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7th and-8th-grade-classroom-discipline-plan-powerpoint1 - copy


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7th and-8th-grade-classroom-discipline-plan-powerpoint1 - copy

  1. 1. 7/8th Grade Classroom Discipline Plan Ocean View Hills School
  2. 2. Welcome Back  Happy NEW “school” Year!  This year will definitely be a memorable year!  2011-2012
  3. 3. Upcoming Fieldtrips  Bowling/Arcade 8th
  4. 4. Disneyland or Knott’s 8th
  5. 5. 8th Grade End of the Year Dance
  6. 6. Movies 7th & 8th
  7. 7. Medieval Times 7th
  8. 8. Accountability  In order to attend these great activities you must have: - great attendance, behavior, and grades.
  9. 9. Uniform Policy  Collared Shirts  Only white shirts underneath  No t-shirts (unless they are Ocean View Hills t-shirts)  No low cuts (Aeropostale shirts)  No hats –at ALL!  No distracting jewelry and accessories- No hoops or dangling earrings- STUD earrings only –no make-up  Skirts- use leggings with skirts that are above the knees
  10. 10. Rules  Be on time.  Bring materials to class and be ready to learn.  Follow directions the first time they are given.  Respect others, their belongings, and your surroundings.  Use appropriate language and behavior at all times.   
  11. 11. Positive Consequences  Praise.  Positive parent/guardian communication.  Extra rewards and privileges (e.g. free dress day, movie/game day).
  12. 12. Negative Consequences  Step 1. –Warning  Step 2. – Defiance—Parent Contact; Record on Behavior Log in TeacherEase.  Step 3. – Referral to Administration and Parent Contact.  NOTE: A severe offense will result in an immediate referral.  NOTE: Students with 2 or more D’s, any F’s, or more than one referral will be on the Loss of Privilege List for scheduled extracurricular activities, including athletic teams.
  13. 13. Grading Polices  Everything students do in class counts toward the grade.  Accuracy, completeness, neatness and effort are all considered in assigning a grade.  Grades are earned according to students’ performance in all areas. The weight will be: Assessments 60%, Classwork/HW 40%.
  14. 14. Absences  You are accountable to copy notes and make-up assignments by the following day after returning to school.  Students must complete any missing work due to absences or extenuating circumstances within the same amount of days that they were absent.  If student is absent the day a project is due, the project is still due that day.  NO EXCUSES GIVEN, NO EXCUSES TAKEN!   
  15. 15. Progress Reports & Report Cards Trimester Date Progress Report 1 9/14/11 Report Card 1 11/10/11 Progress Report 2 1/18/12 Report Card 2 3/9/12 Progress Report 3 5/2/12 Report Card 3 6/15/12
  16. 16. Awards  Awards are given out at the end of the year for those who excel in various areas:  -Academic Excellence- History/Science/Algebra/Language Arts/History/AVID  San Ysidro Women’s Club- 100.00  Ms. Ferguson Science/Math Award- 100.00  -other awards are also given for GPAs and Attendance by the State of California, OVHS, and School Administration.
  17. 17. Promotional Certificate • GPA: 2.0 (includes 7th & 8th grade) • Minimum of 33 credits by the end of 8th grade - 7th and 8th grade = 36 possible credits 1 class = 1 credit - Behavior: 2 referrals max Note: Six classes a trimester. Six trimesters total. (6x6=36 classes)
  18. 18. Attendance Certificate  Minimum attendance = 90% school enrollment days (No more than 17 days absent!) GPA is below a 2.0 (combined 7th /8th ) Note: 3 Tardies = 1 absence **Do not miss school more than 1 day every two weeks!  Make doctor appointments after school!
  19. 19. Failure to meet the Promotional Certificate requirements… will result in ONLY receiving an Attendance Certificate and not attending the Promotion
  20. 20. Believe in Yourself  Let’s Make this a positive and exciting New School Year!  Learn how to balance your school responsibilities and your social life.  Know your priorities.