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About Rob Mowat

  1. 1. Dedicated, Determined, Enthusia stic, Engaging And a few other characteristics that have helped me be successful in my various positions
  2. 2. Sales, TechnologySolutions, Management, Educati on With over 20 years experience, I’ve acquired several key skills along the way
  3. 3. Previous Key RolesRole Company• Service Delivery Manager • Rackforce Networks• Profession Services Sales • Sun Microsystems• Engagement Manager• Engineering Manager• Project Manager• Educational Consultant • Revenue Canada• Courseware Developer• Instructor• Programmer Analyst • Statistics Canada
  4. 4. What am I up to? I am in the job hunt, jobtransition, job search, career switch mode
  5. 5. What am I doing about it? Developing LOTS of new skills!Networking, Sales Prospecting and CompanyResearch techniques as well as learning how to establish myself as a consultant / contractor
  6. 6. How is it going? A book that I read recently said that one must have 100 Leads at any one time. So I am working to that goal, meeting lots of people, discussing where their businesseshave opportunity or running into obstacles.
  7. 7. What makes you unique? Why would a company hire you? I have diverse IT skill-set, a striking blend of technological savvy and customer relations moxy along with a bewitching sense of humour, which can be disarming and charming 
  8. 8. Tell me a few stories about what you have accomplished… Okay, let’s talk about the Olympics, Enterprise Identity Management and large-scale technology migrations
  9. 9. Vancouver 2010 OlympicsSun Canada’s executives asked me to manage the bid for the 2010Olympic DataCenter in Vancouver. This involved working closely withSun’s local sales team, Sun’s global Olympic team, VANOC and AtosOrigin, the solutions provider to the Olympic games. The bid was uniqueas VANOC was also looking for Sun to sponsor the games, and we had tobe extremely creative to make this possible…read: lots of spreadsheetsto produce a workable solution for both Sun Canada and VANOC.Critical success factors for VANOC were on-time and on-budget. Weexceeded both!
  10. 10. Enterprise Identity ManagementSun acquired an IdM company, WaveSet, in late 2003. At this time, most IdMimplementations were performed by firms such as Deloitte Touch, Accentureand similar big consulting firms. With a mandate to expand its professionalservices offerings, Sun Canada offered IdM implementation services to itsclients in early 2004. Sun Canada executives tasked me with the mandate tointegrate with the Sun Software sales team, the WaveSet product supportteam and Sun’s Global Professional Service Delivery team to build an IdMdelivery capability within Canada.Sun Canada has delivered successful IdM implementation projects tocompanies in the software industry, financial, health care and educationindustries.The deal size of these opportunities has grown from $250K to $10M and evena notable deal worth $160M
  11. 11. DataCenter, Storage, Server, Application MigrationsWhen I first joined Sun Microsystems, I ran an engineering team of systemsengineers. The mandate of the team was to remove impediments to large-scale sales opportunities (>$1M). A typical scenario would be that a Telcosales pursuit required a key application to run on Solaris. For example, a largeTelco vendor sold an Interactive Voice Response system which only ran onSCO-Unix. If we were to convert the application to run on Sun Solaris, then wecould secure >$10M in additional server sales. Six months later, we delivered aworking Solaris version of their application…yes, some late-nights and Advil tobe sure… and the tally of additional Solaris servers is more that $50M!
  12. 12. Tell me about your education Sure. Computer Science Adult Education Instructional Technology (E-Learning)
  13. 13. What are the titles of roles that you are looking for?• Project Management• Technology Evangelist• Technology Solution Pre-Sales• Training Manager• Technology Manager
  14. 14. Where can you add value? Problem-solving, escalationmanagement, technology pre-sales and service delivery