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Nicola Osborne (EDINA) – Social media and repositories


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Pecha Kucha presented at Repository Fringe 2011.

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Nicola Osborne (EDINA) – Social media and repositories

  1. 1. Repositories & Social Media Nicola Osborne Social Media Officer at [email_address]
  2. 2. Dubious analogy… Fliers by Simon Scott: Repositories are like the Fringe… Obligatory strained analogy...
  3. 3. There’s too much stuff to see and includes niche content…
  4. 4. Neither searching nor browsing helps unless you know what you want… MAGNIFYING GLASS by andercismo/Rafael Anderson Gonzales Mendoza :
  5. 5. Mar 3: Jimmy Carr by Grim…: The Wall of Criticism by Scott Matthewman: So we rely on well known performers or trusted recommendations… Star Triangle Tony Law by Diamond Geyser/Isabelle: … and serendipitous discoveries
  6. 6. Scholarly material tends to be discovered in much the same way… but we can help that discovery process along with social media Spin / 2 – 50 Reading Lists by Cooky Yoon/ji young YOON:
  7. 7. Can we build an audience around our repos – how do we engage them? If we include social media buttons they will come? Perhaps but we can do more to help… NSHS Baseball Field Aerials 4-17-2011 by Caleb’s Photography/Caleb Howell:
  8. 8. Sharing needs to be prominent, visible and… commenting/discussion and ratings also work well.
  9. 9. FERRERO ROCHER by SimonQ 錫濛譙  /SimonQ: Authors and Repository staff need to be the first to share… to act as ambassadors for great content about great research
  10. 10. And where do repository users fit in? Are we thinking about them? Most social media sites are user focused, in perpetual beta, user tested. Brown Communications Billboard - The Power Plug by Eric Eggertson:
  11. 11. Fenway Park by Werner Kunz: We do need to identify our audience/s to set goals…. Who are they? What do they need? Which do they hang out online?
  12. 12. We need to be part of discussion around deposited items…
  13. 13. Image: Bright Club Hidden Treasures: Dr Joe Flatman by Diamond Geyser/Isabelle: Because we also need to build impact stories…
  14. 14. Comments, case studies, community interest all feed in here… Dr Peter Matthew’s Blog:
  15. 15. ALT Metrics/Beyond Metrics – Impact includes social media stories Combining citation, repository & social mentions offers huge potential and offers opportunity for social media engaged researchers to shine…
  16. 16. But there are always new opportunities/threats… Great blog post on this: social sites can feel more persistent than institutional profiles…
  17. 17. Perhaps we should pull in profile data from social sites… ? Publication history, bookmarks, social connections, follows etc.
  18. 18. We could combine profiles, data & the social graph… We could even be suggesting future collaborators or projects…
  19. 19. Email props up Social – do we need to use it more? Social media tools & data has huge potential for repositories… If it seems scary the EDINA Social Media Guidelines may help. E = m c² [Explored] by Sprengben / Spreng Ben:
  20. 20. Social Media FTW! Prideful Pony Posse by Austin Ampersand Zak / Zak Hubbard: