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The Future of Work Skills Planning


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Mike Davis-Marks and I shared an overview of two future of work organizational models that are actually in action.

(a) Ethos as a network organization,

that is also launching an industry scale workforce planning

(b) SkillsPlanner for London Construction industry that brings together 30 companies, cities, government organizations, and colleges.

Presented at the HR Tech World Congress 2015 in Paris.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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The Future of Work Skills Planning

  1. 1. Slide 1 The Future of Work Skills Planning Rawn Shah Michael Davis-Marks 27-28 October 2015 | Paris
  2. 2. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner Non-Hierarchical Multi-disciplinary Connected Collaborative A Common Culture Diverse Passionate Flexible Versatile 80+ exceptional people with shared professional interests working on core ventures = Entrepreneurs for Operations & Delivery Domain Experts in Sales & Marketing with deep industry connections Core Ventures Thought Leaders with visionary ideas Technology Leaders, Designers, Architects
  3. 3. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner ✓  No job titles / descriptions ✓  Flat, Collaborative, Agile, Effective ✓  Each group is a small agile team ✓  Each Partner chooses work they are passionate about ✓  Each sets their own direction with sufficient consultation Self-directed Teams = No management or hierarchy, only coordination.
  4. 4. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner Ethos Smart (Urbanisation) Current Problems: ●  Transport, energy, housing ●  > 50% of World now urban ●  Infrastructure now stressed ●  Running out of cash ●  Siloed efforts pursuing self- interest not working Ethos Skills (Future of Work) Current Problems: ●  Commoditisation of industrial work (= less jobs) ●  Need to re-skill populations ●  Ageing population ●  Technology leading to polarisation and exclusion Health and Wellbeing (inc Ethos Sport) Current Problems: ●  Ageing population & healthcare systems ●  Massive demand without developed markets ●  Siloed approaches across gov, businesses, charities The Cities Parking Platform Our Domains of Interest
  5. 5. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner Construction companies: ➢  Don’t see the supply picture ➢  Don’t see other companies FE Colleges ➢  Don’t see the demand picture ➢  Don’t see the London picture ➢  Don’t see the other FEs picture The Construction skills gap in London
  6. 6. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner LinkedDataPlatform Logic SameAs, Identity & Mappings Open Data Vocabularies, Taxonomies, Classification Open Linked Data Commercial Offerings SaaS Applications 3rd Party Linked Data ➢  A data platform that maps skills ➢  for a variety of stakeholders ➢  to support employability activities through visualisation and analysis Data Flows
  7. 7. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner Ecosystem Operations
  8. 8. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner Ecosystem Partners Brokerage Partners City & Government Partners Industry Partners Training Partners Kingston College
  9. 9. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner Questions? Rawn Shah @rawn Mike Davis-Marks @jollijacktar Rebecca Lovelace SkillsPlanner Project Leader
  10. 10. Slide @EthosVO #SkillsPlanner Thank You!