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HHuLO Access – Hull, Huddersfield and Lincoln explore open access good practice - Chris Awre, University of Hull


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HHuLO Access – Hull, Huddersfield and Lincoln explore open access good practice - Chris Awre, University of Hull. This presentation was part of Repository Fringe 2014, which took place from 30th to 31st July 2014 in Edinburgh.

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HHuLO Access – Hull, Huddersfield and Lincoln explore open access good practice - Chris Awre, University of Hull

  1. 1. HHuLOA Repository Fringe Edinburgh, 31st July 2014
  2. 2. HHuLOA partners Hull Huddersfield Lincoln Open Access Map data © 2014 Google
  3. 3. HHuLOA partners Chris Awre, Hull ( Graham Stone, Huddersfield ( Paul Stainthorp, Lincoln (
  4. 4. HHuLOA will... “...examine the role of open access in furthering the development of research at the partner institutions. The project will focus on good practice in identifying and implementing a range of open access initiatives across the partners with the specific remit of furthering the research interests of the partner institutions...”
  5. 5. Objectives 1. To establish a baseline starting point 2. To communicate the policy landscape internally and understand research local strategy/policy 3. In that context, to review and define options for open access service development 4. To enhance local systems to serve OA needs and embed external services 5. To monitor the relationship between OA and research development within the institutions 6. To report and reflect work to the community
  6. 6. The plan... ● Mutually get to know our different research environments better ● Mutually get to know our open access environments better ● Identify links between these to establish a baseline from which we can develop ● Communicate open access policy landscape to research communities using agreed advocacy messages and materials ○ Link to research strategy and development to establish relationship ● Use our knowledge of the open access landscape to identify best fit open access services that can be implemented to best serve research development ○ Jisc Monitor, IRUS-UK and British Library (re: rights) already lined up
  7. 7. The plan 2 ● Identify repository technical enhancements that will be required to implement services ○ Working with EPrints and Fedora/Hydra communities (and other projects where useful to focus need and priorities for development) ● Ask questions about links between OA and research developments throughout project and identify answers with researchers ● Reflect findings on an ongoing basis through blog, OAWAL wiki, and event
  8. 8. June 2014 HHuLOA and welcome! Blog: Twitter hashtag #hhuloa
  9. 9. July - September 2014 Baseline OA practice case study Context mapping Describe current practice at three institutions (Repeat every six months)
  10. 10. July - December 2014 Investigation and collaboration with services outside universities with relevance to open access We will work with project and external partners such as Jisc Monitor, IRUS-UK and the British Library in the areas of APC management, statistics and open access rights management
  11. 11. July - December 2014 Definition of OA services that best meet research strategy and development Identification and coordination of repository technical developments to enable implementation of OA services to meet research needs
  12. 12. April 2015 Event to highlight developments and get feedback on next steps to ensure value of the project for the community as a whole Initial good practice guide for dissemination and comment Researcher feedback on value of OA to research development
  13. 13. Throughout Specific innovation projects Monitoring and communicating policy landscape as it evolves Assessment of how open access supports research strategy and development Shifts from baseline to demonstrate impact of OA
  14. 14. The benefits ● Demonstrable link between OA and research strategy and development o Linked to OA policy development ● Development of OA services that best serve a research development context ● Enhanced repository functionality able to support OA policy and research development agendas
  15. 15. Thank you: any questions? Chris Awre ( Graham Stone ( Paul Stainthorp ( Blog: Twitter hashtag #hhuloa