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F2F: Past Simple


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Published in: Education
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F2F: Past Simple

  1. 1. Past Simple Tense
  2. 2. Past Simple: Form Positive: I You We They He + V+ed + modifier. She It
  3. 3. Past Simple: Form Positive: Subject Verb Modifier. I was at home yesterday. worked worked as the writer at home. You/ We/ They were students. studied studied in the university. He/ She/ It was French. came from France.
  4. 4. Past Simple: Form Spelling Rules: Verb+ed most regular verbs: +ed need eeded Jimmy needed to see the doctor. walked Marrie walked to school. looked Bobbie looked at a bird on the tree. regular verbs ending with –e +d lived Jimmy (He) lived in England. Anne (She) died in 1982. died regular verbs ending in -y > ied He studied in London. studied consonant + ‘y’: cried She cried when Bobbie, her dog died. regular verbs ending in stopped double He stopped learning in London last month. consonant + vowel + consonant: the last She travelled around the world. travelled double the last consonant consonant +ed Irregular verbs: changed Jimmy went to London for his study. Anne found her ring in his pocket.
  5. 5. Past Simple: Form Negative sentence: I You We They + didn’t + Vinfinitive + modifier. He She It
  6. 6. Past Simple: Form Negative: NOT Subject Verb NOT (negative) Modifier. (positive) I was I was not at home yesterday. worked worked didn’ didn’t work as the writer at home. You/ We/ They were were not students. studied studied didn’ didn’t study in the university. He/ She/ It was was not French. came didn’ didn’t come from France.
  7. 7. Past Simple: Form Yes/No Question: Was / Were + S + (adj.) + modifier ? Did + S + Vinfinitive+ modifier ?
  8. 8. Past Simple: Form Yes/No Question: To be Subject (adjective) Modifier ? Was I clever ? - Were you - at home yesterday? Was he - from Germany ? V. to do / Aux. V. Subject V infinitive Modifier ? Did you work as the writer at home? Did they study in the university ? Did it come from Germany ?
  9. 9. Past Simple: Form WH- WH- Questions: was/ WH + + were S + (adj.) + modifier? WH + did + S + Vinfinitive + modifier?
  10. 10. Past Simple: Form WH-Question: WH- Question word to be Subject (adjective) Modifier ? Where was I - yesterday? Who were you - ? Where was he - from? to do/ Question word Aux V. Subject V infinitive Modifier ? Where did you work in the evening? Where did they study ? Where did he come from?
  11. 11. Past Simple: Use Completed action in the past Jimmy failed in love with Anne. A series of completed action Jimmy went to the sea, walked to the beach, and found a nice play to swim.
  12. 12. Past Simple: Use Duration in past Anne lived in China for three years when she was young. Habits in the past I liked to eat water melon when I was a child.
  13. 13. Past Simple: Use Past facts or generalization Anne was shy as a child, but now she is very outgoing.