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RSpace - Rory Macneil at Repository Fringe 2015


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RSpace - Rory Macneil at Repository Fringe 2015

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RSpace - Rory Macneil at Repository Fringe 2015

  1. 1. THE WORLD IS WATCHING EDINBURGH Greg Nattrass, South Australian Research Institute I have checked out the interesting work you are doing with the University of Edinburgh in integrating ELNs with Research Data Management Systems. I’m on a committee looking at ways to implement RDMS across our organisation and am interested whether RSpace could be rolled out across other research organisations. I am member of a task force for data management at the Health Faculty of the University of Copenhagen. We need to come up with a policy for data management and an ELN . I think we could learn a lot from your experience with RSpace at Edinburgh. Susanne den Boer University of Copenhagen Edinburgh RDM Here’s why
  2. 2. ▶ Researchers in key fields – biology, chemistry and biomedicine – are moving from paper to RSpace It allows them better data capture, retention, organisation and the ability to share within and between labs It connects to their files in Edinburgh’s file storage system: DataStore and Convenient data capture and sharing Connects to files in Edinburgh DataStore
  3. 3. RSpace handles and organises diverse data types • RSpace documents • All kinds of files
  4. 4. RSpace is integrated with the DataShare repository And will be integrated with the DataVault archive RSpace supports export of documents, folders and associated metadata in XML zip files and
  5. 5. DataShare Repository DataStore File store DataVault Archive Data Files Data, files and metadata Data, files and metadata The result: An integrated RDM workflow for researchers and the institution
  6. 6. Research Space is partnering with Edinburgh researchers, RDM professionals and IT managers to make this happen