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Hosted Telephone Systems or VoIP will bring all your communications together across all your locations including home-workers ensuring that you now have one single phone system for your business, which all calls between users are free irrespective of their global destination.
With a traditional telephone system, the day it goes on the wall is the day it went out of date! With Hosted Telephone Systems you connect to it, so you are always have the latest communication offerings at your disposal within your business. As and when we upgrade, you get upgraded.

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VOIP Presentation Tjcomms.Co.Uk Hosted Telephony

  1. 1. Hosted Voice Overview (TJ Communications)
  2. 2. Introduction to Hosted Voice  Hosted Voice Offering  Based on the well-established Broadsoft Broadworks Platform  Fully-featured IP telephony capability  Carrier grade, five nines service  Available Now!
  3. 3. Understanding the Hosted Voice service offering When you choose Hosted Voice you get the following advantages;  No need for a PBX to be installed/maintained at the customers premises.  No large upfront costs, all service charges are billed monthly.  Several feature sets to choose from.  Corporate telephony solutions at SME prices.  Central system management and support.
  4. 4. Platform Architecture Components that make up the platform  Application Servers, operates at the core and handles users, groups & subscription services.  Media Servers, enables a broad array of media features including, Auto Attendant, Music on Hold, service announcements etc.  Network Servers, enables massive scalability and geographic redundancy, Least- cost routing, dial plans and Voice VPNs.  Session Border Controllers, are the phones entry point into the platform, The SBCs take care of things like Security, NAT traversal and call routing.  Service Provisioning Application, this web-based application server, enables users to be easily added to the platform and services added.  Business Portal, is where end-users can access and change personal and group features via a friendly web interface.
  5. 5. Platform Scalability & Resiliency  Platform is Geographically split.  Multiple secure data centres in London Docklands.  Each service is modular.  All hardware can scale out, simply by increasing numbers in each service cluster
  6. 6. Customer Premises Equipment Elements needed at the customers premises:- ADSL Solution 5 Users  BT Single PSTN Line  ADSL Connectivity  ZyXEL Prestige 660H-D1 ADSL Router  ZyXEL Dimension ES-116P 16x 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch  Cat5e Cabling  Polycom IP SoundPoint Phones *Service based on Titan/Griffin Broadband Codec used G711
  7. 7. Connectivity ADSL SDSL Leased Line LAN Extension Service (LES)
  8. 8. Calculating the Bandwith required for calls  VoIP Calls are delivered over the local area network through the broadband router and out onto the internet where they are sent to our platform.  Each call is digitally compressed at the handset. The method of compressing is known as Codec. We use two types of codec, one with less compression (better Quality/More bandwidth used) the other uses higher compression slightly lower quality/less bandwidth used).  The Two Code’s we use are G711u & G729, with IP and UDP headers for transport added to the stream on the wire makes the packet size approximately:- G.711 = 85K G.729 = 32K ADSL MAX Premium 8MB Downstream 800Kbps upstream on G711 = 8 Concurrent calls*. * Estimates only - check broadband speeds and availability first.
  9. 9. Features of Hosted VoIP PBX Personal Services Personal Portal Group Web Portal Dial Tone/Connectivity Alternate Numbers Calling Group ID Delivery Call Transfer Anonymous Call Rejection Calling Line ID configuration Automatic Callback (inter-group) Call Forwarding Ring Splash Calling Plans (incoming/Outgoing) Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, Call Forwarding Selective Configurable Extension Dialling No Answer, Remote Access) Call Screening by Digit Patterns Configurable Feature Codes Call Hold Calling Line ID Blocking Configurable Feature Code Prefix Call Return Calling Line ID Delivery per Call Device inventory Call Trace Cancel Call Waiting Group Resource Inventory Call Waiting Reporting Cancel Call Waiting per Call Hunt Groups Calling Line ID Delivery Priority Alert/Ringing Loudspeaker Paging Calling Name Delivery Remote Office Series Completion Calling Line ID Blocking per Call Selective Call Acceptance Music On Hold Do Not Disturb Selective Call Rejection Voice Portal Last Number Redial Simultaneous Ring Group Pickup Speed Dial 8 & Speed Dial 100 Voicemail Three-Way Calling Voice Portal Calling Direct Call Pick Up Ext Dialling
  10. 10. Outlook Integration Broadworks Assistant Answer Call Line selector Hold End Voicemail 3-Way Conference Pop-Up Notification Blind / Consult Transfer Answer Answer calls Hold Place a call on hold Send an incoming call to voicemail. Also dial voicemail by clicking this Voicemail button when the call line is blank no active calls are present Blind / Consult Transfer Blind or consult transfer calls 3-Way Conference Initiate or end a 3-way conference End End a Call Call Line Selector Selects call line via drop list Pop-Up Notification Transfer to Voicemail, End or answer a call
  11. 11. Titan Technology Partners Strategic Relationships BROADSOFT – Global Market Leader in delivering IP Centrex solutions, 1 million ports already shipped! ATREUS SYSTEMS – Leader in VoIP Provisioning, based on quality of deployments and strength of Technology Internet Telephony! VEGASTREAM – Leading supplier of dedicated business VoIP gateways! POLYCOM – Design and delivers the world's best-selling voice, video, multi-network gateways and multipoint conferencing solutions! SIPURA TECHNOLOGY– supply VoIP CPE and station endpoint equipment! CISCO SYSTEMS – Leader in Data-networking!
  12. 12. IP Telephony vs Traditional Market •Single Wire to desktop •Add’s, Moves & Changes •Friendly Web based User Interface •Remote Working •Reduced Management Overhead •Reduced on-going service costs
  13. 13. In Summary… Titan Hosted Voice has the power to significantly improve your company’s telecoms by significantly increasing productivity and reduce costs. Hosted VoIP is the future of telecommunications and with Titan Hosted Voice the possibilities are unlimited For more information on Hosted Telephony, please email info@tjcomms.co.uk or call us on 01273 900062. Thank you for your time ! TJ Communications (www.tjcomms.co.uk)