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Social Media and Fundraising


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Introduction to social media as a tool for fundraising. Presented to the Minnesota Medical Foundation.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Media and Fundraising

  1. 1. Social Media and Fundraising Minnesota Medical Foundation May 07, 2009
  2. 2. Cultural shift New order: from surfers to publisher
  3. 3. Broadcasting messages Broadcasting messages
  4. 4. Sharing experiences
  5. 5. Social media defined Using online technologies to share experiences through words, pictures, videos and actions: SOCIAL MEDIA
  6. 6. Tools, tools and more tools
  7. 7. Who is online 75% 18-24 57% 25-34 30% 35-44 19% 45-54 Who is online? Adults with a profile on an online social network site increased to 35% by December 2008
  8. 8. So, why care? why should we care Check writers Button clickers Web 2.0 donors/cause evangelists
  9. 9. Ripple effect Ripples of distributed content
  10. 10. Creating ripples with Facebook Facebook Applications and pages 501c(3)s can recruit supporters and fundraise
  11. 11. Create ripples with Facebook Facebook Use pages and groups and encourage staff and supporters to spread buzz about the organization
  12. 12. Create ripples with Twitter Twitter Twitter around a campaign and invite others to act
  13. 13. Create ripples with Twitter Twitter in fundraising Enlist influential Twitters Add visibility (Twitter avatar, cause logo) Give something for people to tweet about
  14. 14. listen How to participate create respond How to participate Relinquish control
  15. 15. Your investment How much time to invest listen respond create 5h/week 20h/week
  16. 16. Your return ROI Harvest insight Establish trust Create relationships Spread your message Stage your campaign Mobilize
  17. 17. Start now Getting started listen respond create Search topics Find influencers Make content
  18. 18. Give it time Experiment. Measure. Fail. Learn.
  19. 19. influence influence hearts and minds
  20. 20. Thank you Thanks @ivan_nunez