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This presentation was delivered by Jason Cormier at the Online Marketing Summit in February, 2011. It covers key statistics, actions and benefits associated with custom Facebook Applications.

Sample applications include work developed for Vail Resorts, Sanrio (Hello Kitty), SmartyPig, Crockpot and WOMMA. The presentation also touches on strategic insights around Facebook advertising, game mechanics and social intelligence. specific

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  • Room 214’s methodology to social media marketing is modeled through “The Four C’s,” with Facebook as a key component of context. Custom apps increase the propensity to share, grow fans, engagement, traffic and (resulting) insights.
  • Low barrier to entry, typically not permission-based application. Facebook’s new layout enables 8 tabs instead of 6 (now featured on the left side)Ideally, the applications within are providing utility or entertainment value that drives the benefits listed
  • Enabling sharing is the key. Relationship drivers considered: rituals/story-telling
  • Most “off-the-shelf” custom apps must reside solely under a single tab, but it is possible to include several applications within a single tab for higher levels of engagement and sharing
  • Example: Continue scrolling past the header app under the Snow Squad tab, and another (video sharing) app is present
  • Clicking share button on previous slide launches the “post to profile” prompt uses as a means of refreshing your status update and sharing with friends. We all know the drill now!
  • Multiple custom applications residing under one custom tab to increase engagement
  • Canvas pages offer greater screen width than just tab-encased apps, and are often permission-based.
  • This is the resulting screen from interacting within tab from previous slide. Note: once the fan selects the friends they want to share a gift with, they are also prompted to create a status update about it.
  • SmartyPig, the first in the financial services industry to leverage Facebook Connect – giving users the ability to share aspects of their personal savings profile
  • Uses of Facebook Connect and the Open Graph facilitate engagement outside of Facebook.
  • Vail Resorts’ Epic Mix: Uses of Facebook Connect, RFID and game mechanics
  • Epic Mix Dashboard
  • Auto check-in and Facebook status update via Epicmix. This is innovative in the sense that the check-ins are passively accomplished
  • Reference: Internal Facebook data provided by Justin Osofsky, Director of Media Partnerships (September, 2010)Note: The University of Pennsylvania did a study on the New York Times and learned that the content that was the most highly shared of all the NYT offered was science articles
  • Game-based Marketing, the Ever Growing Trend in Social Media (Jason Cormier), references SCVNGR, gamification
  • “Where marketing and science meet”. Companies like Buyology (Dr. Duncan Berry) look at emotional response triggers in the brain to determine potential effectiveness of ads. As Facebook continues bringing on commerce-enabled applications and more companies begin to seek greater levels of engagement – this kind of practice may be used to enhance social media
  • Effective Facebook applications are optimized over time based on user feedback. The “lean startup” or “minimal viable product” mentality holds true when expectations are set to improve applications as a result of feedback from user experience.
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