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Cloud Telephone Service for Businesses


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With Crexendo Business Cloud Telephone Service, you gain reliable communication technology at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems. With “plug and talk” technology on your already existing high-speed broadband Internet connection you’ll enjoy:

• Free 10-Party Conferencing
• Free Maintenance and Software Updates
• Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling (U.S. and Canada with fair usage)
• Unified Communications With all of your Offices Under One Network
• No Upfront Costs for Expensive Hardware

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Cloud Telephone Service for Businesses

  1. 1. Presentation byJonathan
  2. 2. Cloud Telephone and Broadband Services • Voice and Broadband Service • Network Map • Cloud Communications Services • Business Packages • Crexendo Mobile • Internet Broadband • Professional Services
  3. 3. Cloud Telephone and Broadband Services Crexendo Cloud Telephone Services: includes business class phone service, local and long distance calling, voicemail, email, conferencing, fax, storage, security and hosting. Crexendo Network Services: provides Internet Broadband packages that are an ideal solution for businesses needing high-capacity, fully- featured voice and data services. Crexendo Professional Services: provides the talent and people to help you plan, implement and deploy your services. Customer Benefit: Customize your packaged services to meet your company’s unique needs. Crexendo is affordable, flexible, and easy to maintain.
  4. 4. Crexendo Cloud Telephone Network Broadband Quotes Available Zone
  5. 5. Old vs. New Technology Traditional Communication Cloud Telecommunication Local Circuits Data Circuits Cloud PBX Network Internet Broadband Circuit Router Network Cost Areas •Local Dial Tone $$ Cost Areas •Long Distance $$ • Phone/Devices $ •Phone System $$$ • Internet Service $$ •Maintenance – Per Trip $$ • Router/Cabling $ •Data Lines $$ •Internet Service $$ •Cabling Cost $$
  6. 6. Phone Service HighlightsCrexendo Cloud Telephone Service offers professional business communicationservice to your company or organization. A complete and affordable offer in onesimple package: • Affordable business communications ownership • Unlimited local and long distance plans • Includes free 10-party audio-conference line • Free Number Transfer (Local Number Portability) • Works with your high-speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, T1, T3/DS3) • Save money by eliminating on-going maintenance
  7. 7. Key Features of Cloud Telephone ServiceLower start-up and monthly costsWith Crexendo Cloud Telephone Service, companies can dramatically reduce their start-up costs byeliminating the large PBX capital investment and sustaining costs. Fixed, Low rate monthly serviceplans help customers reduce business phone bills.Loaded with corporate class features that businesses needCrexendo Cloud Telephone Service includes corporate-class IP features such as Auto-Attendant,Voicemail, Conference Bridge, Extension Dialing, Hunt Groups, Intercom, Music on Hold, and manymore standard features. You can also port over your existing phone numbers.Powerful optional features that improve accessibilityOptions such as virtual and toll-free numbers enable those who call you to save money, as well asprovide greater accessibility to your company.Geographic independence and features that are easy-to-use and manageManage service, features and individual user settings from anywhere with your online adminportal. Ideally suited for mobile, distributed workforce; agents can work from any location with highspeed Internet service. Whether you have one office, home office or multiple locations, all users canconnect with one another by dialing a 4, 5 or 6 digit extension number.
  8. 8. Cloud Business Services – a SaaS Solution• Fully tenanted, cloud based telephony architecture – without any dedicated Phone Application hardware for tenant customers.• Cloud computing provides maximum level Email Security of reliability since any deployed telephony server can take calls for any customer. Contacts Database Maintenance windows have minimal PLATFORM impact on overall service availability. Messaging Routing• Oracle based back office ensures maximum reliability and scalability thru Fax Storage load-balanced clusters-based architecture.• Users have access to a single, intuitive interface for device/application/account management, as well as, unified Customer Benefit: lower capital and operating messaging. expenses, maximum flexibility• State-of-art HD audio technology support for offered endpoints
  9. 9. Cloud Telephone Packages Packages Include: Plan Types – Per Seat Example Cloud Telephone Services Full featured, high performance business Executive 300 Standard 200 communication Phone Plan Phone Plan Annual Subscription Annual Subscription Web User Interface Crexendo 300 Plan Crexendo 200 Plan Manage your account, voicemails, emails, $49.95/monthly $39.95/monthly faxes and personal preferences Local Phone & Calling Clear, HD phone connection with number transfer from current provider Digital Telephone Inbound Adaptor Plan Toll-Free 800 Plan Annual Subscription Annual Subscription Long Distance Calling Crexendo 800 Plan Control costs with a simple rate structure Crexendo DTA Plan for unlimited calling Domestic and Canada $29.95/monthly $12.95/monthly 10 cents per minute Conferencing 3-way for any desktop phone, Customer Choice: Per Seat and Concurrent Pricing Available. 10 party bridge conference pin # Volume Pricing Available – call for quote*Subject to taxes , other restrictions may apply – consult plan for details
  10. 10. Business FeaturesCrexendo Cloud Telephone Feature Highlights User Features• Business-Class Voicemail • Extension Dialing• Attendant for dial by name, extension and company • Follow Me/Find Medirectory • Intercom• Unlimited Local & Long Distance calling • Call forward/Call transfer/Call waiting• Hunt Groups • Consultative Transfer• Conference Bridge -10 party audio bridge/pin number • Blind Transfer• Music/Message on Hold • Local 3-way conference• DID service • Web Portal/User Mgmt• Extension Dialing• Keep Existing Business Numbers Line Features• Call Park, Call Retrieve • Enhanced 9-1-1 (E911)• National Directory Listing • Caller ID/Caller Name Display • Callers log • Do Not Disturb (DND) Optional Line Features • Toll-Free Numbers • Virtual Numbers • Crexendo Mobile for Cell Users
  11. 11. User Experience- Desktop and Web Crexendo 300 Internet Phone Crexendo 200 Internet Phone Crexendo Web User Interface – Visual dashboard for Voicemail, messages, email, and inbound fax. Visually manage your device, call routing, teams, and status. Crexendo DTA
  12. 12. Crexendo Mobile• iPhone and Android compatible• Take your desktop phone on the road with Crexendo Mobile virtual extensions.• Virtual extensions have all the features of your desktop for your mobile.• Manage with your Crexendo User Portal or purchase a mobile only user client.
  13. 13. Crexendo Network Services –Internet Broadband Coming Soon • Broadband • Dedicated Long Distance • DID Services • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) • Flexible T-1 • Internet Access • Local Services • T-1 • Toll-free/800 Services • Cloud VoIP Services • Web Services
  14. 14. Training and SupportCrexendo Data Center Best Practices: Crexendo Support:• Highest security levels • Available 24x7• PCI compliance • Admin and User Training• Nightly site backups and offsite tape rotation • Assist with provisioning and• High performance bandwidth implementation• 9-level network redundancy• 24x7 interior and exterior surveillance• N+1 redundant UPS power backup• On site diesel generators• Advanced fire suppression systems• Redundant fiber entry points• Certified engineers and security professionals on staffCrexendo partners include: Apache, Dell, Google, Redhat, F5 Networks, Oracle Database, Linux,Microsoft AdCenter, Perpetual Storage Inc, Sun Microsystems, Verisign, and Scan Alert are a few.
  15. 15. Crexendo Network Services-Professional Services Professional Services • Network Design • Network Installation • Advanced System Programming • Network Trouble Shooting • Network Engineering
  16. 16. Product Demonstration
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