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Community management

  1. 1. COMMUNITY The key to your onlineMANAGEMENT community
  2. 2. WHAT IS A COMMUNIT Y MANAGER?A community manager is the eyes, ears and voice of your socialmedia presence. They do any or all of the following: Monitor your online reputation Respond to questions and comments directed at your brand Research your target audience and how they interact online Create and curate content Find new fans and followers Interact with your existing fans and followers
  3. 3. WHY IS ITIMPORTANT??????????All of theser o l e s to my l e f tare importantto b e i n gs u c c e s s f ul w i t hsocial media.O t h e r w is e ,yo u ’r eoperating in av a c u um.
  4. 4. KNOW YOUR TOOLSHow do community managers stay on top of everything 24/7?
  5. 5. WHAT’S IN YOUR TOOL BOX? Hootsuite Tweetdeck Social Oomph Hyper Alerts Social Mention Mobile Apps Google Alerts Nutshell Mail Disqus
  6. 6. HOOTSUITEOrganize with verticals
  7. 7. HOOTSUITECreate columns for your basics: Mentions Home Feed Direct Messages My Tweets, Retweeted
  8. 8. HOOTSUITE Columns you may not know aboutMy Tweets, RetweetedKeyword search column (up to 3 keywords)  Product lines  Geography  Your brand nameSearch column (great for #hashtags)Twitter lists!
  10. 10. TWEETDECKAdd columns just like Hootsuite Mentions Home Feeds Lists Direct Messages Searches
  11. 11. POP-UP NOTIFICATIONSThis amazing feature can be set to notify you of everything, or just specific things.
  12. 12. TWEETDECKColumns you may not know about: New Followers Trending Topics Twitscoop Locations
  13. 13. YOU CAN STEP AWAY! Some great tools that will notify you when something does happen: Social Oomph Nutshell Mail Linked In notifications Social Mention Hyper-Alerts
  14. 14. DON’T BE AFRAID TO GO MOBILE So many apps!TwitterTweetdeckHootsuiteFacebookLinked InGoogle+
  15. 15. KNOW HOW TO LISTENPart of being successful in social media is to listen first and then respond with what your audience wants.
  16. 16. WHERE TO LISTEN Find out where your target market is:Forums Niche social platforms  Industry specific  Tumblr  Interest specific  QuoraFacebook pages  SermoLinked In Groups  ParentLink  Home FarmingTwitter  Ning  Community lists  Pinterest  Chats (#smchat)  Geography
  17. 17. IT’S A CONTINUOUS CYCLE Listen Analyze Engage Listen Grow Analyze Engage Listen GrowAnalyze Engage Grow
  18. 18. WHICH METRICS MATTER? Metrics that give you more Big Picture Metrics insight Number of fans and Content Consumption: followers  Impressions Number of mentions  Post Views  Talking about this Number of retweets  Shares Page views  Clicks Unique Visitors Interactions Email subscribers  Post Feedback RSS subscribes  Engagement
  19. 19. GETTING INTERACTIONThe whole point is to get users to interact with your brand right?But who wants to interact with a ________ ?That depends on how well you’ve done your research!
  20. 20. 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU WRITE THAT POST:1. How do my users interact online?2. What kinds of content do theyinteract with the most?3. What are your most clicked on andviewed posts?4. What time are my users online?5. Is this content engaging or static?
  21. 21. GETTING INTERACTIONTry asking a questionTell your fans what you want them to do (“please RT”, “Share with a friend”, “Like this post…”) Integrate the latest trends into your brand (CDC and zombies)Stay on top of hot topic trends Anyone remember this guy?
  22. 22. GO WHERE YOUR FANS AREPeople don’t flock to every brand page they seeon every social site. Do your research and gowhere they are.ForumsNiche social sitesAlready established Linked In GroupsOther fan pagesTwitter Chats
  23. 23. • Create a responseBe the policy KNOW 5%! • Respond in a timely HOW manner TO • Be proactive and anticipate negative REACT feedback • Don’t be afraid of negative feedback • Create raving fans by going above and beyond
  24. 24. NEWS FLASH!We don’t live in a perfect world! At somepoint, no matter how hard you try, you’regoing to upset someone whether you didanything wrong or not!
  25. 25. HANDLING NEGATIVE FEEDBACKStep 1: Anticipate what some common complaints are in yourindustry or with your brand and make a list.Step 2: Come up with some general response guidelines for yourmost common complaints.Step 3: Come up with a chain of command for reporting andresponding when something is above and beyond your plan.Step 4: Respond in a timely manner, apologize and personalizethe message by using their name.Step 5: Take it of fline! Don’t be a canned response!
  26. 26. STEP 1: ANTICIPATE Customer service issues Product dissatisfaction Website not working “Fact Checking” Of fended by your post Inappropriate comments Spam Anticipate what some common complaints are in your industry or with your brand and make a list.
  27. 27. STEP 2: CRAFT A PLAN How do we respond to each incident? What if something is above and beyond our plan? Who do we contact if we need more information? Who is responsible for responding? When do we delete comments? BLEEP! Come up with some general response guidelines for your most common complaints.
  28. 28. STEP 3:CHAIN OF COMMAND Who’swatching? Who receives the feedback? Who responds?
  29. 29. STEP 4&5: RESPONDMost people just want to be heard, and they want to know thatyou care about their problem.Rules of thumb for responding: Respond in a timely manner Apologize Use their name Of fer to make it right Take the conversation of fline
  30. 30. DON’T JUST DELETE! 5 Reasons why:1. It sends a message that you don’t care2. It looks like you are hiding something3. You WANT to know when things go wrong4. You have a unique opportunity to create a raving fan5. You will gain more trust and respect from your fans