit my grandparent’s houseWhen does your best friend go to school? He goes to school everydayWhere do your parents live? They live in Arica
  14. 14. Likes and Dislikes usingPresent Simple I like pop music I like romantic music a lot I really like heavy metal music
  15. 15. I dislike horror moviesI don’t like comedy moviesI really dislike romantic moviesI really don’t like sci-fi movies
  16. 16. Using Object Pronouns Do you like Shakira? Yes, I like HER a lot No, I really dislike HER What’s your favorite band? My favorite band are the Beatles. I love THEM Do you like Ricardo Arjona? Yes, I love HIM No, I don’t like HIM at all
  18. 18. Using Frequency Adverbs 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%Never Almost never Sometimes Often Always Hardly ever Usually Rarely Almost Always These frequency adverbs GO ALWAYS BETWEEN the subject and the verb, whether is an affirmative, negative or interrogative sentence. Sometimes is the only frequency adverb that can begin a sentence.
  19. 19. For example
  20. 20. There are other expressions we can use to say how often we do an activity…I study EnglisheverydayI eat vegetablestwice a weekI spend at DuocUCall day
  21. 21. INVITATIONS…Would you like to go to….? Yes, I would like to Yes, I would love to Yes, I’d really like to Yes, I’d really love to Yes, I would like to BUT I have to work Yes, I would love to BUT I have to study tonight Yes, I’d really like to BUT I’m sick Yes, I’d really love to BUT I’m tired
  22. 22. Past SimpleRemember there are two types of verbs in English:
  23. 23. INFINITIVE FORM PAST SIMPLE FORM Work Worked Study Studied Live Lived Play Played
  24. 24. INFINITIVE FORM PAST SIMPLE FORM Think Thought Hit Hit Become Became Read Read
  25. 25. Affirmative Sentences I bought a car last week She studied a lot for her English exam They stayed in a five stars hotel It rained a lot yesterday
  26. 26. Negative Sentences I didn’t buy a car last week She didn’t study for her English exam They didn’t stay in a five stars hotel It didn’t rain last night
  27. 27. Interrogative SentencesDid you buy a car last week? Yes, I did / No, I didn’tDid she study for her English exam? Yes, she did / No, she didn’tDid it rain last night? Yes, it did / No, it didn’tWhere did they stay in Iquique? They stayed in a nice hotelWhat did you do yesterday? I wrote an e-mailWhen did you go to Miami? I went to Miami two years ago
  28. 28. Past of Verb To BeThe past simple of Verb To beDOESN’T NEED a verb in any sentence
  29. 29. Affirmative SentencesI was in the supermarket 10 minutes agoThey were very close friendsNegative SentencesI wasn’t in the supermarket 10 minutes agoThey weren’t very close friends
  30. 30. Interrogative SentencesWere you a good student at highschool? Yes, I was / No, I wasn’tWas your mother a teacher? Yes, she was / No, she wasn’tWhere were you last night? I was in my friend’s houseWhat was your favorite subject at school? My favorite subject wasEnglish
  31. 31. Places in a Neighborhood It’s a place where you can withdraw your money
  32. 32. It’s a place where youcan work outor lift weights
  33. 33. It’s a placewhere youcan book a room
  34. 34. It’s a place where you can eat differentkinds of food
  35. 35. There is / There Are
  36. 36. Is there a police station? Are they any banks?Is there any laundromat? Are there any stores?