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This is a presentation I gave to the University of Hawaii ICS 691 class on changes in WattDepot since the publication of our SmartGridComm paper, and ideas for class projects around WattDepot.

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WattDepot 2.0 presentation

  1. 1. ICS 691: WattDepot 2.0 and Project Opportunities Robert Brewer Collaborative Software Development Laboratory Dept of Information and Computer Sciences University of Hawaii at Manoa http://www.kukuicup.org/1)
  2. 2. Quickie Quiz! What are the 3 architectural components of WattDepot?2)
  3. 3. Quickie Quiz Answer WattDepot WattDepot Devices Meters Sensors Clients WattDepot Server HTTP HTTP3)
  4. 4. WattDepot 2.0 Paper was written in early 2010 • 11 releases since then • 2 years is a long time Outline of talk • What’s new since paper • Exciting project opportunities! Credit • Andrea Connell made WattDepot 2.0 happen4)
  5. 5. New for Developers Source control • svn -> git Build system • Ant -> Maven Many new library updates • Restlet 2.1RC55)
  6. 6. New for Client Developers REST API • Fully implemented (finally) • New conveniences for client developers Google visualization integrated into REST API • Now listens on just 1 port6)
  7. 7. New for End Users (Server) New storage backends • BerkeleyDB (George Lee) • PostgreSQL (Andrea Connell) Ephemeral data storage • Cache high frequency data • Persist to disk at lower frequency Cloud-enabled • Can (almost) be run on Heroku Load tested • Though more can be done7)
  8. 8. New for End Users (Client) New sensors • Shark 200S meter • eGauge meter Sensor improvements • Multithreaded sensors • Can “embed” sensors in server process8)
  9. 9. Project Ideas9)
  10. 10. WattDepot Apps 2.0 WattDepot lacks good UI • Timeline & monitor viz in separate app • No CRUD for users & sources! • Poor user experience Create a Single Page Application • Serve up static HTML/JS/CSS from WD server • Now it’s built in Features • Timeline, monitor viz • Also CRUD for users, sources, sensordata10)
  11. 11. WattDepot in the Cloud Technically works on Heroku Many practical issues • Configuring sensors • Port problem Frontend tightly coupled to backend • Can’t just ramp up frontend processes Make WattDepot cloudirific • Solve practical issues • Decouple frontend from backend • Maybe explore other cloud providers?11)
  12. 12. Supercharge WattDepot Performance adequate for Kukui Cup • Much room for improvement • Many parameters & layers to tweak Characterize current performance • Different backends, paramters, local vs cloud Profile system • Where are the bottlenecks Supercharge! • Fix bottlenecks • Measure performance improvement12)
  13. 13. Environmental Data Support Currently focused on energy • What about water use? • Environmental data: temp, humidity, wind Support additional data types • How to generalize REST API? • What value add does WD provide? • What does this mean for backends?13)
  14. 14. PostgreSQL Improvements Implement properties as hstore • Arbitrary key-value storage in Postgres14)